One Second in Every Country in the World: The Ultimate Selfie Collection

Looks like you’re going to have to up your selfie game once again, because you’ve got nothing on British filmmaker and adventurer Graham Hughes.

Last month, Hughes officially received the Guinness World Record for being the first person to ever travel to every country (at least the ones acknowledged by the UN) on Earth without flying… and to make matters more photographic, he took a one second “selfie video” in every single country on the way. The result is the nifty four-minute video you see above.

Over 400 hours of video were captured, over 10,000 photographs were taken, and more than 1 million GPS data points were logged throughout Hughes’ four year and approximately $12k Odyssey Expedition.

Watch the short video for yourself and see how many countries you can check off the list. And if you’d like to see more in depth videos from his travels throughout the world, then you definitely need to check out his YouTube channel.

(via Reddit)

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  • Eden Wong

    What a trip. Absolutely astounding with pretty cool logistics.

  • Charles

    The odyssey only cost him 12K? Holy crap that’s cheap.

  • Rob Elliott

    He did well, I didn’t notice any missed.

    Though he used the official common name of every country but Myanmar which is an odd political statement. (though he is from the UK so it makes sense)

    Beyond that he kept flipping back to Africa a lot after he hit the Asia

  • manuel liano


  • Rob Elliott

    Puerto Rico isn’t an independent nation so he wouldn’t have included it.

  • moonbase2

    I think he missed Greenland, which is an autonomous country. Am I wrong?

  • Ashton War

    Part of Denmark

  • Rob Elliott

    Though Greenland has been an Autonomous Country since 2009 Foreign Affairs are still handled solely by Denmark. As such it is not part of the UN even as an Observer Nation.

    To add to the complication is he started this process in 2008 before Greenland gained autonomous status.

  • Mario Liedtke

    Nice idea, but why didnt he tells 2-3 words of a whole story in every country that connects when viewing to a nice to hear fairytale? Instead of this he is shooting and shouting out each country name. Thats awful to watch and hear. Stupid man. Had a good idea, did much for it, but is sooo less creativ!!!! The location could be easily shown in a scroller text… For that: Sorry, you sucked it!!

  • Makronaut

    well, he included “palestine”, though.

  • William Lanteigne

    Expecting you to do it right.

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  • David

    Of course Mario, you are making the assumption that this 4 minute video is the only end product of his trip. He spent the money, he made the trip, he recorded being in each of this countries as a record of that accomplishment. I’m pretty sure he did more while in these countries and may well have more to show us in the future…or not…because he didn’t really make this trip for me or you, did he? He did it for himself and he now has memories to last him a lifetime. You call him a “stupid man” and say that he “sucked it” why? Because he didn’t entertain YOU? He doesn’t owe you anything. He didn’t do this for you. Dude, get a life, make you own trip around the world if you are so unhappy with his. I don’t thing he really cares what you think about this. ;-)

  • Willz

    Never made The Cook Islands….

  • behindthecamera

    Someone needs a hug.

  • Rob Elliott

    Palestine is a nation and is a Non-Member state of the UN just as Vatican city is. Puerto Rico is part of the US.

  • Rob Elliott

    Cook Islands aren’t fully Sovereign they are a free association of New Zealand.

  • Makronaut

    observing non-member: yes.

    nation: not according to the usual definitions, since they lack any relevant distinctive culture, language and so on—and are not souvereign
    a lot of citys could claim to be a state and meet the criteria better.

    state: nope. basically, they are just a group of people who have some autonomous rights in some defined area—like a lot of minorities in europe.

    they may be observer at the un – but the red cross is also.
    and just the un saying something doesn’t mean it is right.
    like e.g. persecution of apostates being fair game.

  • mokleTkcuF

    Great achievement, in a way. Then again, it’s a pretty lame ethos for travel. What actual reward is there to skim across boundaries without giving time to absorb the cultures you’re privileged to experience?
    As a youngster, I backpacked for 5 years and visited many countries. The most memorable and rewarding though, were the places I hung around for a while.

  • Rob Elliott

    The Red Cross is not an Observer non-member state at the Union.

