Utah School Photoshopped Girls’ Yearbook Photos to Make them Look More Modest

Utah’s Wasatch High School is drawing international media attention after it was discovered that the school had Photoshopped some of its students’ yearbook pictures to show less skin, presumably in the name of modesty.

According to a Fox 13 News report, the differences were discovered by incredulous students who noticed that their outfits were completely changed in some cases, and significantly altered in others. Sleeves were added, necklines were covered up and tattoos were removed before the photos were approved to appear in the school’s yearbook.

Here are a few examples:




The students, however, were more upset by the random selection of students who were censored than by the censoring itself. “I feel like they put names in a hat and pick and choose who,” Sophomore Rachel Russel told Fox. “There were plenty of girls that were wearing thicker tank tops and half of them got edited and half of them didn’t.”

Here’s an example of two students wearing nearly identical outfits. One was edited to add sleeves, the other wasn’t:


For their part, the school does not apologize for editing the photos. They posted signs warning that this might be the case, and claim the students should have been expecting it. The only thing they apologize for is the fact that they weren’t more consistent with the edits.

(via Daily Mail)

Image credits: Photographs via Fox 13 News

  • Warren Lauzon

    So what is next for schools? Are they going to start Photoshopping people into different races to make them look more “diverse”?

  • Guest

    “Inmodest” isn’t a word. Kids, please stop making words up just because it’s easy. You are hurting my brain!

  • Warren Lauzon

    In all fairness, I think you are wrong. While the incident itself is pretty minor, the attitude displayed by whoever said to edit the pictures is not. This is not 1984.. yet.

  • Warren Lauzon

    It’s all a façade. If they clothes were acceptable to wear to school, then why not for the pictures? Stop being such a sheep.

  • Billy Johnson

    Why would you edit the picture to be more modest ? You obviously didn’t have a problem with them coming to school that way

  • jamesbjenkins

    What the…? Why? … Just why?

  • Korios

    Apparently the school principal is nostalgic about these days..

  • Lindsey White

    I didn’t know jean vests were popular again. I learned something today.

  • Korios

    Maybe because by messing up only with the photos the schools principal thinks he can get away with it..

  • guest

    Correct. Inmodest is not a word. Immodest, however, is a word. I can see why your brain is hurting.

  • TTan

    I agree.

  • TTan

    Boys wear sleeves. Why can’t girls do the same?

  • TTan

    Sadly, boys are dressed more respectfully than girls most of the time.
    If boys are wearing sleeves, why can’t girls do the same? This is why
    women cannot be fully equal with men.

  • Cloud Alexandra Begner-Ochoa

    Because the boys can go sleeveless and not have their photos altered to look like they are wearing sleeves. Why cant girls have the same respect?

  • oscar

    So the School says it is OK to lie?

  • JJ

    It’s cool. I get it, but it seems like every comment section turns into a big argument about religion nowadays, at least the ones I post in. I didn’t see the need to take it there as this is a relatively minor incident, that should have been a exclusive story of the local newspaper. The work of a small group of people who feel the need to push their ideals on other people. I have only been to Utah once, but overall everyone was cool.

  • JJ


  • oscar

    Is it OK to lie? then you are not a good christian.

  • Display_Name

    Follow the logic of this action to is ultimate end. In a perfect world for these people they will tell women what to wear. But they don’t have the balls to enforce it in reality today. So they resort to photochopping.

  • Asgeirr Black

    Today? Probably not. But Muslims are not “today”. Islam is rather “new” religion, they are in their prime medieval times. Very similar to Christians once.

    No today Christians (no matter which form of them) dont blow up people, or kill them much in general.

    But back in their medieval days they had tendency to hang them, quarter them and last, but not least burn them. All paired with healthy dose of torture and all in the name of “God”. Also they had their own Jihad, only its known as Crusades.

    Christianity, well.. that “oficial” part was as evil as is Taliban today.

    You think that just cause its few hundred years ago that all people say “well that was”. I dont.

    Its just small proof that fanatics need only very small reason to do something.

    Small photoshoping work here and there might be only result of something that infected humanity about 1700 years ago. Or its photoshoping today, banning trousers for females tomorrow and throwing rocks at infidels and lashing fornicators in public bit later.

    “In the name of God” was made probably more hideous actions than for any other reason (even tho its just substitute reason, there is always another reason.. doesnt have to do anything with faith.

    So think about it for a moment.. Just cause something seems as small “innocent” incident doesnt mean it should be overlooked. Small bad things can easily turn into big bad things, especially if good people do nothing..

  • Display_Name

    MOdesty should be choice of an individual but the mandate of a institution. I hope this was not a public school

  • Display_Name

    Not at all. Girls are more sexualized than boy. No one would wink at “topless” group of boys play basketball. But topless girls play a sport would blow minds.

  • Display_Name

    actually photoshopping them all white to make them look more affluent.

  • drewsmith

    The above photoshopped pictures are still OBSCENE! Leave it to the left-wing liberal Mormons to promote unbridled lust-inducing skin pics to fan sinful thinking! Where are the burqas these morally depraved daughters of Satan should be wearing? America is going straight to the pit of eternal damnation if Utah’s educational authorities do not move with alacrity to stem the tide of immorality these “nudie pics” represent!

  • Scotty K

    This is Utah. No photoshop necessary for them to all be white.

