LifePrint: The Wireless, Social Photo Printer that Prints Your Smartphone Snaps from Anywhere

Looking to secure its life in the world via Kickstarter is a new product called LifePrint: a small, social, app enabled wireless photo printer that is trying to re-introduce the smartphone generation to the magic of holding a print in your hand.

In hopes of bringing back the era of printing your special moments, rather than just viewing them on a screen, LifePrint and its accompanying app allow you to easily print a 3″x4″ photograph from anywhere in the world. So long as the LifePrint is connected to a WiFi network and you have either WiFi or a cellular connection, you’re good to go.

But LifePrint didn’t stop there. The printer also implements a social aspect by allowing you to “follow” and be followed.

What this does is allow your friends and family that you’re networked with to send prints to your LifePrint, regardless of where they are. And in case you’re concerned about your over-sharing mother or father, the LifePrint app will prompt you to accept each print before it goes through with putting ink on paper.


Also included in the app is the ability to edit your photographs before printing. You can add borders, text, and even filters to your photos all within the app before sending it to be printed.

Similar to the Polaroid PoGo printer in both looks and technology, LifePrint comes in at roughly 6.5″ long x 4.5″ wide x 1.5″ thick and utilizes thermal printing technology. The printer will hold 10 prints at a time, with refills costing around $30 for a pack of 20.


The LifePrint comes in white, black, and chrome/black — the last of those being a Kickstarter exclusive — and the app will be available for both iOS and Android upon release, which should help keep both crowds happy and connected.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these, you can head on over to their Kickstarter campaign and make a pledge. For $100 you’ll receive one of the first LifePrints to come off the line. From there, increasing your pledge amount will increase both the number of prints, as well as devices.

With 38 days to go, they still have $175k of their $200k goal to raise, so you have some time to think about your decision.


In the meantime, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on such a creation. As a previous owner of a Polaroid PoGo, I can speak from experience that the thermal printing technique yields sub par results. And although the social features and accompanying app is nice, I’m just not sure it’ll garner the attention of the masses. Those are purely my thoughts though, share yours in the comments down below.

LifePrint: Wireless, Social Photo Printer for iPhone/Android [Kickstarter]

  • Matt

    What I hate is seeing product anouncements for products that do not exist, all the while talking like it actually exists. Please, be up front about it, say something like ‘under development’ or “being designed”. And use future tense, as the product may not be made. For example: “The LifePrint comes in white, black, and chrome/black ” should be “The LifePrint will come in”.

    I’m an early adopter and love new things, but hate it when I’m miss lead about if a product actually exists.

    I do hope the printer is good, but just do not see a huge market for the social aspect. Maybe rave type of things or in a dorm. But, just in general I guess it would be nice to have a printer that could be kept in the car or lugage or whatever that could be used in the field so to speak. It would be great to give out prints.

  • D.G. Brown

    So you could spend $100 on the kickstarter and then $30 for 20 prints (aka $1.50/print) or you could spend $90 for a Canon Selphy CP910 (which is also a wifi thermal printer) and $50 for the battery pack (if you don’t find yourself near an outlet) and then $30 for 108 prints (aka $0.28/print). (Prices just looked up on B&H)

    Even if you need the battery, the Selphy still ends up cheaper after 60 prints. And having used them a lot, that’s nothing.

    With the Selphy, you also get the 26th generation of the product line, using ink & paper sets that will be around for a while.

    So unless you really need a portable photo printer that is deeply social (and at that point, why not just use an app?), I’m not seeing a selling point here…

  • James

    Since when has a device, a mechanical device, ever been social? It’s no more ‘social’ than a CCTV camera ‘following’ you around a supermarket.

    Real social involves people and face to face interaction, not devices, apps or software.

  • Olivia

    I think this sounds awesome! I would love to exchange photos with friends I no longer live near and appreciate technology that tries to bring people closer together rather than shoving us further into our phones!