Flickr 3.0 for iOS and Android Gives The Mobile Experience Its Biggest Update Yet

Today, Yahoo! has announced its biggest overhaul to the mobile Flickr experience yet. Appropriately sporting the 3.0 version name, this new Flickr experience turns what was once an attempt to bring the browser version of Flickr to mobile devices into an entirely new experience that they hope will feel as natural on a mobile device as Instagram.

Available on both Android and iOS, this update creates a much faster, more fluid experience that takes much of its inspiration from a collection of other applications and services.

In fact, “inspiration” may be putting it a bit too kindly, as some of the features in Flickr 3.0 will definitely draw heat from the competitors they have imitated. From the single-column,s square approach to the live filters, the features added to the new Flickr experience are staples of other apps that have been around for quite some time.

Flickr30_1       Flickr30_2

Overall, it seems as though the Flickr team has realized that you can’t just turn a browser experience into a mobile one — you must create an entirely separate experience, albeit one that fits in with the ecosystem of the platform. Taking “inspiration” from where needed, adding their own twist to it and wrapping it all up in a quick, good-looking package, Flickr 3.0 definitely improves upon anything Yahoo! has offered for the mobile platform in the past.

Take a look at the short video at the top to get a teaser of what’s been changed, and then head on over to Google Play or the iOS App Store to snag your download. If you’d like to read further into the details of the update, you can do so by checking out Flickr’s announcement here.

Keep your eyes peeled for a full review up of the app in the next couple of days.

(via Flickr)

  • Anthony

    anyone else not seeing the update on their iPhone?

  • Romain

    Does not seem to be available yet on the iOS App Store

  • iowapipe

    just checked – it is not in the App Store for Apple yet (12:20pm central)

  • Pete

    Just installed in on Android.

    Nice work Flickr! There are something missing from the last version, but it’s definitely looking slick now.

  • GentleGiant

    While it may be a big update, the iOS version of the app has lost essential functions. Gone is the ability to add tags and to add photos to groups. Gone is the ability to add a photo description. You can no longer see recent activity on your photos. You can no longer sot groups by most recent upload. Group discussions have disappeared. Very strange and ill-considered changes to basic functionality that make the new app worthless for interacting with other Flickr members, i.e. those things that make Flickr Flickr.

  • Brixton

    I like the new look, easier for me to focus on the pictures.

  • Tobias W.

    I am torn on what Flickr does to improve their platform.

    I don’t really think that uploading from my phone and tablet to Flickr is relevant to me as I don’t produce photography or videography on these devices that I want to show on Flickr, so that part of their new app experience is completely wasted on me. I guess it applies more to Instagram users than me.

    Then I don’t like where they put certain things in the new app. One of the things I most frequently do while using Flickr on the phone is engage with other Flickr users through the activity page. Getting there now takes one more click. Annoying.

    Thankfully they have an amazing and proven API for others to build better apps.

    BTW, I am still waiting for them to come out with a fix for their website. The drop down menus with sub options require you to have a mouse to hover over the menu to select a sub item. That’s impossible to do on a touch screen device without a mouse attached – applies to both my Windows 8 and iPad. Speaking of Windows 8, where are the apps for the Windows platform?!