New Details Imply the Rumored Sony MF Camera Will be Mirrorless


Sonyalpharumors has gotten ahold of some more details about the rumored Sony medium format camera we mentioned earlier this week, and it seems this camera will be very portable indeed.

According to SAR‘s sources, the Sony medium format camera is sort of like a digital Mamiya 7… only better and smaller. At that size and with that description, it’s not a huge leap to make to assume this shooter will be mirrorless.

In our opinion, this also lends even more credence to the idea that this might be a medium format RX-style camera — which would save Sony from having to develop lenses for yet another mount — but this is pure speculation so take that with a big fat chunk of salt.

(via sonyalpharumors)

  • Pavel Rahman

    I’m sorry but you can’t best the mamiya 7… one of the greatest analog cameras ever made

  • 3242323423423

    and it will only cost 100 euro…. hell.. all you post is wishfull thinking rumors.

  • dwedweqwe

    yesh stay in teh last century.. everything was better then…. granny.

  • Randy Wentzel

    Grain depends on film speed. Nothing grainy about MF 120 film until you start getting into high film speeds. Last century? Film was still king just ten years ago.

  • Gannon Burgett

    No, I think he literally meant “Granny” as in “Grandmother”, noting the older view-point of Pavel Rahman, above.

  • Pavel Rahman

    but in terms of pure resolution, the mamiya 7 destroys any digital camera you can throw at it.. not to mention the quality of lenses and ease of use

  • ms

    Oh and Sony will have a rangefinder? Yea…right.

  • Zos Xavius

    A fixed lens would interest some people if the price was right. I think if this thing doesn’t have a mount on it with a set of adapters sony is ignoring a large market of photogs with medium format lenses but no desire to invest in $40k camera. If Pentax can build a tank-like weather sealed MF camera for $10k, sony could surely make something small and almost affordable. They don’t even need lenses. Just leave a mount and some communications for adapters.

  • Zos Xavius

    It does? If you ask me, Digital MF at 40MP is clearly superior to film. Anything else is fantasy and rose colored glasses. Also Mamiya isn’t the only manufacturer that made quality MF lenses I must say.

  • Pavel Rahman

    You may be right, but considering the price difference between the mamiya and a 40MP back and cam, I’m happy with the mamiya..

  • Alan Klughammer

    10 years ago you are starting to get into the Nikon D2 and Canon 1ds II. They were film killers. I would say film was king 15 or 20 years ago, but circa 2002 it started losing…

  • flo

    haha, I just bought a M7 on ebay 15 min ago :P

  • Tyler

    Film is still king if you’re printing. You cant match a 4×5 or 8×10 transparency drum scanned. ;) Even with stiched MF digital files.

  • Tyler

    Unless you drum scan your film. Then Digital MF gets left in the dust. Even with an 80mp back.

  • Pavel Rahman

    mamiya or leica? Both great purchases!

  • E-Nonymouse A

    My first very first DSLR was a fixed barrel lense, I never want to see that kind of camera again. No lense choices because you can’t remove it, you add anything to it and you get focal length distortions galore, or worse yet severe vignette.

  • 4dmaze

    I agree. Last century or not, things aren’t always better because they are newer. Printing for example. When film was used to create metal plates for printing, the printing was very sharp. Now the digital presses have compromised the quality for speed and ease. Instead of matchprints created from the film they use a color print and call it the same.

    I have a couple Mamiya 7IIs and the color on that film is awesome. More gamut there than a drum scanner can pick up. Medium format cameras can’t pick up the gamut of film yet either. I agree it won’t be long though. But it will be a while before the MF digital match MF film regarding price.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I think the images I was able to get out of my old Fuji S2 printed better than 35mm film. (and yes I hung some in galleries) my D600 is even better, and has much better dynamic range and colour gamut than I could get out of 4×5 (never shot 8×10)
    I need dig out some of my old 11×14 from 4×5 negs to compare to my 13×19 portfolio. I have a feeling the D600 is out-resolving film…

  • Matt

    Same thing can be said of MF film. I don’t think anyone said they could out perform LF. But, you know my little Sigma Merrill dp2 would put a smile on your face if you would be honest with yourself.

  • Matt

    Nope. You really should try the Foveon sensor. It has been what digital has promised for so long.

