First Tweets of the Biggest Photography Names on Twitter


In celebration of their 8th anniversary, Twitter has launched a tool that lets you look up the first tweet of any and every account on their service (that isn’t protected). We thought we’d put that tool to some photographic use and share what some of the biggest photography names on Twitter were sharing when they first hopped on the now-huge microblogging platform.

We’re gonna break it down into three categories: Our favorite publications, our favorite brands, and our favorite photographers.


New York Times Lens Blog

TIME LightBox

National Geographic Photography

Magnum Photos

Associated Press Images

Reuters Pictures

Getty Images

Agence France-Presse Photo Department


Steve McCurry

Joe McNally

Gregory Heisler

Art Wolfe

Chase Jarvis

David LaChapelle

Zack Arias

David Alan Harvey

Vincent Laforet

Jeremy Cowart

Jimmy Chin

David Hobby

Ken Rockwell:


Nikon USA

Canon USA

Fujifilm USA


Samsung Camera

Leica Camera AG




We tried to be as extensive as we could, but it’s a near certainty that some important names slipped our minds. If you feel someone or some other company or brand should be included that wasn’t, drop us a line in the comments and we’ll add them to the list!

You can find out more about the tool on Twitter’s blog, or try it out for yourself by clicking here.