French Website Reports Leica is Creating a Cloud Storage Platform for Photographers


The rumor mill in the photography world is a strange one. Churning out snippet after snippet on bodies, glass, and everything in-between, it’s difficult to properly nail down what is fact and what is fiction. That’s particularly true when you’re dealing with claims like those made yesterday.

According to an article published by the French website, Leica is working on something well out of their normal range of products and services: A cloud storage platform for photographers.

Said to be unveiled at Photokina, news of this yet-to-be-released cloud storage solution comes after Leica Chairman, Andreas Kaufmann, supposedly shared the following with (semi-rough Google translation):

Another area of innovation which the company thinks about is the photos themselves, i.e. the files. “I’m sure you all here have memory cards, hard drives, online backups Dropbox type, and more. But for now it seems to us that all these services are not adapted to the very specific needs of photographers.”

But for a company whose century long existence is based around almost purely physical products — and high-end ones at that — the idea of them building a cloud storage solution for photographers seems… strange. To help ease their entry into the market though, Kaufmann allegedly told that Leica wouldn’t enter the field without a partner.

“We are a small business and this is not our core business,” Kaufmann is quoted as saying. “But we’ll think about it and we’ll tell you more at Photokina.”

No further details have been shared or reported on from what we’ve been able to dig up. However, with Photokina only two and a half months away, we won’t have to wait long to see if these rumors are true… that is, if nothing else “leaks” out beforehand.

(via Leica Rumors)

  • Monteraz

    Cloudelmarit Admission: 10k bucks

  • Tyler Magee

    peatapixel seems to have a hard penis for Leica lately.

  • faloc

    why wouldnt they? Leica is awesome!

  • Gvido Mūrnieks

    Leica photo cloud service?

    Great! Can’t wait for the next 45 minute add about, how Leica engineers in Germany will examine every single photo, uploaded to their service, to ensure, that you and your photos are special.

  • Jason Yuen

    If Leica puts the same attention to detail into such a service as their products, I’d be very interested in using it. They have a huge mountain to climb fighting the likes of Flickr that gives you 1TB of free storage in a reasonably presentable layout albeit not very intuitive and lacks management tools.