Rumor: Nikon Has a D9300 On the Way, Is This the Mythical D300s Successor?


Nikon Rumors just reported a big one! Vague, but big. According to the well-connected rumor site, they have received the first ever “reliable” tip about a brand new high-end DX format (read: APS-C size sensor) DSLR from Nikon: The D9300.

No, it’s not named the D400, and that is the mythical DSLR that most people — at least according to a recent poll on PetaPixel — don’t believe will ever arrive. However, the model name clearly puts it above the D7xxx line, right where the D400 would sit if it ever arrived.

We rarely share rumors this low on details, but if you’ve been holding out for a D300s successor that benefits from all of the technological advances of the day and includes some things that Nikon didn’t put in the D7100… Nikon might be working on making you very happy.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Anonymous

    What’s with the number?

  • TSL

    I think it’s called the Pentax K-3.

  • Matt

    I thought April Fool’s Day was yesterday?

  • Fuzznugget

    I think Nikon is trying to make their naming conventions consistent… or semi consistent

    DXX obsolete
    D3XXX crop, beginner
    D5XXX crop, beginner with a few more features
    D7XXX crop, prosumer
    D9XXX crop, pro
    DXXX full, semi-pro
    DX full, pro

  • whoopn

    I would modify that just a bit, the D800 and D800E are definitely pro cameras, regardless of the status of their flash (onboard or not). Just used for different purposes. Its almost like the DX should be super pro or something.

  • D9300753.325167e-12

    My thoughts exactly.

  • kassim

    That makes three of us.

  • John Krill

    Crop??? The APS-C sensor is not a cropped sensor. Cropping refers to portion of something being cut off. The entire sensor is used nothing is cropped.

    Now if you put a lens designed for a APS-C sensor onto a camera body designed for a FX class sensor THEN you will get cropping.

    The APS-C sensor is just another size or format. In the film medium you have all kinds of film size but none of it is referred to as CROPPED.

    If you want to won a FX class camera then be my guest but 99% of the time it’s mostly a waste of camera and money for the buyer.

  • John

    You do know why sensors that are less than “full frame” are called crop sensors, don’t you?

    Simply put, “full frame” equals the frame on a 35mm film, APS-C is the equivalent of the late APS film format, with a CROP FACTOR of 1.5 from the 35mm film frame (full frame).

    Definitions… all in order to communicate with less hassle…

  • Norshan Nusi

    Or four of us.

    The time at the article are already 2nd of April anyway.

  • Scott

    For sports? Where is the lenses?

    70-200 2.8? 300mm 2.8?

  • D9300753.325167e-12

    We need one more to summon Captain Planet!

  • John Krill

    Crop: Photography . to cut off or mask the unwanted parts of (a print or negative).

    Still a bad definition or use of the word. NOTHING of the APS-C sensor is cropped. Even in the days of APS film nothing was CROPPED. It was just another film size.

    The use of CROP by some is just an ego out of control. Those that use crop to describe APS-C sensors lose all credibility with me and many others.

  • dsa

    lets call them pro and pro full body?

  • pk

    The question is? Will the body be like a dXXX or like a dXXXX? If the body is going to be more like a d7100 and less like a d800, d4… then is no d300 successor

  • ThatGuy

    Looks like somebody needs to buy (and read) a basic photography book.

  • Edward Neary

    Someone needs to explain what the 7100 is missing.

  • sdtransfertomich

    Does there need to be an APS-C higher than the 7XXX line? What more can you cram in that little gap?

  • ThatGuy

    John’s explanation is correct. If you don’t know the definition, go buy a photography book.

  • Carlos

    7100 has one serious problem for sports shooting: Buffer size. But Nikon known this when project it… The brands launches the models with this lack, purposely.

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  • Renato Valenzuela

    speaking of ego out of control, welcome to the internet. where technicalities and definitions are clarified but ultimately don’t matter. definitions and uses of words can change over time. just ask the good people at Oxford. zeitgeist and vernacular, society as a whole. the slow evolution of language, it’s a beautiful thing.
    also probably why Nikon coined DX and FX. to avoid such arguments.

  • arachnophilia

    technically correct, but pedantic and adding nothing to the discussion. the best kind of correct!

  • arachnophilia

    i think they may have use the same physical memory as the D300(s); it has twice the resolution, and gets half as many frames in the buffer.

  • John Krill

    Nikon introducing another DX body and still no new DX fixed focal length lenses especially in the wide to normal range. No new variable focal length lenses either.

