Incredible POV Footage of BASE Jumpers Launching Off the One World Trade Center

Getting to the top of the One World Trade Center is supposed to be impossible, or at the very least difficult, but it seems that’s not so. In a video released yesterday but shot back in September of 2013, three BASE jumpers show that they not only got up to the top… they managed to jump off with parachutes and get off scot-free until months later.

We won’t go into the security concerns this stunt raises. That was sufficiently covered when 16-year-old Justin Casquejo made headlines last week. Instead, we’re going to tell you to enjoy the fruits of James Brady, Andrew Rossig, and Marco Markovich’s labor: a POV video of the 3AM jump that captures the spectacular view and the trio’s fall from the top of the tallest building in the US.

  • agour

    I wonder if the legal repercussions are worth the 10 seconds of fame.

  • gochugogi

    Pretty sure there was a lot more to this feat than mere fame. Plus, we should thank them for testing security!

  • Oliver Fergusson-Taylor

    wow, my heart was going! amazing video

  • Matias Gonua

    They obviously don’t do it for fame.

  • Burnin Biomass

    The article doesn’t clearly point out that at least 3 of these people have now been charged.

    Someone in security needs to be fired.

  • agour

    Yeah I know they didn’t do it for fame, I doubt many BASE jumpers do! But I’m questioning whether it was worth saying it was them who did it..
    They could easily have released the video anonymously, sure they wouldn’t have gained any fame.. but they wouldn’t have been charged either.

  • bob cooley

    A little insight into that – I’ve been up in the WTC a few times. I have a close friend who works the site and has been allowed to take up family members on private tours – I can tell you that it would be near impossible to completely secure the site from someone who is REALLY trying to get in – its a massive site, and once you get past the perimeter security (which IS impressive) they would have to post guards everywhere on the construction site. It would be really tough to do logistically.

    There are multiple construction lifts, and many stairwells that can get you up top; and now that they are doing the interior, more security cameras. But a bit part of the assumption is the perimeter; which you would have to go to great, and dangerous pains to bypass.

  • Laurens

    Please stop this crap about security. These boys are swell daredevils to do
    these jumps in the midde of the night in the most famous city on earth.
    I even got some substitute adrenalin kicks. Bis.

  • Csaba

    Ridiculous! This is 2014. This is the tower being built on the place of the two which were “attacked”. If I want to make a secure area for the construction, I hire the right company and install the right equipment to monitor the site. Motion and/or thermal sensors could do the job if you want to do it without the extra staff… BUT STILL, this is 2014 and if you want to keep an area clear, you can. Especially if it is the WTC.

    Fair play to the lads anyway!

  • bob cooley

    Have you ever been in the site? I have.

    The building is 104 stories, with 2,600,000+ square feet of interior space – currently mostly partially built walls and many nooks and crannies of construction materials. Motion and thermal sensors to cover over 2.5 million square feet of real-estate?

    Good luck with that. Is it possible? sure. Does it make any practical or financial sense to do so? not a lick.

  • Burnin Biomass

    Fair enough. I was thinking about the size of the place, I was imagining a normal sized building site.

  • Burnin Biomass

    They got charged for a swell crime too.

  • Csaba

    Well, I have not been there. I give you that. It maybe not required to have such level of security. I give you that too. BUT it is still easily possible if you wanted to. (Especially if we could see the budget they have for security.)