  • Matt

    I always wanted a Mamiya 7, just way out of my price range then. However, if I would buy one today it would be set on a shelve for display. Unless you could find a digital back for it.
    My Sigma Merrill definately blows my old 645s out of the water, and maybe even my 6×9. My Canon 5D II does pretty well agaist them as well.

  • Matt

    Ya, I’m one of those guilty of gear envy. Can’t have enough lenses and junk. But, to be honest I really had a great time with my old Fuji range finders, the fixed ones. Got a zoom one and it wasn’t as much fun. It is liberating not being distracted by the gear…

  • canon man

    Cool story bro.

  • Zos Xavius

    I’ve scanned some MF film and I have to say that it was not resolving 40mp. A drum scan might be better, but really all I would imagine is that the grain would be sharper. Even the best 35mm film barely resolves 20mp and in reality is much closer to 12-14mp.

  • Zos Xavius

    it is. don’t listen to those that won’t admit as much.

  • Jon

    Mamiya 6/7 greatest smoothest rangefinder ever. So much better than any Leica. My only question is do you get the 7 with the bigger frame or do you get the 6 with the collapsible lens? It is really set up for street photography…

  • flo


  • Rich A

    It would be very nice to see the end of the 3:2 format as the major large sensor format. 4:3 would be better, and make better use of lens illumination circle real estate.

  • fgrewgerhhnh

    So better than Mamiya 7? The new Sony’s gonna be 6×7 format? I really doubt it

  • Jason Philbrook

    As a serious amateur, I could have fun burning about $2000 in film in a TLR or A Mamiya7 while this thing depreciates by about $6000. And I could sell the film camera for every penny I’d payed for it. Glad to see digital moving forward, but it’s not the shiz for every situation or for me. You will not have problems with grain with acros or tmax film. Some people even like a little grain.

  • Gavin Lister

    its funny the discussions that pop up whether one is better than the other. I sold my Mamiya 7 a month ago. For some reason I just didn’t get excited about the images like I did with my Leica M6 or Mamiya RZ. I really don’t know why, maybe because I am a portrait person?…Dunno!
    Anyway I think it is besides the point, really it isn’t a competition for the 7 just a comparison of size etc I extremely doubt it will have the same size sensor considering the size of MF digital sensors out there now. It would be a phenomenal cost…shame would be wonderful and I would definitely buy one :-)

  • Fernando Callo

    Dafuq are you talking about? A digital camera with more dynamic range than film? Dude… just no.

  • Alan Klughammer

    Film does have a softer shoulder and toe than digital, and some black and white films can be developed to give an extended dynamic range, but if you know how to expose digital (hint, it is different from film) you have way more room.
    For what it is worth, prints have even less dynamic range, so you have to compress the image to print well anyway.
    And of course everything is completely skewed if you scan film.

  • Allen

    He said “greatest analog cameras” not “greatest camera.”

  • Gav

    No one is saying its a range finder. It will be mirrorless

  • Emil Nyström

    Shut up and take my money

  • Gav

    The point is being totally missed…It is not a new version or replacement of or a copy of an Mamiya 7. It looks a little bit like a Mamiya 7. That is it…. The very fact it is mirrorless lends itself to that form factor. Nobody is claiming anything other than that….

  • ms

    Yea, “its sorta like the Mamiya 7, only smaller and BETTER”
    The appeal of the Mamiya 7, to me, is the rangefinder.

  • Gav

    Film not grainy??? 100 iso 120 film is grainy off the chart!!! I thought old film guys liked grain??

  • Gav

    Maybe 15 years ago…. the 90’s called …They want their camera back…

  • Gav

    its not…Really its not…. Its mirrorless

  • TheGloriousEnd

    Really hope they won’t decide to bolt a lens onto it…
    Doesn’t really make any sense to make a fixed lens camera in medium format these days.
    this sort of thing would be a dream for adapting MF lenses!

  • whoopn

    I’d prefer a Sony digital medium format that is affordable coupled with a Mamiya Mount..lenses are quite affordable these days

  • Patrick Downs

    Wet dream! The first time I shot with the Mamiya 6 & 7 it BLEW my mind. The chromes literally jumped off the light table. I’ve never used better lenses. Something like that, but with AF and good high ISO performance ins a small-ish package? I’d sell a kidney.

  • Patrick Downs

    Actually, picking up a used Mam7 or 6 isn’t a bad idea. I wish I had a good B&W lab nearby. Scan the selects, take it digital from there for printing/sharing.

  • Si Tauf Bocah Cavenji

    what price