Deal Alert: Get SanDisk 32 and 64GB SDXC Extreme Class 10 Cards at Steep Discounts


Today only, B&H is offering a rather nice deal on two of their 32 and 64GB SanDisk SDXC Extreme Class 10 SD cards. With maximum write speeds of 45MB/s, they’re a great option to have as either your main memory solution, or a back-up in bodies with dual card slots.

The SanDisk 64GB SDXC Extreme Class 10 Card is on sale for $50 — down from B&H’s already competitive price of $70 — while the SanDisk 32GB SDXC Extreme Class 10 Card is down to $25 from B&H’s usual $38.

Meant to stand up in the most extreme conditions, these two cards are waterproof for up to 72 hours in a meter of water (salt or fresh), temperature proof from -13 to 185°F (-25 to 85°C), shockproof up to 500Gs, and even immune to X-Rays for those times when you accidentally send it through the dreaded airport scanner.

From looking elsewhere online, this seems to be one of the best deal on either of these cards to date. As far as how extreme they really are, I can’t speak for them in every regard, but I’ve accidentally sent one of mine through the wash a few times (I swear they hide themselves in a pocket within my pocket) and that card is still cranking out images without missing a beat.

  • Michael Lakav

    How can you avoid scanning your photography gear at the airport?

  • thanksdood

    woot! just got mine!

  • Steven Suwatanapongched

    I’ve sent my DSLR, memory cards, laptops, and other digital storage media through airport scanners dozens of times and have never had any issues. As far as I know, there are no known issues– unless you’re dealing with film.

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    Are airport x-ray scanners safe for DSLRs / lenses / storage media?

  • Louis

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but only film is truly susceptible to the scanners, and in my recollection only ISO 1600 or higher.

    Imagine how many stories of fried laptops we would have.

  • pixeljammer

    “…even immune to X-Rays…
    That’s sorta like saying “No Gluten” on a bag of sugar.

    Wouldn’t want no TSA scanner agents lookin’ at my pixels!

  • Ed Frazier

    Orded two thanks and yeah xray will do nothing to memory cards.

  • Hagerty

    Costco has the 64G card for $39.95 and the 32G for around $20.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I have had film much lower than ISO 1600 affected, but digital will not be affected at all (unless you see smoke and sparks coming out of the scanner)

  • T

    Can you say ‘advertorial’?

  • Keith Silvas

    SDXC? Alas, I’m not going to get a costco membership just for a couple of memory cards.

  • dustin

    these have been as low as $25 on amazon a few times, coupled with prime, I’ll pick them up there next time they’re down that low

  • Chris Rogers

    I’ve lost 2 sd cards due to what i suspect is x rays. They both only died after i tried to use them after leaving the air port :/. i don’t know if that’s what it is for sure but it seems like it :(

  • Occabot

    I usually like Sandisk, they are pretty reliable. But what most people don’t realize is that the plastic dividers on the memory card that separate the gold contacts don’t last. Once those are gone, the card doesn’t work anymore. My expensive (2 yr old) 32gb card succumbed to this. The plastic separators will eventually break from repeated insertions and removals from the camera, not to mention inserting and removing from a memory card reader. I opted for the samsung card, which is better built and waterproof. Haven’t had this issue on my new card.

  • Samuel Wong

    the deal is gone

  • Romain

    The deal isn’t (wasn’t) fantastic. Amazon’s had some faster PNY 64GB SDXC for less than that since last year for instance.

  • Tyler James Branston

    Generally older film slower than 800 is ok. Though newer film has more imporved sensitivity than older ones. Portra 400 for example has such a wide exposure range it will still pick up the xray. I always make sure they never run anything through the scanner, even if it means asking for their supervisor.