How to Capture Gorgeous Product Shots with a Couple of Cheap Pocket LED Lights

Yesterday evening, Pye Jirsa over on SLR Lounge shared an interesting and informative video about how he’s managed to incorporate a small army of LED camping lights into his photography workflow to great effect.

When it comes to getting the best light in an image, most tend to think the bigger and more expensive, the better, right? Well, as Pye demonstrates in the video above, that’s not always the case.

Using a couple of small, $10 6-LED ‘pocket lights,’ he’s managed to come up with a number of creative ways to accentuate the lighting in his photographs — particularly macro photography — at minimal cost and size constraints.


Pye uses ring shots as the main example, but also shows off how these lights can be used to add to more serious setups, such as boudoir-style portraits. Plus, you shouldn’t be limited to rings. Many other small subjects could be set up in a similar way, yielding some creative, out-of-the-norm product shots.

It’s not going to revolutionize your work flow by any means, but if you’ve been looking for a comparatively cheap way to introduce some unique lighting into your photography, this little tutorial might provide exactly what you’re looking for.

(via SLR Lounge)

  • Jeff Jones

    There you go – buy the lights from Amazon, then have their lawyers contact you about infringing on their newly patented idea of lighting a product with a seamless background.

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