Humor: DigitalRev Shows You How to Look Like a Professional Photographer

Forget classes and skill and gear and taking good photos, what you really want is to LOOK like a professional photographer, right? Good, because Kai Man Wong and the DigitalRev TV team are here to show you how to do just that.

Okay, fine, it’s all a joke, but it’s a pretty good one that also includes a few tidbits that might actually come in handy down the road. But whether or not you’re looking to learn something, this’ll help put a smile on your face this Saturday.

If you have any additional tips for those noobs who are spending their time, you know, learning how to actually take good pictures, feel free to drop them in the comments.

(via ISO 1200)

  • 123423423

    90% of the wanabee photographer who visit this website do it that way anyway.

  • stefan

    haha brilliant!

  • adameros

    “see how easy it is with the twisty fist action.”

  • Cedric Morgan


  • Jeremy Madore

    Yet, here you are. ;)

  • Jigsaw

    I find that you can easily identify wannabe photographers by their habit of accusing others of being wannabe photographers.

    And yes, I’m aware of the irony of that statement. ;)

  • George Johnson

    DigitalRev’s videos always have me in stitches, a superb presenter. “Hold it like this, you have the ability to finger two rings at the same time!”, LOL!

  • Vin Weathermon

    “The Mr. Bean”….had to admit this was pretty funny and creative. Maybe even cost him a lens :-p

  • Mike Chua


  • kieraeastedi321

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  • BDWT

    That was actually one of his better videos and for noobs there was actually a few real tips mixed in there! Hopefully they can identify the few real ones from the sarcastic ones hahah

  • Bill Binns

    I have a friend who goes to a lot of high performance driving / racing schools. He has told me that without fail every class has at least one douche nozzle who shows up wearing Ferrari driving shoes and fingerless gloves. I have found that the same type of thing holds true for photography classes. The guy who walks around pointing out the short comings of other peoples gear. The guy in the khaki photograhy vest. The guy shooting in a classroom while the instructor is speaking. The truth is really not that far from the satire in this video.

  • Bill Binns

    That was just a “kit lens” anyway. Any real pro will tell you that a kit lens is garbage.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Pretty sure that was obvious…and I can do some amazing things with just about any lens that still works :-)

  • William Richards

    You forgot the big leather or chunky silver wristband…classic pro photog gear!


    0.25 is his fly open?

  • Jeremiah True

    Oh no you didn’t

  • Eugene Chok

    lol some legit techniques in there !

  • DaVolf

    this is totally wrong everyone knows that shooting photos with a RED Epic at 120fps is the way to shoot photos. This video should be renamed “ancient techniques”

  • Alexander DiMauro

    I’ve seen that pink camera in other videos from DigitalRev, it’s been dropped many times. I think it’s his ‘stunt’ camera.