    Racism aside Palestine was created at the same time as Israel was in 1948. The World Record was going to every Sovereign state as recognized by the UN. Vatican City holds the same Status as Palestine, yet you have no issues with that.

  • mokleTkcuF

    Unless I saw an audited expenditure. My assumption is that he spent multiple times more than that.
    Lets say he managed to frugally average $10 a night for accommodation (unfuckinglikely) and $100 on travel costs between countries. That’s +$22000. Let alone food and the expense for extra days he may have stayed in each place…
    Please someone prove I’m wrong. I love being astounded.

  • Makronaut

    ok… -_-
    racism aside, the group called “palestinians” do simply not meet the usual requirements for a “nation”, since the lack a distinctive(!)
    -body of music
    -body of literature
    …and so on.

    they are just defined by living (or having lived at a certain moment) in a certain area and not being jewish.
    that’s ALL!
    and as deliberated above, a lot of cities are more distinct than that.

    “palestine” was NOT created in 1948.

    in ’47 the un proposed(!) the partition plan with an arab state alongside a jewish one—this plan was in whole rejected by the arabs not at least by starting a war of annihilation.
    subsequently jordan annexed and egypt occupied the arab territories—and by this prevented the establishment of an arab state as proposed by the un for a very long time.

    -> actually the “palestinians” should be grateful for being liberated by the idf in 1967. but since the establishment of a real state of their own—concomitant with responsibilities and the existence of israel—is obviously not on their agenda, they are not.

    the concept of “palestinians” in today’s meaning was first established in the 1960ies. ethnographically they are just ordinary syrians (nothing wrong with that, btw).

    israel was indeed created in 1948 by declaration, though.

    …like i already argued above: just because the un calls something a “state” it does not make it a state—and certainly much less a “country” as implicitly claimed by the video above (which i nonwithstanding really like).

  • Kaj Olsen

    Yes it is. However, he didn’t fail to mention the Faroe Islands (right after mentioning Iceland) and they too are a part of the Denmark like Greenland is.

  • Rob Elliott

    This is the best example of Racism I’ve seen in a long time… you hit every point.

  • Makronaut

    you can’t imagine how often people start to resort to insults when filing for intellectual bancruptcy. -_-

    -> i take that you can’t refute even a single one of my points.

    that you call it “Racism” when i denote “palestinians” to be syrian is original, though… o_O

  • Heywood Jablome

    Obnoxious and annoying. Who the hell cares what he did and where he went? I’ve learned nothing from his travels except to avoid anyone shouting the country they’re at into a camera. Another shameful example of this “look at me” culture.

  • Jeremy Nix

    I love his stache at the end!

  • Tzctplus -

    Well, if you throw around a completely arbitrary notion of statehood and nationhood which has an agenda then don’t feel surprised if people disagree with it.

    Pretty much all international organizations and countries recognize Palestine as a nation that has the right to exist.

  • Tzctplus -

    Uh? He publishes one can say it is rubbish. Which it is.

  • Tzctplus -

    People travel for different reasons, others don’t have an obligation to travel in a way you would approve.

  • Tzctplus -

    Uhm. In many cases (I watched 30 seconds, could not stomach more) one has absolutely no visual reference of where he is. He could have stood in one place, change the camera angle, and say he was in a different place for all what one knows.

  • mokleTkcuF

    I agree. That’s not to say they travel for the right reason.

  • patricia666

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  • Makronaut

    “arbitrary”? o_O
    i just stick to the definitions found on wikipedia. (“culture”, “language” etc.)

    if you disagree of my “agenda” of analytical rigour, the problem is surely not to be found on my side.

    but i am indeed not surprised: “you can’t imagine how often…” etc pp.

    oh, and btw: a “nation” exists or does not—regardless of having a “right” to do so.
    that you willfully confuse this with “state” tells us a lot about “agendas”, don’t you think? ;-)

  • Makronaut

    yeah, it’s not like it’s used to be, is it?
    every town has a kotel and other sights like trademark bridges, monuments, trainstations, etc standing around nowadays… -_-

  • Dover

    So there is one right reason?

  • RonaldMcFuckingdonald

    Personally, I wouldn’t deem travelling the world taking selfies in as many locations as possible to be a particularly good reason.