  • Jeff Jones

    A lot of time the students are showing up for photos and the y are NOT in approved clothing for school. Additionally, in order to keep the yearbook appearance uniform/cohesive to make it have a set style many books have strict standards. There are a large number of yearbooks out there that mandate boys wear tuxedos and girls wear a black drape for the senior photos – it is not just because yearbooks are trying to force students to conform…. Students have free speech, and that includes the students who design the yearbook setting the standards and policies for how the book will look.

  • Mojo

    I know, right? It’s the ’80’s again.

  • Bananadrama


  • Jonas

    Iran? Saudi? Where is this?

  • Mojo

    Let’s be fair here. These are mormons, not Christians. Joseph Smith and Muhhamed had a great deal in common. Both were pedophiles, cunning charletons, had people who dissagreed with them killed (“Destroying Angels” in the mormon realm)…etc.

  • Mojo

    I think you’re thinking of the Catholics and the inquisition. The “official” part, which tells us NOT to murder, was often ignored.

  • Bill

    I think he meant “unmodest,” it’s a common mistake.

  • Jeff Jones

    First – yearbooks are usually STUDENT CREATED books. Students do not take the portrait photos. They work with whatever photos they can get. The photographers who come to the schools to do the photos are often doing fast food/assembly-line work. They do not know or care about the needs or standards of the school or yearbook. They shoot what sits in front of the camera. The yearbook staff are then stuck with those images. The students have no way to have “balls” to enforce anything. So they are stuck editing the photos after the fact, or leaving students out. Leaving students out is a bigger problem still…

  • # Guest

    I don’t see anything immodest in the before pictures. There was no reason to alter them. I am very surprised that the school was not consistent. Generally speaking, a school or employer can do a lot of dumb things legally as long as they are consistent. The school certainly wasn’t consistent. I think the person who decided that the pictures were too sexually stimulating has major mental health problems and should seek psychiatric help as soon as possible.

  • Chang He

    Seriously, you think Islam is a rather “new” religion? You know the Hegira was in 622 AD, right? That makes Islam fairly comparable to Christianity in age, and vastly older than Mormonism, which dates only from the 1800s.

  • Asgeirr Black

    Was meaning it as Catholic church was “official” part. As it didnt have much to do with believing in something, rather then being simply official organisation.

    Obviously 10 commandments was twisted and formed into whatever just suited them. They do that till today, just using Bible as source instead.

  • drewsmith

    This is my second attempt to comment on this article. Apparently, the liberal media does not want to hear the views of God-fearing individuals like me. The photoshopped pictures are themselves disgraceful, nearly pornographic presentations of depravity that should inspire alarm and disgust among right-minded people. Is this what Mormons consider appropriate? Is this what Utah has devolved to? If such lust-inciting photographs are permitted in Utah schools today, what can we expect next? “Cover up thy nakedness, and go forth in shame!” saith the Lord. The wretches depicted above have clearly committed themselves to lives of perversity and disease. They should be expelled from school forthwith. To Utah authorities: I implore you to return to the path of righteousness, and do not tempt like the serpent.

  • Chang He

    If indeed your comment was deleted, I think it was because it’s clearly satire.

  • stephcarson

    I don’t understand why they were allowed to wear the outfit to school (which they must have to take the photo, these aren’t senior shots), but it wasn’t appropriate for the yearbook. THAT is my problem.

  • drewsmith

    Oh, child of the forces of sin, do not tempt the Lord with your cynical rejoinder. BTW, I do not believe satire is forbidden. It should be, of course. But it isn’t. Yet!

  • Asgeirr Black

    Still about 300-600 (depending how you take it) difference against Christianity. And current date minus that number gives you good ol medieval times.

    Mormons are just another variant of same song. I didnt study much about it (neither will, doesnt seem as too interesting, sounds a lot like Mohamed just later date), but if I take Wikipedia as starting point, it sounds same way like any other cult, sect or if you want, church.

    Simply bunch of people that have their own fantasy variants “of how things works and how should be done” trying to enforce it on others good or bad way (guess that “bad” is just matter of time). So, in nutshell, fanatics.

  • Asgeirr Black

    I would say, that if you lie you are simply not a good person.

  • Asgeirr Black

    Well, reality today is just today.. give them some psycho to follow and guns and you will see Taliban 2.0 soon. Works for almost any “faith”.

  • Skeeter

    Yes and yes.. :)
    While there is nothing wrong with modesty, there’s definitely something wrong with drawing over top of other people’s photos. If you have a problem with the way they’re dressed, ask them to submit another photo if they want to be included…..but don’t draw burkas over their heads because you think they’re showing too much skin.

  • Asgeirr Black

    Tad bit south-east from Europe its still that day.

  • Asgeirr Black

    Cultists.. ehm Mormons.

  • Asgeirr Black

    Thought 80’s were era that everyone who lived in want to forget.. Oh wait..

  • Mojo

    Oh heck no! I grew up in the ’80’s! That’s what I grew up thinking was normal! Big hair! The Cars! The A Team! Spatula City! Good stuff! Now thank the Lord I missed the ’70’s…

  • Asgeirr Black

    Probably not only minds..

    Issue isnt in women clothing, issue is in society. To be specific in base of society, which is not suprisingly masculine and Christian.

    Women are not treated as equal simply cause in certain book, they are sin. And unfortunately enough directly or indirectly that book is source of modern society. Add to it, that it was in place for millennium at least and you have source of near unremovable troubles today.

    Funny that those ancient Greeks or Romans didnt have such issues. Oh how our society evolved.

  • Asgeirr Black

    A Team was good. :D Yea cars too, but those were great even bit more back in time.. not so much later or now. :/