Lolumina Brings Soft-Release Buttons to Non-Threaded Cameras


Soft-release buttons help you capture photos with less shake blur by reducing the amount of pressure it takes to trigger the shutter. Unfortunately, most of them are designed for cameras that have threaded shutter buttons (for plugging in shutter release cables).

Lolumina is a new soft-release button that is compatible with any non-threaded shutter button.

Unlike the CustomSLR ProDot, a simple textured pad that does the same thing, the Lolumina is a fancier, interchangeable button.

The company’s solution is a two piece system that includes a mount and a button. The mounting base is constructed out of stainless steel, comes in curved and flat styles to accommodate different buttons, and uses strong 3M adhesive to stay attached.

Here’s what the company has to say about the product’s benefits:

How can something so small, help so much with the capturing of images? Because of the larger surface area of the shutter-release button, there’s less pressure to push it. Your ability to capture an image with a softer touch leads to a steadier camera. Which is especially crucial in low-light situations. Where every little bit of shake is magnified, and the desire for sharp images is ideal.


The button itself comes in black, silver, and red, and is fashioned out of a solid rod of aerospace-grade aluminum. New shapes and styles are also on the way.


A kit with a mount and a button costs $13 from the Lolumina store, while a button by itself costs $10.

Lolumina (via Leica Rumors via PopPhoto)

  • Tommy Sar

    Sounds great. But is the adhesive on the mount permanent?

  • Alafista

    I read the FAQ it seems like it doesn’t comes off. Kinda hurts the resale value

  • Tommy Sar

    Yeah, that was my concern.

  • Jason Yuen

    $12 for the base and $10 for the button? You can get the same metal button on ebay for $1.50 shipped. Their price doesn’t reflect its value in my opinion. Really the price you are paying is for the mounting base. Notice how they don’t sell only the base for $2.

  • Christopher Hugh Hiscocks

    Pretty sure all the softies on eBay (and elsewhere) are male threaded – never seen a female threaded part (snigger)