Why You Should Follow ‘Myspace Tom’ on Instagram


Almost all of us know him. In fact, he was probably our first friend at some point. His name? Tom Anderson — more affectionately referred to as Myspace Tom. As a co-founder of one of the first giants of social networking, Myspace, Anderson has had a hefty pile of cash to play around with since 2005 when he sold Myspace to News Corp. for $580 million.

So, what does he do with his time and funds? Well, as we revealed to you back in 2012, he takes photos… and pretty incredible ones at that.

While very few of them are shot with a mobile device like most of what comes across your Instagram feed, it’s apparent Myspace Tom has quite the eye for photography. He shares beautiful shots of everything from the caves of Laos to the Blood Moon that took place earlier this month.

As he told us when we interviewed him almost two years ago — an interview which, by the way, you should definitely read — he only picked up photography two and a half years ago, which makes this work seem that much more impressive and worth your time to check out.

Below is a collection of some of his most impressive Instagram posts. Take a look, give them a like, and if you like what you see, be sure to give him a follow.

If you’re looking for someone new to follow on Instagram or just want to check out some impressive photographs taken all around the world, ‘myspacetom’ is well worth a follow. In fact, I’m sure that he’d greatly appreciate it, considering he was your only friend at one point… seriously, you owe him.

  • Emil Nyström

    did not see that coming

  • Bob

    Never hurts to be really, really, really rich. You can afford top-knotch instruction, travel, gear, and gear sherpas.

  • MikeT

    Wow. Very nice work.

  • Sarah BK

    When you have all that money to buy the best gear and travel the world…

  • Victor Quezada Carrasco

    While that may be true, you can still have all the training in the world, all the time and all the money, but if you don’t have the kind of sensitivity needed, then, you’l make nothing out of it.

  • Adam Cross

    i prefer his Burning Man photos

  • Ed Rhodes

    And how did he get that money? By working his ass off, building a successful business, and then selling it. Don’t hate on him for having money, he earned it.

  • Marius Batman Viken

    If only I had a Phase One camera and a Red Epic I’d be the best photographer and cinematographer in the world.. Seriously. The camera doesn’t make the photographer. Also. You know there’s easy ways to travel the world for almost not a single dime right? You’re rent is more expensive then it is to stay mobile, and it’s possible to work on your journey as well to earn a little extra. I have friends who’ve traveled the world this way for 3 years.

  • Kyla Fear

    never hurts to have good work ethic and talent….

  • Sarah BK

    Well you do make a very valid point there Marius, but you cannot deny that having great equipment helps a lot :) Give a great photographer bad equipment, or do not allow them to use equipment at all, and the results won’t be as fantastic.

    I’ve heard of that sort of travelling – while it sounds fascinating and tempting to try, I do have a fixed career ahead of me which cannot be abandoned for such long periods of time. Either way I guess money has to be earned at some point :)

  • Kyla Fear

    fascinating how many people talk about how you don’t need good gear to take a photo and then when someone who can afford top gear comes along people only wanna talk about how good their gear is…. this guy is obviously talented and has worked hard.

  • Paff


  • Sarah BK

    I’m not one of those to preach that you don’t need good gear to get great photos, so I think you’re mixing me up with some other people you may know… of course I do believe however great gear in the wrong hands will not necessarily produce amazing results.

    He is certainly talented and has a great eye – I never said he didn’t, did I?

  • Marius Batman Viken

    Give a carpenter a hammer and he’ll build a house. Give a carpenter a nail gun and he’ll build the same house only more efficient ;)

    I’m planning to join one of my friends around the world next summer actually and I’m in the same position. I have this fantastic opportunity at work, but also this fantastic opportunity at life and to me it’s clear what I’m gonna choose as I only live once and memory last longer than any salary :)

  • Morgan Glassco

    Am I the only one who thinks the spirit of Instagram was supposed to be mobile phone photos? There are plenty of outlets for sharing images but Instagram is supposed to be Instant, not shoot, download, edit, edit, edit, transfer to phone, crop to 1×1 and post.

