Young Model’s Shocking Terry Richardson Story Sparks a #NoMoreTerry Boycott


Earlier this week, a 24-year-old model came forward to share her own personal Terry Richardson nightmare (Warning: Explicit content), sparking yet another boycott Terry Richardson response from outraged readers who would like major publications to stop hiring Richardson so readily.

Allegations that Richardson has done horrible things to young models are all too common. For going on a decade now, many models have come out with harrowing stories of their experiences with him while some others came out in his defense.

But the most recent straw to land on the Camel’s back — and subsequently break it — is a story that 24-year-old Charlotte Waters revealed to Vocativ this week. The details of the story are too crass, NSFW and frankly disgusting for us to share here, but suffice it to say that a 19-year-old Waters, who was doing some nude modeling to help pay the bills, was taken advantage of in horrible ways by Richardson during her one and only shoot with him.


This story has sparked another anti-Terry Richardson campaign that, if it picks up enough steam, could actually affect the photographer’s prospects.

The #nomoreterry campaign by fashion blog OMG That Dress asks that people stop buying any publication that features a spread shot by the infamous photographer:

Here’s the problem: normal people like us just don’t hire big name fashion photographers. We don’t have magazines to publish, ads to sell, or movies/singles to promote. We simply aren’t the ones who keep him in business. So, I propose instead of just making a fuss online, we put our money where our mouse is.

Terry does a spread in your magazine, we’re not gonna buy it. Terry shoots your ad campaign, we’re not gonna buy it. Terry directs your music video, we’re not gonna watch it. I call for a boycott of anyone who hires Terry Richardson. From now on, you hire him, we stop spending money on you.

Already the hashtag is catching on, with over a hundred posts featuring #nomoreterry sent out to some 300,000+ followers between March 11th and today, according to metrics by Keyhole. And even though previous campaigns against Richardson have had no lasting effect, many believe a true boycott that affects magazine sales could succeed where others have failed.

(via New York Magazine and The Daily Dot)

Image credits: Jessica Stam and Terry Richardson by CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK and terryandladies01 by Dave Tada

Update: Terry Richardson has come out to defend himself against these and other allegations, all of which he refers to as a “witch hunt.” You can read his side here.

  • Kyla Fear

    I know this won’t be a newsflash- but saying no doesn’t always stop situations like this.

    Every time I hear someone say just say no I feel sick. My 16 year old self said no. Over and over and over again. I was still raped. Having a contract involved wouldn’t have helped that either. Having a knife in my pocket that I couldn’t get to didn’t help either. Screaming for my friend didn’t help either.

    Is it great to be able to say no? Yes. When you are with someone who will hear you. What do you do when you say no and it still doesn’t work?

    This girl made a poor decision in not saying no. Absolutely. But this man continues to make poor decisions again and again and again. People are going to string her up for her lack of no but we’ll just let him slide. Again.

  • Brixton

    And that’s exactly the type of girl he aims for when he does these horrible acts.

  • Crabby Umbo

    Hey, doesn’t anybody feel “warned off” by the fact that the guy looks like a 70’s pron star? I know art directors in the mid-west that wouldn’t work with great photographers because they didn’t like the way they looked, and yet, this guy is getting work looking like a 70’s porn star?

  • SeoulFood

    OJ was found liable in the civil case. Richardson hasn’t even been, or sadly will not go, to trial because he hasn’t broken the law. He has found the perfect “crime”!

  • Jo

    And its this consent form that protects him. . That’s why she didn’t press any charges. Its wrong this man needs to be locked up. He preys on these girls and get away with it bc of that consent form.

  • Zos Xavius

    Well said!

  • SeoulFood

    Like I said, it’s the perfect “crime”!

  • SeoulFood

    Jeffery Dahmer’s last victim ran away and that’s how he was caught. Ariel Castro’s, the Cleveland kidnapper, victims were heard screaming and that’s how he got caught. I understand that at the moment of panic or extreme stress, sane judgement goes out the window. But doesn’t anyone think if Richardson has been doing this this long with so much exposure, that someone would have come forward at the time of attack? This is a very messed up situation, but it’s a rich, famous, white man in America, with celebrity friends, having taken pictures with the president. He will never see the inside of a jail cell!