    And if they do introduce new DX lenses make sure they eliminate the dumb mechanical crank for focus and go to internal focus motor so ALL DX cameras can use them.

    Knowing they will not do this is why I’m leaving Nikon for DX lenses and maybe another manufacture altogether for my next camera.

  • Mike

    Bloody hell, John. What’s with the attitude!?
    “Crop sensor” or whatever, is just a way to look at things. Take a FF sensor, cut the edges, bingo: crop=APSC.
    That’s just another name we have for the smaller sensor in relation to FF, and it correctly describes it’s behavior. If you don’t like it you can take your opinion and gently insert it in your aperture for all we care. You can’t fix what isn’t broken.

  • Mike

    Boy, camwhores make a lot of money…

  • JReagan

    Well you are referring to one definition of the word crop and you chose the definition that requires the word to be used as a verb. In the case of the article above the word crop is being used as a noun, your definition means nothing in this particular case. It is admirable that you know what it means to crop something but your application of the definition is incorrect.


    My name is Josh, as a name it is a proper noun and therefore the definition of the word josh, when used as a verb, has no meaning in the context of a name. It works the same way with the phrase/name “crop sensor”.

    All that aside, if one expands their ability to think beyond the bounds of the dictionary one could come to the conclusion that the size of an APS-C sensor has been cropped down from the size of a 35mm “full frame”, even if the sensor itself was never cropped.

  • Patrick O’Connor

    Better build, professional interface (D800/D4), more FPS and, most importantly, a larger buffer.

  • Patrick O’Connor

    A professional photographer can use any camera he/she likes. In this case, “pro” is a designation, defined by Nikon, for which the D800 does not apply.

  • Ben

    GDI, I seriously just bought my d7100 a few weeks ago because I figured they wouldn’t come out with another pro dx….

  • Benjamin Schranz

    By your posts combined I AM CAPTAIN PLANET!

  • Benjamin Schranz

    The only difference between the 9300 and the 7100 will probably be WiFi and GPS, this is the d5200 to d5300 all over again. d7100 should be considered a crop PRO

  • Benjamin Schranz

    WiFi and GPS, maybe 60fps a 1080….oh and a tilty flippy screen maybe? haha

  • Benjamin Schranz

    Who talks about their classmate’s half-sister? Is that just something that is common these days? Oh btw! My classmates half-sister is also have reptile.

  • Benjamin Schranz

    We need a 24-70 2.8 DX lens….(so its in a college student’s price range) :)

  • sdtransfertomich

    Thanks, and yes, those items would definitely answer my second question. But I guess the real question is why do we need that extra line of product? The D7100 is built well and better than consumer cameras, just put in a faster buffer and call it a day. I am wondering if most pro’s would mess with a line in between and rather just go up to full-frame.

  • manaaaa

    go buy a crap fuji then!

  • John Krill

    How does CROP describe it’s behavior? Why the crude language?

  • John Krill


  • John Krill

    You mean DX Pro?

    Just kidding.

  • Mike

    Go get a single frame of “full frame” film. Cut it to APS-C size. What image do you get? Can we get a similar image from a “crop” sensor? Why, yes we can! And we do! Thus the nickname is “crop sensor”, deal with it.

  • Benjamin Schranz

    Nice. That is exactly what I mean, a DX PRO

  • Aaron Link

    Sigh… TSL is talking about the innards and not suggesting the Pentax is a replacement for the Nikon. The K-5 series has been in step with the D-7xxx cameras, having the same sensor, and their mutual DxO Mark scores have been virtually the same. The 24mp sensor found in the 5200 model missed the 7xxx series, but will likely be used in the 9xxx series. But since you want to get a ruler out, I might as well point out there was an FA* 80-200mm 2.8 lens in the Pentax lineup.

  • TN

    the 17-55 2.8 covers that field of view..

  • John Krill


  • John Krill

    So I take a roll of 120 film and cut it down and punch a bunch of holes in the and call it cropped 120? I don’t understand your reasoning.

  • Benjamin Schranz

    Yes, but for the price that it is, I would much rather just spend the extra on a 24-70 N FX..I mean its like a 200 dollar difference…ya know?

  • TN

    but then you’d lose everything from 17-24.. and sometimes it’s about size.. marginal size differences 0_o lol

    to be fair, i’m not concerned with size, i went FF a few years ago, and modified my dx camera to shoot IR..

    cheers =]

  • TN

    the dumb mechanical crank, IS the internal focusing motor. it also enables AF with the D series lenses.. why would nikon shoot themselves in the foot by limiting the number of lenses that AF with this body?