Pro Photographer Shows Off the Nikon 1 V3’s Sports Photography Chops

If you go by first impressions and reader comments, the Nikon 1 V3 has about one-third of people excited, one-third skeptical, and one-third annoyed and wondering why anyone is excited at all. If you happen to fall into the first two of these categories, the video above from Nikon Europe might interest you.

Since it is a promotional video put together by Nikon and featuring a Nikon photographer, this isn’t what we’d call an unbiased behind the scenes review. But it is a great demo of how the 20fps continuous shooting with AF works in the kind of sports photography situations where amateurs and pros alike will hope that it shines.


The video also makes Nikon’s marketing strategy for the V3 clear: forget consumers, this is a professional-grade camera. That was already hinted at by the price point and press release lingo, but Bell constantly mentioning its DSLR-like capabilities and using it with massive lenses attached leaves little doubt.

Check out the video at the top to get Bell’s (not at all biased…) impressions and then let us know what you think in the comments down below.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Guest

    “…features that the Nikon 1D3 has…”


  • winnie the pho

    Metabones should now consider to make speedbooster adapter for nikon 1 mount. The specs of this camera is crazy. Can’t wait for the reviews.

  • Felix

    This summer when I have two sports competitions I have to photograph, I will try the V3. Last year I carried a D4 with a D800 as my secondary camera. This year, I will try the V3 with my 70-200mm attached to it and see how it works. Usually, one of my shots always makes the cover of the magazine I shoot for, so this will be interesting. Not a real fan of the micro SD card.

  • Bob B.

    Thanks so much for posting a Nikon advertisement!

  • David Vaughn

    Well of course a video from Nikon is going to talk about how great the new Nikon camera is, haha.

  • Herbert Graf

    A “Pro” photographer, supposedly pushing a “Pro” camera, mentions that the “creative filters” are a great feature? “Pro” indeed…

  • Jordan Butters

    He says V’s a bit slurred so they sound like B’s or D’s.

  • nathanleebush

    Implying some sort of editorial content with the title and then simply posting an ad is disingenuous. How about we wait for some impartial tests before spamming the web with linkbait?

  • Eric Saffron

    Potentially a decent camera, but the price point is way too high. you can get better features/functionality from a m4/3 camera. The Olympus OM-D series and even the newer Panasonic offerings have comparable features for at least half the cost. I honestly don’t know what market Nikon is trying to target anymore with their product lines that conflict with each other.

  • justTheImportantStuff

    Why doesn’t he pronounce the ‘i’ sound in “Nikkor” the same way he pronounces it in “Nikon”? What a phony.

  • independentskeptic

    Hi, I’m from Hawaii and I’m a hipster. Check out my Nee-con!

  • iAmNotActuallyBritish

    Stupid bloke! It’s Nick-on

  • fsjal

    Come on, if I got paid, I would talk for hours how pro I am and how professional creative filters are ;)

  • fsjal

    I’m not sure if you know, that it’s exactly how it should be pronounced…

  • Mark Brown

    I don’t doubt the capabilities of this camera, but doesn’t a huge telephoto lens somewhat defeat the purpose of a small mirrorless camera?

  • John R

    I put the Nikon 80-400 AFS onto a V1 and it is usable hand held, we are nearly at the point where every lens in your bag can have its own body, DX, FX or CX and the size of the bodies wont be a problem. Absolutly gutted to read that it uses microSD though, they are rubbish.

  • Gav

    Wake me up when it is full frame…

  • arachnophilia

    so, with the FT1 adapter, CAN you use AF while in continuous mode? because the FT1 specs say you can’t.

    this make a big difference in whether or not i would even consider buying one.

  • MrGubrz

    ff 20fps with af? i think youll be sleeping a long time, and everyone else will be out taking photos. snoring snobs do dream… ;)

  • MrGubrz

    thats a very interesting idea. downside is less ergonomics…? im not a pro, i wonder if a sports guy with 3 big cams and diff lenses would prefer those 3 lenses with a tiny body attached, but give up some ergonomics for more endurance/stamina? any sports guys out there?

  • MrGubrz

    it IS still the first that IVE gotten to see the af in action. so im glad of this “linkbait” did it ruin your credit score or send a family member to the hospital to click on this and realize its not for you?

  • Gav

    Not really..The Sony A6000 has a similar frame rate with faster autofocus with an APS-C sensor..Which is only one step away from full frame…Do you realise how tiny the CX format sensor on the nikon is!!! No wonder it can claim a high frame rate with a sensor the size of your thumb nail…The tiny sensor won’t help low light performance.

  • MrGubrz

    a6000 caps out at 11fps doesnt it? similar == 55% ?
    its lenses are also larger. its all just trade offs. just depends which trade off you want to deal with.

  • Gav

    But thats kind of the point… They only get that rate by having a tiny sensor…11fps not enough?!? Its is only a consumer camera with these specs. Why would a consumer need 20fps

  • Carlee Keppler-Carson

    Sorry Nikon, I’m cheating on you with a Fuji

  • sexyjon

    No, you got it wrong. One third is excited, one third finds it too expensive and one third does not at all understand the point of the sensor format and therefore the whole system.

  • whisky

    and so the angels hummed along to the strums of the guitar, but nary a negative note was sung. nikon, now the official camera of peace and harmony every-where. 0-:-)

  • Nikon User

    Commercial hyped.

  • Nigel

    Yes. There was a firmware update that provided c-af but it is center point only

  • MrSkelter

    A consumer needs 20fps because it means they’re less likely to miss the moment. The sensor size isn’t related to the frame rate. It’s the number of pixels that determines how much processing power you need. The V3 uses Nikon’s Expeed 4a – it’s very fast and is moving 18MP files. The reason Sony isn’t as fast is due to the way the Sony sensor is read-out. It’s slower. Nikon’s design, made by Aptina, is the fastest in the market. Very impressive indeed.

  • Gav

    Ah no that’s not correct… both sensor size and MP has an effect on processing power required (remember each pixel is large relatively speaking for Full Frame ASP-C etc). The Nikon CX sensor is almost half the size of the APS-C sensor. Not much larger than a cell phone sensor. So yeah relatively 11fps is about right comparatively…Also with such a small sensor it doesn’t matter how inaccurate your AF is. Because everything is in focus…good luck getting any kind of effective DOF…

  • clauss

    my nikon J1 can do 60fps… thats 3 times faster
    but the tiny buffer limit you at 12, so i would like to know the size buffer of this v3, cause the file size its double than the J1, so if i can take 20fps, but buffer fills at 6fps then its a very bad joke…
    but nikon 1 its a joke… right?

  • isail

    Because the two Ks in Nikkor makes it a short i as opposed to the long i in Nikon. That’s how English works. I’m sure you wouldn’t have asked that question if Nikkor was spelled Nickor.