  • Adrian Morgan

    Rape is all about power imbalance through sexualised contact. Unfortunalty we have a premise within society that No means no, so the default position for sexual contact within our society is Yes, unless one of the people complains. If the position was reversed, and explicit permission to have sex was required between two people, it would change things.

  • LuckyCharm

    What a talentless prick

  • the_gator

    If someone is in a position of power over you, you do not have to say no for it to be rape. That officer was wrong and should have known better.

  • Christopher Stivala

    Yes ezmo you are very correct, it does say that in the article which i could not have referenced with not being a lawyer or my disbelief that the police are not involved. So let me be more clear, im no expert on the law or this paticular case but this sounds like a man with low morals and issues with sexual privacy. I find it hard to understand why the authorities are not looking at him with all prior allegations made, not just this case because that part we all read about. Sorry for not being clear and taking it for granted that we all read before we comment. I guess tone doesn’t always come across but thanks for trying to make me look stupid, real nice. Assumtions ;)

  • Stan B.

    I hope he does get his day in court- I also hope that each and every woman and/or girl that has a legitimate complaint against him also get theirs.

  • jms

    He is also the world’s most over rated photographer but hey what would fashion mag editors know anyway.

  • MMielech

    No, this girl made a poor decision by taking her clothes off in front of a creepy dude with a camera, and no doubt, a really slimy way about him. Good lord, is everyone a child here?

  • MMielech

    Butch, (ironic name there) your fantasy just went a little over the top.

  • Kyla Fear

    lots of girls take off the clothes in front of dudes (probably a lot of creepy ones too) with cameras because they are models. you shouldn’t have to EXPECT to be sexually abused when going into what you believe is a professional situation…

  • Kyla Fear

    why would you think they would come forward when an entire industry has given him power and continually take that power away from young models? if you are deemed “difficult” to work with in the modeling world, you don’t work. If you are deemed a “creepy” photographer, you get paid.

  • Fernando Callo

    This guy should have been in jail years ago!

  • Fernando Callo

    His work is disgusting because everything is the same.

  • bob cooley

    Then you either aren’t in the business, or are pretty unknowledgeable about the art and photographic world in general. Richardson has been a controversial figure for over a decade; both for his ability to continue to get top-shelf work with bottom-drawer skills, and for his abuse of power with models.

    This isn’t a case of “he said, she said – so the internet will hang him”, it’s a well-documented pattern of abusive behavior that too many commercial clients continue to bury their heads in the sand over…

  • butch

    He is 6’2″ and he is an ex junkie. Heroin actually. As for my fantasy being over the top, you don’t think he could be violent?

  • Omar Salgado

    “If someone is in a position of power over you, you do not have to say no for it to be rape.” the_gator

    You have much way ahead to live.

  • Omar Salgado

    Have you ever heard of machismo? I’m starting to think you live in a bubble.

  • SeoulFood

    …I’m agreeing with Bob Cooley…Hell has officially frozen over…

  • MMielech

    You are naive to the ways of the world, both real and the fashion biz.

  • SeoulFood

    Here’s how I see this going down. The online petition doesn’t work because the people that buy Vogue don’t give a damn about online petitions. More publicity over Richardson coming out and speaking causes more models coming out and claiming sexual assault, but Richardson is still protected by the law. This prompts either the US Senate or Congress to step in – I’m guessing Marco Rubio or Rand Paul – because of the pics that Richardson took with Obama. This is how people like Richardson go down!

  • Kyla Fear

    Please, I’ve asked for you to enlighten me and all you seem to do is insult. You have a platform here, why not use it to explain yourself?

