Take a Look at the Unseen Side of NYC with ‘Exploring Off-Limits New York’

New York City culture site Animal recently teamed up with photographer and urban explorer 2e to document the making of some photographs in his collection “Exploring Off-Limits New York.

From Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Factory to The UnderBelly Project, the video and accompanying story takes a look at some of 2e’s not-so-legal and potentially dangerous adventures.

It’s worth noting that 2e doesn’t do any of this without a healthy dose of knowledge. After five-or-so years of spending days on end around the areas he explores, he knows the underbelly of New York better than many of us know the backs of our own hands. The adventures themselves bring a great deal of adrenaline-induced inspiration, so be sure to give the video a thorough watch.

Below are some images, many of which are yet to be seen, captured by 2e. Enjoy the images, enjoy the inspiration, and as always, shoot responsibly:

April 19, 2014 view from Gowanus

city hall station

Domino Sguar Factory

Abandoned Domino Sugar Factory

gowanus bat cave - 2012

Greenpoint Terminal Market

Greenpoint Terminal Market

Manhattan Bridge upskirt

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Municipal Building - Hurricane Sandy

Manhattan Municipal Building

Navy Yard Hospital

Navy Yard Hospital

Revs - Loud & Fast Rules!

St. Pats

underground nyc 2

underground nyc 3

underground nyc

View from Loujaine concrete ship, Red Hook

Loujaine Concrete Ship

willyb sunrise


To see more or if you’d like to keep up with 2e as he continues to add to his impressive portfolio of work, head over to his Instagram account.

(via Animal via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by 2e and used with permission

  • Davor

    Awesome video and photos!

  • OtterMatt

    These are absolutely stunning. That first subway shot needs to be used as a movie location or something.

  • mtnredhed

    I understand the whole risk/liability thing, but this guy’s images rock.

  • Chuck Deezul

    Sweet!!! I’ve been the sugar factory. An old high school buddy and I used to ride out bikes over the WB bridge from BK but before we did… We would ride through the Sugar Shop as we called it back then. It’s unfortunate how Grandma Bloomberg has his hands all over NYC still.

  • George Johnson

    Some great spots, superb images but he’s really just another very good and knowledgable urbexer. These people are out there all over the world though, grabbing some stunning work that hardly ever gets the attention it deserves because of the way it has to be captured, trespass and “breaking and entering”. Sure there’s a lot of rubbish images on urbex sites but there are some real gems if you keep looking.

  • yopyop

    “rubbish” : you spelled HDR wrong ;-) I share your opinion though.

  • Mik

    It’s kinda the complete opposite of the HONY project.
    I love it.

  • Gonzalo Broto

    Great and creepy images! There is an unexplainable attraction in deserted, abandoned, ruined spaces, populated only by decay and oblivion, and you capture that atmosphere perfectly!