Slow Motion Aerial Video Takes You Inside a Fireworks Show

Slow-motion footage is cool. Camera copter footage is cool. Fireworks are cool. So what happens when you mash all of them together into one video? No worries, your head won’t explode (mostly because the GoPro this was probably filmed on doesn’t do so hot in super low light) but the resulting video is a mesmerizing two and a half minute experience.

The video, as with so many things these days, caught the public’s eye this week when it was posted to Reddit by the unknown videographer’s friend and then upvoted to the very top. As far as we know, this is kind of up-close footage is a first, but of course we could be wrong so feel free to drop some links in the comments if you find something equally awesome.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Bruce

    Meh – not much different than a decent zoom lens can get you without the distracting ground lights. Wish I had that outfit though.

  • CalTek

    yeah I was left over under-impressed. Would love to see them on a Phantom high speed camera – time to Google that.

  • Mike Rowe

    Why do people feel the need to insert arbitrary music into their videos? This would have been so much better totally silent.

  • brob

    agreed. I expected to be even closer then it appeared to be

  • Steven

    It does sound a bit ABBAesque

  • JDEvolutionist

    Interesting but I would suggest very irresponsible. Some of the streams look pretty close to the camera, maybe they were not, but seems to me like there could have been the makings of a nasty accident if the unit was hit and fell back to the ground.

  • Eden Wong

    That’s the first thing I thought of too. The
    above-looking-down perspective is cool, but if one of the fireworks took
    out the remote control helicopter then the heli is falling – at night –
    into upturned faces. That seems completely nuts.

    I hope the operator kept the heli over water or some un-populated space.

  • 3ric15

    Maybe it was a quadcopter?

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  • Erutr

    why ruin a good video with crappy songs like this? meh

  • Matias Gonua

    It sounds awesome, the best part was the music by far.

  • Eden Wong

    What does that matter?

  • 3ric15

    “remote control helicopter then the heli is falling”

    Quadcopters are a much better aerial photography platform than helicopters, especially RC ones. I see your point though, a heli falling to the ground versus a quadcopter falling to the ground will have similar outcomes.