  • stevengrosas

    The story comes up every other month. Bottom line is every model has a choice. No one is forcing anyone to take photos with Richardson, and why do they never blame the agencies who send the girls to him? If you give consent and sign a release, stay when the door is open to leave, and willingly participate who’s fault is that? At the end of the day, you don’t have to sacrifice your dignity and self respect for a career if you don’t want to.

  • Daniel Hine

    That is a load of bull. While I don’t like these alleged deeds Terry has done, I feel your comment is very sexist.
    I’ve never really shot a nude model before, but I can tell you that I would be extremely respectful, cautious and never cross the line. Or go anywhere near the line for that matter

  • 23423423

    a disgusting person.

  • bob cooley

    indeed :)

  • Mike

    If someone studies the law, with intent to defeat that law, and solely remains within bounds of it then they are a legal creep,…a creep,…but a legal one. This is really a case of a bad way to get an education. unequivocally not rape. according to the woman’s own account of the story. Next time this woman wont allow here self to wind up in that position

  • Mike

    What happened to you is terrible, and illegal. It is not what happened here. To bring your terrible experience to the table just means that you (understandably so) can not bring any objectivity or rationality to this conversation

  • Ridgecity

    just boycott the magazines and make a big deal whenever someone hires him.

  • JezSullivan

    Hmmm, its all rather weird. Edgy photographer is accused of being predatory. I think its all rather ambiguous legally. The UK Police covered for Saville for many years ( FreeMasons) and now seem to be going after other Radio & TV personalities from that era. I think id need to knoe a lot more before I form an opinion on Mr Richardson to be honest.

  • silvsss

    Claiming boys will be boys only excuses their behavior. What it comes down to is a younge girl trying to have a career and being put in a dangerous situation. None of us were there and while we may all have seen whatever stories about what’s happened…none of us were there and we have no right or backing to make claims on how she acted in the situation. What it comes down to is a so called “professional” using his fame and connections to take disgusting advantage of primarily young women in vulnerable positions. Whether any of those women said no or not, is not the point. The point is that his actions should not be condoned or supported and I for one hope that this campaign helps put a stop to him getting away with it.

  • Stan Perry

    The one in the position of power was the girl not the photographer if he held her down or stopped her from leaving then yes that a fat YES on rape … but lets get this straight … even you had a bad sexual experience still dose not make it rape … just makes it one of those storys you dont tell your husband or wife … and are embarrassed to tell a friend … before you convict a man based on his appearance and type of photography you should get the facts straight … to protect the woman and the man in this situation …

  • Omar Salgado

    Really? Your are victimising the victim.

    Victims don’t need this kind of preachers.

    Subtle ways of manipulation make this kind of assaults invisible and acceptable. Your words make no favour to the victims.

    “before you defend a man based on his appearance and type of photography you should get the facts straight”.

  • gram parsons

    man this guy sucks.
    imagine me or just about anyone else started cumming all over women twenty plus years younger than us in our work places!

    our asses would be in jail quicker than it takes perv master terry to finish one of his lame shoots

  • droops

    She was 19!!! Thats old enough to know if you wanna be cummed on. You don’t play with snakes, if you don’t want to be bit. She had shot with Chris Kern, that means she was probably privy to popular NY photogs and Terry not being an exception, I think she knew what kind of photog he was. She should know better, doesn’t matter if what he did is wrong-it wasnt illegal. She’s an idiot with regret and resentment due to her own naivety.

  • droops

    I want to revise that, I don’t think she’s an idiot. What he did is wrong and every story has 2 sides. But I do stand by the fact that a 19 year old should be smart enough to make those decisions.

  • David Curry

    You have to wonder how often this happens in the modelling photography world, since Richardson and his well-documented history seems to have been tolerated for this long…

  • Renaud Robert

    Well, his personal work and editorials are questionable, his commercial/ads work is top notch tough.

  • Tobias W.

    First of all, she was free to leave at any time. According to her own statements, Richardson never applied physical force to make her do something against her free will. She could have left at any one time or object at any time. She said herself that she found his behaviour weird but went with it. She didn’t object to anything.

