Nature and Wildlife Photographer Shares Some Helpful Tips and Advice

In this little video put together by the Marc Silber Show, nature/wildlife photographer Florian Schulz joins Silber to talk about his photography, workflow and overall approach to capturing his museum-adorning images.

From the various lighting scenarios Florian finds himself in, to how best to truly understand and appreciate your subjects, Florian makes all six minutes of this video worth watching if you’re even remotely interested in the type of photography that has made him famous. Press play, toss it on full-screen and be prepared for some knowledge and inspiration.

(via ISO 1200)

  • htf

    The Name is Schulz …

  • Adam Cross

    great answers to rather mundane questions

  • Dpoglot

    he mentions “Putting the time”…that is a foreign concept in consumerist ideology…