Google Glass Becomes Available to the US Public for a Cool $1.5K


If you’ve wanting to get your paws on a pair of Google Glass, your chances have been few and far between… until now. As of today, Google is opening up the sales of the Google Glass headset to all of the United States, assuming they’re in stock and you have $1.5k to burn.

In due time, sales will expand beyond the US once Google decides to make a bigger push in the consumer market, but until then they’re working hard to bring down the cost and make the software/hardware more reliable.

As a sort of “Thank You” to early adopters, Google put together the video above, giving a shoutout to those first explorers who gave the world a first-person view of their life through Google Glass.

And now it’s your turn! If you’re looking to get a pair, you can head over to the Google Glass store, become an “Explorer” and grab yourself a Glass headset by clicking here.

  • Jake

    And so it begins…let the Dirty Look Revolution commence!

  • Alex Minkin

    I’d still rather wait for a mass-produced and therefore cheaper, polished product instead of paying beta prices for initial release tech

  • mlianopr

    That link it’s to a beta testers, not for selling…! ??

  • Omar Salgado

    Una mugrosa diadema con una cámara tipo webcam. ¡Hazme el chingado favor!

  • Cinekpol

    Glassholes breeding programme.

  • Chillywilson

    Ugly Wetware!

  • Jason Yuen

    This is mostly geared toward public developers who want to get a head start on developing apps/software for Glass. If you can release a properly good app ahead of everyone else, you have a significant advantage in monetizing it and making much more than $1500 back. If you wait until commercial release then it will have been too late. For consumers though, yes commercial release would probably be best.

  • Bolkey

    Let’s beat them!

  • David Addams

    $1,500 represents a huge mark-up given the run-of-the-mill components used to manufacture the product. The only part that isn’t an off the shelf product is the view screen, and that borrows technology from rear-view projector televisions.

    Roughly $1,000 of the current price is going to pay development costs.

  • Kurt Langer

    Cant wait to tell people your not wearing that ugly thing when you talk to me.