BTS: Recreating Iconic Hollywood Portraits Using Photographers As Models

Photographers Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze recently took a unique approach to recreating some of the classic Hollywood portraits of days gone by. Using a group of extremely talented female photographers, Bryce and Kunze had these lovely ladies act as models for the recreations.

With Tamara Lackey playing the role of Veronica Lake, Lara Jade and Felix as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Susan Stripling as Audrey Hepburn, Brooke Shaden as Marlene Dietrich, and Sue Bryce herself as Liz Taylor, the resemblance between the original shots and their recreations is rather striking.


Going into a bit more detail about the project, Bryce had the following to say in the video’s description:

This sort of behind the scenes is so easy to create and everyone LOVEs them. In January I was in New York and I spent the whole day playing with these fabulous photographers. Myself [and] Felix Kunze bought our Hollywood GLAM together and he showed me how to create or rather recreate these iconic hollywood images with 3 Arri lights and a 5×4 Softbox. Watching him work the light with diffusers and reflectors amazed me and seeing these shots come to life was just incredible.

The above BTS takes a unique look — using mostly stills — at how the day went down, as well as a look of the resulting images. Coming in at just under three minutes, it’s a quick watch and definitely worth it.

For more details or if you’d like to see the final shots in all their glory, head over to Bryce’s blog post about the project.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Dover

    This reminds me of one of our lessons in a college photography course. We were asked to pick an ad (with a photo in it) out of a magazine and try to mimic the photo. This basically taught us how little we actually knew about photography.

  • sue

    No. On all of them. If they really wanted to make it more authentic they would have unplugged and shot with film. But would require additional skills, I guess.

  • Kitsu

    Really? This stupid argument again?

  • Becca Gulliver


    As much I love shooting and supporting the film shooting community, snippy little comments like these really hack me off.

  • Bill Bob

    Not really, Sue Bryce admits she knows little on the technical side of photography & next to nothing about strobe lighting as she only uses natural light. She’s a good photographer based on her interaction with the subject but technically not that great. So yeah if she was given film & strobe lighting on her own she would not have a clue.

  • Terry Clark

    Copying other photographers work, even when set to snappy music and a little dancing boogie by the photographer, is still just plagiarism. How about creating some original work? Use the high glamour techniques of the 1940’s but create work using with the photographers own vision. Nice promo. All of their minions will be very happy.