    Just sayin…

  • Sarah BK

    I guess aesthetics is more about just getting the job done – a point and shoot will definitely not capture the beautiful colours of a landscape like a Canon 5d (or other high end SLR of your choice) would – in the end both would have been used to capture a similar scene (by the same person – hence both getting the job done), but one will undoubtedly produce a more beautiful end product. Of course as we both agree – it takes skill to be able to do something, not just the right tools :)

    I’d agree you’ve landed a great opportunity – I wish you enjoy it to the max! And of course – get some great pictures ;) Unfortunately had I been in your situation, quitting med school now to do such a trip means I will never get in again and it’s not just a salary – it’s a lifetime career…

  • Kyla Fear

    perhaps you should have mentioned that instead of making a comment like that one that you actually made.

  • Sarah BK

    I left it trailed off because I thought it was self-explanatory, but I forgot there are people like yourself that make assumptions (so the reply fittingly gets a number of likes as you attempt to make me sound silly) which were off-track, and I’m glad you noticed :)

    I’ll just have to be more specific in order for people not to draw the wrong conclusions I suppose – I don’t like people attempting to bring me down for words I never said (or even agree to!)

  • Kyla Fear

    so defensive! The only reason I even commented on this is because I’m tired of the photography community being so down on each other! It is exhausting to see so many negative on these articles. In this case everyone seems content with commenting about his gear (which, by the way, no one knows from this article what he shoots with!!). If you’re going to post on a public forum, people are going to take what you say at face value. You feel I am making assumptions? I feel like it was quite the opposite. I would have had to assume you weren’t just being snarky about his equipment to get to what you say you really meant. Maybe just say what you mean instead of leaving it open for interpretation :)

  • Guest

    And then travels around the west coast in an Old Van with his friends. And I don’t see Tom hiring Sherpas just cause he has money, he carries the bare minimum.

  • Sarah BK

    Well I do have to defend myself, as I’ve been made to sound guilty of saying something I didn’t.

    Anyway – I was merely making a partial statement, not an insult. I never said he had no skill, or that his photos are only good because of his equipment. If I really had to finish that line off, I think it would be “it does tend to help.” Though I agree with you Kyla; there are often a lot of negative and actually insulting comments on Petapixel (I read almost every post and its comments), so maybe you’re just acting out of previous experience for which you may have been right to feel angered about. It might be the general feel of the comments, as they often are hurtful, which could have lead to mine fitting this trend – but I meant no such harm.

    You have a point there – I’ve learnt my lesson on this one :)

    Though when you perhaps leave a reply like your initial one – do not write ‘people say … and then say ….’ unless you can clearly show that the person you’re replying to has stated both such facts publicly :) I’m sure many people say either, but I’m not sure how many actually say both together.

  • Kyla Fear

    you didn’t have to defend yourself :) my reply wasn’t an attack on you. Glad we could have dialogue!

  • Sarah BK

    I’m glad too that we could both be reasonable about it! :)

  • Andrew Beveridge

    … knowledge of light captures beautiful colours not a Canon 5d .. That said, the above images have been ‘shopped to hell and back !

  • Andrew Beveridge

    …. what he said ^^^^^^^

  • Sarah BK

    It does too! If you read my other comments, you’d know I agree with you already :)

    Yeah they certainly have been edited. But technically so does that software cost money (and of course, since I have to state it, it takes skill to know how to use it not just having it).

  • Calvin Kinzie

    How was he hating on him?

  • Andrew Beveridge

    … I agree. This isn’t photography … vector layering is digital art !!!

  • olyheather

    Here here! I mean, I don’t hate it when folks put DSLR stuff up on IG, I mean, I do too from time to time, but I always label it #dslr to be clear that “this one wasn’t shot with my crappy cell phone, guys. That’s why it actually looks ok.” Seems like he should be more of a flickr guy. To each their own, though.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Oh give it a rest with this whole “it’s not the gear, it’s the photographer”. The gear is just as important. Do you think he took these pictures with a camera phone? Most of his photography is also travel photography which requires lots of money and time away from a job. If you don’t agree with that then you have zero credibility.

  • C Sab

    There are photographers out there that can take better pics with a smartphone than you could with a DSLR.

    It seems like you’re just mad you can’t take great images.

  • Omar Salgado

    All the knowledge in the world… and not a medium to capture it, it means nothing.

    The relationship between camera and photographer is dialectical.

