Vogue Photoshop Fail Leads to ‘Kanye is a Vampire’ Memes


Let’s play a little game of “I Spy.” This time, it’s going to involve a suspicious-looking photo of the #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

As seen in the couple’s latest Vogue spread, the above photograph supposedly depicts Mr. West using his iPad to capture a photograph of Mrs. Kardashian and their beloved child. However, there seems to be a few things that don’t exactly line up. And by a few, I mean a dozen or so.

Photoshop fails are by no means a scarce resource when it comes to magazines, but a photo this obviously wrong just isn’t something you’d expect to see in a Vogue spread shot by the legendary Annie Leibovitz.

Rather than pointing out the flaws in the image though, we’ll take Gizmodo‘s lead and let you put your detective skills to the test. Point out what aspects of this Photoshop disaster are off and we’ll see how many we can rack up in the comments below.

We’ll start you off with an obvious one that has sparked a new “Kanye is a Vampire” meme: where is Kanye’s reflection?

(via Gizmodo)

  • mthouston

    It’s Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, why does anyone care?

  • Andrew Ferguson

    A) Kanye is a vampire & not visible in the mirror.

    B) The photo on the iPad is clearly just a crop of Kim & the baby from *this* photo that’s been transformed a bit and pasted over what was actually on the screen.

    C) It almost looks like they were shot elsewhere and totally pasted into the nursery, the lighting doesn’t seem to match. This’d definitely explain Kanye’s vampire-ness.

  • Daniel Lowe

    I totally agree with you.. we should be attacking this from the angle of “Vogue is blatantly sucking at Photoshop”

    I wish people would just stop caring completely about KK and KW… will the grandkids be called “North, by North West”? Does Kim have any talents, besides seducing rich men and making their lives miserable?

  • Sterling

    Et tu PetaPixel?

  • Technocrat

    Who gives a s***!!!

  • Gannon Burgett

    I really wish those could’ve been my exact words in the article, but for better or worse, there are people out there who care to see this.

  • harumph

    Does Vogue have a policy against Photoshop? No? Then who cares. If you want to see bad Photoshop to the point where it seems like a parody of bad Photoshop, then just look at the covers of The Economist.

  • Roger Dodger

    Stop making stupid people famous.

  • osama

    Lol, there’s no camera shutter button on the iPad. :P

  • Lucas

    Took Gizmodo’s lead? I unliked them last month for stupid posts like this.

  • Ace

    Where is the photographer who took this photo?

  • joshsouzaphotos

    LOL @ “North, By North West” .. Kim does have plenty of talents, like growing a big ass, having a mouth as big as her ass and a few other things that are not worth mentioning.

  • ThatGuy

    Haven’t these two idiots received enough attention already?

  • Maher Dosoqi

    Kanye reflection is missing, Photo in iPad not real, Kim’s left arm Photoshoped (notice the blurry effect on her left shoulder), the handle of the baby crib isn’t reflected in the mirror

  • thingwarbler

    Uhm, that’d be “North™ By North West™©®” Gotta make money somehow, and when you don’t have any talent…

  • taoisms

    What does her ass have to do with her as a person? I don’t care for her, but let’s not descend into a misogynistic thread here. We’re all here for video or photography, if you don’t like who is depicted don’t click on an article or simply pay attention to the PHOTOGRAPHY element in the pic. Geez.

  • taoisms

    Kanye is extremely intelligent. Listen to some of his interviews (without bias) and hear what he is actually saying.

  • Lukas Prochazka

    oh my legendary Anie…I gues she is not so good taking commercial work but thats ok but i dont see why she is still doing that

  • agour

    got to agree with you there!

  • joshsouzaphotos


  • Bruce

    Personally, I have a problem with people taking photos of people taking photos of people taking photos of people. Add in “Kardashian” and you’ve crossed the line with me. PetaPixel – please stop pushing this nonsense onto my facebook feed – I’d like to reserve it for useful photography articles. Your linking Gizmodo – who I long ago stopped following – means you’re risking the same fate.

  • Christopher Stivala

    I’ll only say that if they are not noticeable to the majority right away then it’s not that bad. I feel this is negative for us photographers and does nothing to help us except teach us to pixel peep.

  • TN

    is there nothing going on in the world of photography, that all we are left with, is scrutinizing this crap? i expect this sort of thing from gizmodo..

    no retrospective on the dutch angle, or a closer examination into the complexities of large format, or ANYTHING to do with focal plane manipulation..

    is this REALLY the most interesting thing going on in photography?

