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Go From Static to Dynamic: How to Create Photographs with Impact

Taking a picture has never been as easy as it is now. But just because you can snap a photo doesn’t mean you’re going to capture a photograph that’s thought provoking and tells a story the way many of the best images do.

But don’t worry if you’re not there yet, because Brenda Tharp is here to help with a thoughtful, in-depth presentation in which she examines what it is that turns a photograph from a static image into a dynamic scene. Read more…

Sigma Offers ‘Try Before You Buy’ Program for Its DP2 Quattro Camera


Sigma raised some eyebrows when they announced their upcoming DP Quattro cameras with their new Foveon Sensor and… unique… design. But even with eyebrows raised, at $1,000, the overhead for investing in this new and interesting tech might be a bit steep for some.

In hopes of convincing these people that the camera is worth the investment, Sigma has announced a new “Try Before You Buy” program that will put the funky looking shooter in the hands of at least a few curious souls. Read more…

external A Beginner’s Guide To RAW File Format —Photoxels

For those of you just starting out in photography and have seen plentiful references to RAW floating around the photo stratosphere but remain bewildered, here is a quick rundown of the basics of shooting RAW.

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Photographer Turns the Then & Now Trend on Its Head, Holds Up Photos of the ‘Future’


Always fascinated by the then and now series that make their way across the Web, photographer Samantha Decker wanted to give it a shot herself. The thing was, she didn’t want to do the exact same thing everyone else was doing.

That’s how she settled on a reality-altering series by the name of Now & Then: Seeing the Future from the Past. Read more…

Back to Basics: How Best to Hold a Camera When Shooting in Low-Light

One of the advantages a beginner in any field has over an intermediate or professional who is trying to improve their craft, is that the beginner has nothing to unlearn. So while the idea of holding your camera correctly for better low-light shots might seem painfully basic, this is one of those fundamentals you’d rather learn right the first time. Read more…

external Fujifilm Gets It and Sony Doesn’t —The Online Photographer

Profit is like heroin to companies. Fuji camera division executives are probably looking at Sony raking in the bucks with the A7 series and it’s gnawing at their intestines like a hungry hyena. However, they’d be shooting themselves in the foot to make an interchangeable-lens camera with a 24x36mm sensor now. No, scratch that: they’d be shooting themselves in the head*.

We’ve all heard that Sony wants to break the Canikon duopoly and become a major cameramaker. Sadly, it will fail at that goal.

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Leevia is a Petition Site that Understands and Leverages the Power of Photography


The number of words a picture may or may not be worth aside, there’s something intrinsically more powerful about a cause when it is backed up by quality photography.

This is the thought at the foundation of a new website called Leevia, a photography-driven petition platform that draws inspiration from movements like the Bring Back Our Girls campaign that spread through social media like wildfire. Read more…

Bali Underwater Shipwreck Fantasy Shoot Part 2: How It All Came Together

Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong‘s underwater fantasy fashion shoot in a Bali shipwreck has quickly become the most popular project he has ever released. And even though he shared some behind the scenes details when the series first debuted, he’s back today with a much more detailed look at how exactly these now-viral photos came to be. Read more…

external Smartphones may be all the camera you need —SFGate

If you’re thinking about getting a new camera, think twice. Cameras in smartphones now are so good that they are replacing consumer cameras for both still photography and video. Sales of point-and-shoot cameras have plummeted, and even expensive DSLR cameras, used by serious amateur photographers and pros, face an uncertain future.

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‘Dreamwalking Barcelona’ Goes Forward in Reverse with Artful Precision

Created by Brandon Li, Dreamwalking Barcelona is a beautifully shot video that takes us on the strange, backward journey of a young woman in Spain. As she walks forward through the world, the rest of the world moves backwards around her. Read more…