Impending Flickr Redesign Said to Simplify and Unify the Flickr Experience


The current look of Flickr as of posting this article

According to a report by Re/code, Yahoo! is getting ready to redesign Flickr yet again. Said to be coming “within the next few weeks,” the updates won’t be as dramatic as the last revamp, but it’s definitely going to bring some welcomed changes that focus on the smaller details.

The overarching goal this time, it seems, is to simplify and unifying the mobile and web browser Flickr experiences.

The first noticeable difference is said to be the lack of text and buttons on the screen. As you can see in the screenshot above, there are plenty of both in the current version to distract you as you attempt to find your way around photostreams.

This slows down the fluidity of Flickr and makes it more cognitively demanding. The update is said to solve this particular problem by showing only an indication of your followers and a few bits of sparse text.


Just look at that pug…

Another extremely welcomed change is the removal of the obnoxiously purple Yahoo! toolbar at the top. As the initial uproar made clear, it was just another unnecessary distraction from the Flickr experience.

Beyond those two notable changes, the remaining updates are said to make the browsing experience even more content-focused, taking away even more of what little white space exists and making the browser-version of Flickr similar in looks and experience to the mobile app.

As CEO Mayer promised when she first hopped on board at Yahoo!, she and her team are making a solid effort to ‘make Flickr “awesome” again.’ Since her reign as CEO began, the Flickr team has gone from just over a dozen employees to over 100, giving the site much more wo/man-power to get these updates implemented and running smoothly.

We’ll be sure to update you if and when these reported changes go live. In the meantime, let us know what you think. We doubt anyone will gripe about the purple Yahoo! toolbar going away, but do any of these supposed changes have you Flickr users nervous?

(via Re/code via Digital Trends)

  • Jigsaw

    Well, they already broke the camera finder, which is only showing camera details now, but not photos that were taken with a certain camera as it did before.

  • Patrick

    Seriously? That little bit of text across the top is “cognitively demanding”? I don’t know how I made through the wall of text that is this article without my brain exploding.

  • MarvinB7

    I hope they do something to make it good at all. One of the most cumbersome photo sites I’ve ever used.

  • clipper

    Due for the bin when my sub expires. It’s still just awful. Why dont they understand the importance of white space??? K.I.S.S.

  • Gannon Burgett

    As someone who has been writing about user interfaces for a good three years now and works consistently with designers who meticulously research the psychology behind user interaction and experience within user interfaces, I assure you it’s far more cognitively demanding than most realize. It’s more on the subconscious level, but it’s still there and acts as a distraction.

  • Tom Aatti

    Still waiting for official Flickr app for my Android phone and tablet…

  • Mark Brown

    I keep wondering when someone will launch a “Flickr Classic” alternative, kind of the opposite of Fluidr/Flickriver.

  • Tim

    Oh no, not again.

    And what about those of us who don’t want dumbing-down? The problem is not with a profusion of buttons, it’s with the lack of rhyme & reason for their placement.

    And more to the point, I wonder if this will fix the bug with them cropping the right-most border off my images in the photostream view, which I raised with them as a support case which they ignored and closed?

  • kc

    um. there’s already one for Android phones.

  • Bearr

    It’s never worked on my android devices. Always crashed.

  • Lee

    I hate the new slideshow mode where they zoom in and out the photo automatically, and there is no way to select other slideshow mode. I want simple fill the whole photo on screen without all those fancy zoom in and out (that degrade the quality of photo).

  • Morgan Glassco

    Works like a dream on my Nexus 7 and LG G2

  • Christopher Miller

    I’ve had the app work as it is designed on a Droid Eris, a Bionic, two Moto Xs, and a Moto XOOM 4G. This is not to say that you aren’t having issues, just that the app works.

  • Jeremiah True

    Considering that they hid stuff I found useful the first time, I am not super excited about this update. Time will tell.

  • meaghdalena

    This. ^^^^

  • Terrance Young

    I hope they do really fix the browsing experience right now it is so hard to browse interesting photos from all over.

  • Barry McCann

    Dropping Blogger and WordPress integration ain’t cool. I love Tumblr but its not a good enough replacement.

  • Fernando Callo

    What device do you own?

  • Tim

    Having been through a couple re-vamps already, I don’t have high hopes for any decision made by the Flickr gang.

  • Tom Aatti

    Samsung Galaxy phone (Android 4.1.2) and Asus ME172V tablet (4.1.1). “No eligible devices for app install.”

  • Tom Aatti

    Oops, memory didn’t serve me right. Phone has official app installed. For tablet Asus ME172V tablet (Android 4.1.1) Play Store says “This item is not compatible for your device.”

  • Mrbeard

    Dropped WordPress integration? Bah, that was the simplest way of sharing images with non photographic friends

  • Deirdre Ryan Photography

    Why couldn’t they have just left it alone?

  • Bill Palmer

    simple answer – Ipernity…

  • WatashiWaInuDesu

    Wow, I had actually never noticed it before…. It kind of blends in with the top of the flickr site.

  • Richard

    You’ll still be able to embed, just not automatically. I run a wordpress site and I’m quite sure embedding will be supported going forward, just not with the same icons in the share popup.

  • Richard

    The problem isn’t just what they’re doing, its the way they’re doing it. If they operated a bit more gently there would be less backlash.

    And, they’ve never taken into account the millions (that’s right, millions) of users who got used to flickr the way it was. They could have more easily moved us to a new UI by slowly adding features and changing things. Doing it the way they’re doing it invites backlash even from people who are open to change.