    On what grounds would the police investigate against Richardson? That he is a pervert? Being a pervert is not illegal.

    And even if Richardson applied force against her outspoken or acted will, she would be required to deliver details. She said herself in those statements, that she is fuzzy on the details. Any criminal investigator of abuse cases will tell you that this does not look good in terms of credibility. There just isn’t any criminal case here.

    I don’t relate to Richardson and his work, or his person and personality. I think he probably IS a pervert and maybe she was telling the truth. But even in that case, Richardson did not act in a criminal way. She signed a release, indicating she wanted to do the shoot. She didn’t object to him touching her initially. She was an art student, she did nude model shoots before with other professionals, so she knew the domain, she knew normal behaviour, she must have known the rules of the trade. She should have initially set ground rules with him like “touching is not ok”. She didn’t. Neither did she leave. She also said she liked the aesthetics of Richardson’s work, she said it more than once in her statements. So she must have been familiar with the kind of images he shoots. There is so much work out there of his pervert dick in the hands of young models, licking it and so on that she hardly couldn’t be surprised to be part of this, going to a shoot for the Richardson aesthetics.

    Maybe she was naive and easily controllable that way. But honestly, even if all she told is true, why did she never express her will to Richardson?

    I think it’s great that she came out and told her story and I hope a lot of young women who want to model nude read this and let this be a lesson to them: “I need to set ground rules. I need to express my will. I need to speak out against what makes me uncomfortable and I need to leave if I don’t want to be part of something anymore.”

  • Tobias W.

    What law did he break to become a criminal? There is no law against being a pervert.

    He did not apply physical force, he gave instructions and she followed without objecting once or without leaving. She signed a model release. She knew Richardson’s work and liked it, she said so more than once in her statements.

    Where is the crime? She ended up in a situation she didn’t anticipate (but could have, given she knew Richardson’s work), she was unable for not expressing her free will (which is not Richardson’s fault, she is legally responsible for her own actions at age 18 and older) and she followed each of his instructions. Please, tell me. Where is the crime? What law did Richardson break?

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like the guy particularly well. I don’t relate to his shallow work and I’m positive on the fact the man is a pervert in the nasty sense of that word. I actually think she may be telling the truth. But even in that case, there is no crime.

    In that sense, Richardson is innocent until proven guilty of breaking the law. It’s that simple.

  • Christopher Stivala

    I have a very short reply. More then 1 person has issues with his behavior and just because someone is willing to let you take advantage of them doesn’t make it right. I do see many of your points and am not looking for an argument. Non the less as you made as case for, to each their own ;)

  • jess

    im just sayin kill him

  • Tobias W.

    Yes, semantics matter very much here. Richardson did not assault her sexually nor did he apply coercion. She was a model going to a shoot, acting on her free will, free to object to anything he instructed her to do or free to leave at any time.

    If Richardson told her to jump out of the window to her death and she’d done that too, would you consider him a murderer as well?

    Sorry, Richardson has a point when he says that true abuse and rape victims are mocked by accusations (true or not) such as these. Rape victims do not get a choice. She had a choice. She could have objected or just left. She did neither. That’s not Richardson’s fault.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think the guy is a certified pervert who exploits young women – when they let him. And that last part is exactly what keeps his actions legal.

  • Tobias W.

    Read her account. She said herself that the police told her there is no case, as she did not object to anything he told her to do and he did not apply physical violence or pose threats. Richardson’s actions were perfectly legal because she did not object and her actions – following his instructions – gave him no reason assume she wasn’t ok with the situation.

    Richardson is known for this kind of pornographic photography by the way. She kept repeating how she liked his aesthetic. She must have known about his style and work. An art student who already modeled nude for professionals and getting a shoot with Richardson should have known what she’s getting into. Basically, what happened is that she didn’t know where her comfort zone ended and she failed to express her will to Richardson and feels bad about it afterwards. Sorry, that’s bad and I can relate to what she experienced, but Richardson is covered legally.