  • why am i even hereeeeeeeeeeeee

    She’s missing a couple reflections too.

  • clifwith1f

    Kanye is far from stupid.

  • Elzette

    There is a different background in the photo on the ipad.

  • Washu the dog

    They are media attention whores who cares should be the right response

  • pganja

    Hopefully no one will seriously belive this photo is real, and I think thats the point.

  • carla

    hey guys…don’t be out of topic…we are talking about photography and photoshop of the picture here…not about them or whatever…. who cares…and it is very unPetaPixel-ish to talk about trashy stuff. I have a high degree of respect to PetaPixel people…:)

  • Lorenz Michels

    “Photoshopping” has become synonymous with raping reality. I propose a new verb in the English language, namely “Photoshoptimization”. Photoshoptimization is limited to correcting photographic deficiencies. Think of correcting the exposure, contrast, color, etc. But most certainly, no changes to the photographed subject. Photoshoptimization therefore is not concerned with removing blemishes and pimples and the like and make the photographed persons not slimmer than they are. Now let’s accept that we will never be like the ideal image that is presented to us and let us enjoy the fact that we are perfect as we are.


    Lorenz Michels

  • Mark

    But that is the point. Economist covers are Photo Illustrations…. The covers are commentary.

  • Jessica Eik

    Where’s the spitup on the fox stole?

  • carla

    Lorenz, you are right…I agree with you…Photoshoptimization…I hate seeing photograph so enhanced that sometimes the subject doesn’t look real anymore…I have this friend…so beautiful in the picture I haven’t seen her for quite so long… I bumped in her at the mall one time and almost not recognized her…but it’s the trend now…or else nobody will hire the services of the photographer when the portfolio is ugly…

  • harumph

    And they are never the least bit clever or interesting. I know of course that they aren’t attempting to pass them off as real, but even as “funny” photo illustrations, they are embarrassingly amateurish for a major news magazine.

  • werdoomed

    The horizon line of the crib does not match the horizon line in the reflection. It’s as if the mirror has been tilted 10 degrees

  • werdoomed

    I suspect that most of these obvious choices like reflections and what not were made for editorial reasons. Annie Lebowitz is fairly well know for her iron fist when it comes to controlling her images. Probably her intent was to show the self isolation and narcissism of these two characters. And the idea that they could never look in the mirror and see themselves as others see them.

  • wotzitiolabout

    that’s some deconstruction… Maybe Annie was making a clear statement they are blood suckers…??

    in anycase this photo should of come with a novel so we can understand its post modern intent and meaning, what photoshop means for Vogue, how such a great photographer could let this photo slip out at all, and why anyone cares about people like this? because it beats me…

  • Matt Ogier-Russell

    I neither know, nor care, who either of them are!

  • taoisms

    Yup definitely and in person too.

  • guest1024

    No shutter button.

  • guest1024

    Kanye’s covering the iPad’s camera!

  • fkilljoy

    it might not be obvious to you but fyi, you don’t have to attack women on their physics and be a misogynistic douchebag to criticize someone who happen to have a vagina. I swear to you… Just ask yourself “Do I criticize men’s butts or do I only keep this insult for women? Hum, maybe I am being misogynistic…” try it, half of the world (and maybe more) will be grateful

  • joshsouzaphotos

    I’m sorry you are right, she’s a talented classy girl married to her second classy husband, and wasn’t vaulted into fame for a homemade sex tape with a famous guy.

    Kim K, I do apologize. Mr. West, please don’t assault me bro.

    Now together lets go attack TMZ for focusing many articles about her ass.

  • fkilljoy

    Oh no you used sarcasm. you beat me. I can’t try to make you describe a woman according to her personality rather than her physics. Oh noooooooooooo. Damn sarcasm!

  • Seth Roger

    The faces were clearly photoshopped in the original.

  • Rashard D.

    I just wish we could have a topic without the insult. It’s easy to talk down on people when it doesn’t directly affect you. Stop the hate. I don’t care how much attention they get. When you people start with the negative backlash, you look dumb! #stupidhumans

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    Kim K is an attention vampire. Only, instead of sucking blood to get attention…

  • Bunny Love

    All I see is an extremely ugly, uncompassionate woman draped in the fur of brutally and savagely murdered animals. Her ugly man loves to wear death, too. Revolting, both of them, from the inside out.

  • rgucci

    Too late. we all know you didn’t know the covers were commentary.

  • harumph