    I’m delighted the Yahoo nav bar is going, it’s crap.

  • Putin has nothing on Meyer

    Ugh. I used to go on Flickr at least 6 tines a day. Since last May, every time I go on I get more and more sad and frustrated. If they gave people OPTIONS, it wouldn’t be so bad. But Marissa Meyer is running Flickr like a third world dictatorship.

    Flickr used to be about photography. Now its about Marissa Meyer’s ego and now with moar awesomeness!

  • GeraldPeake

    Flickr worked beautifully just as it was. Of course, there are always minor tweaks we would all have liked, but the experience was led by following people, finding people and commenting on their work. Just like an ‘old fashioned’ Camera Club. I suppose the question is, how to make money out of that formula. It does seem that as soon as ads are added to the mix, the whole thing falls apart. What is surprising is that after all this time, no one has come up with a reasonable alternative, should be so easy to do and photographers would join in droves. Another re-design so soon, is at least an admission of failure, surely now is a good time to go back to square one and get some style and functionality back into the concept?

  • Will

    Designed by another committee, I’ll bet.

  • junyo

    The site as currently designed is barely usable for actually exploring images. So I guess in Yahoo’s ongoing efforts to destroy the last remaining value of Flickr, the next redesign will somehow cause your computer to burst into flames when you visit. Then their work will be complete.

  • clipper

    Been there a while

  • Fernando Callo

    I think it only works on phones and yeah, it’s stupid because who the hell wants to view images on a tiny screen? (assuming you don’t have those phones that fall in the PHABLET category). Photos are meant to be shown on a big screen like a tablet.

  • Bill Bentley

    Wow, lot’s of dislike on this thread. I jumped back to Flickr from 500px after the last remake. I think the pictures display great on Flickr. Uploading is easy and pretty quick. Access to complete Exif data. Easy to add favs and make comments. Losing the Yahoo bar will be a plus. I like the direction it’s going myself.

  • Sparda79
  • Jigsaw

    Probably… those endless picture walls that Flickr and Tumblr utilize were one of the worst inventions ever.

    Sure, they might suit tablet users with ADD who only have the attention span to look at 20 photos or so before they move on, but if you really want to browse through a lot of pictures it gets more and more sluggish the farther down you go, while the memory consumption of the browser easily reaches 2GB and more until it finally crashes. Not to mention that you can’t bookmark your last position and have to start from the top the next time you visit the page (or when you accidentally open an image in the same tab instead of a new one). Whoever designed that must have failed every single usability class.

  • tonyl

    Does anyone know if Flickr users are allowed to link to their websites yet?
    They used to delete paid accounts if they linked to the user’s website.
    Can prints be ordered from Flickr in a way that the user gets paid? This would revolutionise Flickr. Why do they not do this? Especially seeing that they are no longer with Getty. Fake accounts could sell stolen images but there must be ways around this.
    Page numbers have not worked correctly since the major upgrade months ago.
    Otherwise Yahoo knows what they are doing. Marissa Mayer is a believer in split testing and statistical evaluation of performance. Flickr will improve.

  • Bearr

    Hrmph. It won’t work on my HTC One X or my tablet (the make of which escapes me at the moment.)
    Mind you, I haven’t tried in months, I might give it another go tonight.

  • Scott

    They are going to remove the sign in with Google/Facebook integration. This, and the removal of sharing to non-Yahoo sites like WordPress and Blogger is Mayer’s attempt to make us all use Yahoo services. Of course, what will really happen is that most people will stick with their non-Yahoo services and dump the Yahoo ones.

  • Mark Brown

    True, but the problem with ipernity is that no one’s there. I was thinking more a third-party app/website that uses the Flickr database. :-)

  • Alessio Michelini

    Well lets hope they do a better job this time

  • David Parsons

    This article sounds like it was written by someone who has never actually used flickr. Or any website for that matter. I notice that petapixel has menus, icons, and other distracting elements, better remove those to make the reading experience even better.

  • Anonymoused

    I removed that obnoxious purple Yahoo! bar the day the update rolled out with Adblock.

  • Anonymoused

    Yeah, but it’s a mess.

  • Anonymoused

    I hate the new design. It’s harder to see 1) the full image, 2) exif data, 3) captions!

  • Patrick Mc Donnell

    I stopped posting to Flickr after the last redesign. Storage is relatively cheap so not tempted by the 1tb of storage – it made it impossible to maintain the community aspect of the site.

  • IndyTIme

    If you like being buried alive, this is the site for you. It’s a coffin. A photographic coffin.

  • Steve

    If I want to download one of my own photos so I can use it in, say, a Shutterfly project, I can’t do that anymore! I’ve been trying to figure out how to download Flickr photos on to my hard drive or disc, and it cannot be done!


    Well after seeing the changes today and the lack of concern from flickr about the negative comments on the flickr help forum I just deleted everything to do with yahoo/flickr. I couldn’t view others ‘all sizes’ anymore among other things, but you have 20 or so different useless ‘camera icons’ to show what type of camera was used. But the idiot that brought that to life was so “stoked” about it on the forum.

    Some day in the future business schools will use Marrisa Mayer and flickr/yahoo as an example of how NOT to run a business.

  • Hutech_f2.2

    I can’t say I’m particularly “thrilled” with the idea of the Group Award system being dumped! Doesn’t anyone at Yahoo understand that some folk actually enjoy seeing Awards given to their pictures……?