The World’s Fastest Consumer Lens Makes a Very Brief Appearance on eBay


Apparently NOT April Fools’ joke, the world’s fastest purchasable camera lens looks to have been posted — and now sold — on eBay earlier today. Supposedly in impeccable condition, with all caps and T-mount adapter included, the Canon 50mm f/0.75 went for a rather measly $500 in a quick “Buy It Now” purchase.

While there are other f/0.75 lenses out there by Carl Zeiss and even the infamous f/0.7 used by Stanley Kubrick, those are all atypical lenses meant for X-ray applications, or in the case of Kubrick’s, a one-off edition for NASA.

Two stops faster than the gorgeous Voightlander f/0.95, this beauty would be perfect for mounting on your Micro Four Thirds camera body. But, as 43 Rumors points out, from the samples images that can be found on Flickr and Rakuten, no one seems to have tossed it on one yet.

(via 43 Rumors)

  • Toc

    Pretty sure Canon XI lenses are designed for x ray applications as well?

  • harumph

    The 50mm f0.7 used by Kubrick wasn’t really a one-off. In fact, Kubrick purchased three of them.

  • David Eslick

    I believe this lens would be 2/3 stop faster than the 0.95 Voightlander, not ‘two stops’.

  • 11

    there are several lenses with aperture close to 0.75 which pops up here and there… often you cannot focus to infinity .. hence useless in that sense. Also the focused regions are also soft… with a lot of chromatic aberration and such.

  • Abhishek

    You’re right. I paid the equivalent of $30 for mine. Use is quite limited because the focus is fixed and so is the aperture. Looking to build a mount for it now. Hoping its not radioactive.

  • genotypewriter

    Yes, this shouldn’t be called a “consumer” lens.

  • genotypewriter

    2/3 stops faster than f/0.95 is f/0.76. While the difference between f/1.41 and f/1.4 is ignored, at sub-zero f-numbers we need to go in to more precision for the intervals than the thirds (or halves). E.g. f/0.95 is said to be 1/8th of a stop faster than f/1. So, f/0.75 is actually close to 7/10 stops :)

  • Qvoticvs Maximvs

    “In total there were only 10 lenses made. One was kept by Carl Zeiss, six were sold to NASA, and three were sold to Stanley Kubrick.” -Wikipedia

  • Bay879

    Hmm.. I’m suspicious, given yesterday’s date. Additionally, the fact that the guy Knew about the Noct Nikkor and still priced the lens at $500 for a buy-it-now sale makes this smell fishy…

  • E-Nonymouse A

    Well since its only good for Canon camera’s my enthusiasm has suffered a fatal error. The company that bought out the Noctor lenses stuff seems to love to troll the public with promises of releasing new super fast primes but the parent company is a CCD security camera manufacturer who shows no real intent of ever developing pro/semi pro optics ever again.