A BTS Look at Using a Drone Mounted LED Rig to Light a Night Shoot

Using two Black Armored Hexacopters, a RED Epic and an LED lighting rig, aerial video specialist Simon Sjörén and his team took to the mountains of Åre, Sweden to create a unique nighttime ski video.

With the Red Epic mounted to one of the drones and the lighting rig attached to the other, the pilots carefully battled darkness and wind to navigate the two six-rotor beasts through the terrain in hopes of capturing some incredible footage.

This video takes a behind the scenes look at some of what they went through to capture this footage, with Sjörén providing a few details and some footage of the two drones in the air.

There’s mention of a promo video in the video description, but the link doesn’t seem to be pointing anywhere, so for now all we get is this little BTS teaser. If the promo video does get released anytime soon, we’ll be sure to update this post for you.

(via Imaging Resource)

  • Henry Wang

    I think this is the most creative way I’ve seen a quadcopter used

  • Scott Spellman

    Its pointless to release this gear masturbation video without any sign of the results. It could be awesome but it could also just as easy be totally crappy and really expensive.

  • Quinn


  • Matt King


  • Tony Anastasi

    Sony should get in touch with these guys and throw them a A7S with a 4k recorder to play with and bump up that ISO :) then just add one of those lights under the camera rig and that should make a better video.. no other copter to get in the way of the camera or anything like that..