  • Omar Salgado

    I think these issues are not personal. They only point at a poignant truth: the camera does matter.

    Vilém Flusser’s Towards a Philosophy of Photography could be a great start point to understand this.

  • FacebookMark

    This is SO true.

  • D.G. Brown

    I’ve used the loose interpretation that “instant” and “phone” aren’t necessarily the same. I agree that it’s kinda against the spirit when someone takes it home, processes, and then sticks it back on the phone. But I do make an allowance for wifi-capable cameras and/or card readers on the phone, provided that that everything is happening in real time. It’s still in the moment, er, in the “instant”, but definitely looks nicer than most phone pictures.

    Of course I say this defending myself a little. I have a compact and a CSC that are both wifi enabled and one of them is always in my pocket. I’ll take pictures with them, then transfer it to the phone and upload to Instagram in the moment.

    I also tag with the camera model, but that’s not anything to do with honesty. It’s more camaraderie with the others shooters of that particular camera :)

  • D.G. Brown

    Let me settle this once and for all (since I’m assuming everyone will agree with me… :-P)

    Obviously, a good camera does not a good photographer make. Now having said that, it pisses me off when I set up my camera with my favorite settings and someone else takes a shot and it looks amazing :-P. But still, a good photographer can make an amazing photo with whatever tool they have. Now of course, they can make even better photos with better tools, hence they tend to use better tools.

    Now in the case of our old friend Tom, I would speculate that he has two things working for him here. First of all, you can’t just luck into consistently good pictures. He’s got some skill. The second thing he has is time. He has the resources and time to do whatever his heart desires, and his heart apparently desires photography. That’s pretty cool, actually.

    We see the same thing happen all the time when people retire and get to spend more time on a passion that they didn’t get to spend as much time on before. He’s just doing it at a young age. If anything, we should just be jealous (and happy for him) that he gets to spend so much time doing something he’s passionate about. I know I would love that opportunity myself :)

  • D.G. Brown

    I’m also slightly stoked that two of those pictures are from the Portland area :)

    (One being from the Japanese Garden and the other being Multnomah Falls)

  • SeoulFoodNinja

    You need to watch DigitalRev’s “Pro Photog, Cheap Camera Challenge” on YouTube.

  • Jacqueline Dessel

    His images are beautiful but clearly they are more digital art than photography, as they’ve been edited heavily.

  • Trevor Driscoll

    I remember being pretty surprised about this when I heard Trey Ratcliff talking about their trips together.

  • Emil Nyström

    Hard work and dedication gets you there whatever you decide to do.

  • Emil Nyström

    A recommendation to everyone who think good cameras are expensive: Check craigslist and ebay. You can find a 5D mk1 for 500 bucks. If thats not good enough to build a great body of work you should probably check some of the FREE education online to become a better photograoher. (not just saying you, but you people) :)

  • Rick

    Oh God, when does Facebook has the same fate as MySpace? It’s so boring, full of adds and no one stands anymore to know about your friends’ feeds or Likes.

  • Sarah B

    I indeed have already thanks :)

  • Scott

    I don’t even use it myself but I’m not sure you can compare flickr and Instagram. Instagram is followed by non photographers while flickr seems to be more of a community of photographers.

    So if you want to build an audience of people that like photography but don’t explore photography outside of snapshots with their phone then I’d imagine Instagram is the way to go.

  • Tim

    I think Sarah BK has just about got away with this one, I feel sorry for her attitude, whatever she shoots with. Let’s hope she gets a better camera some time down the line.

  • Tim

    I don’t think they have. Everyone edits – sharpness, colours, dynamic range these are light edits, not heavy ones. None are oversaturated and they’re all tasteful. In fact they’re all brilliant. Good body of work.

  • Sarah BK

    Phew, right?

    Thanks for the kind wishes – I do feel rather sorry for your attitude too. Hope you do well with your current equipment, and get equally fantastic photos as Tom :)

  • Tim

    How do you even know what camera he shoots with? Can you tell from looking at the photos? People like you will never be great photographers because you believe it is your gear holding you back, when really it is your mind.

  • kelsey

    If I made $580 million by my mid-thirties, I can’t say I’d do anything much different. Take up a fun, pricey hobby, and travel the world with it. Wish I could do the same! Perhaps someday…