Joey L Launches New Educational Website Packed with In-Depth BTS Tutorials

Online resources for learning about photography are anything but lacking. But every so often a new one comes around that changes things up a bit — usually because it’s created by a well-known, respected pro.

Last week we told you about Zack Arias’ new site DEDPXL, and this week we have yet another educational resource to share. Joey Lawrence (affectionately known as Joey L), one of my personal favorite photographers, has put out his own aptly titled resource: Learn From Joey L.

Making use of BTS videos that take you on-location to see the overall workflow, lighting setups, conversation and even the post-processing, Joey and his team have done an incredible job putting this educational site together.

Rather than the long introductions we usually see in the BTS video, these dive straight in, tossing you right in the middle of the shoot. This style of tutorial really lets you take in the information in an extremely immersive manner.


One of the major aspects separating Joey’s new website from many other resources is that the videos can be both downloaded and streamed online. This means you can download them onto your computer at home for watching, and even pull them up on your phone or tablet to watch when you’re on the go and have some time to burn.

There are currently six tutorials available (with three more in production) all ranging in length from 20-60 minutes. Available for $25-30 a piece, they come in at a price-point which won’t break the bank and will easily pay for themselves many times over in a single shoot.

One of those six is available for free so you can get a taste of the style of the tutorials. Titled “Beyond: Varanasi India” the 42 minute video takes you on-location with one of Lawrence’s shoots in India.


As noted over at Fstoppers, “This style of teaching using real life photo shoots as case studies in light, composition, and creative direction are pretty rare in today‚Äôs online teaching circuit and should be on your list of tutorials to check out.” Whether you’re a seasoned professional wanting to get a bit of inspiration or a self-taught photographer in-the-making, you can’t go wrong taking a look at Joey L’s latest resource.

You can head on over to Learn From Joey L to browse around to see what all the site currently offers. If you’re familiar with Joey’s work, there probably won’t be much introduction needed. If you aren’t, you can check out his portfolio and some of his other resources by following the corresponding links.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Tommyland

    I could do this with my iPhone. Guaranteed.

  • Jesse

    Could do what? Comment on an article?

  • brian watkins

    you’ve come a long way from the ole DPC days, eh? Nice seeing you keeping it going.

  • Fernando Callo

    This website’s been live like a year ago!

  • Choppa

    Photographers post tutorials online basically explaining everything they do, tricks to the trade, equipment they use, etc, and then they wonder why the industry is dying and why people are less and less willing to pay for photography!

    Either that or at the same time that the industry is dwindling, the phtography tutorial business must be growing. The thing is… those who learn (and pay for) the tutorials think they will one day make money in photography.

    Silly them, right?

  • Lukas Prochazka

    Joey, said that if he puts up everything from his shoots, he always need to came up with something new, and that keeps him always envolving.

  • Ray S.

    Sharing information doesn’t kill an industry. Software developers post also tutorials and the tech industry is killing!

    Educational sites benefit those who genuinely want to learn or perfect their craft. And there’s nothing dying about the photo industry – it’s just evolving. The only people that suffer are those who refuse to grow and innovate with it.

  • Choppa

    True, but thanks to all these tutorials, there is an ever more increasing supply of “photographers”, who have no idea how to run a business, and who charge nothing or almost nothing for their work, thus the entire photography industry suffers.

  • Choppa

    All these online tutorials make it so people who would otherwise pay for quality photography are tempted to do it themselves. It also cheapens the whole photography service industry, seeing as how most tutorials are aimed at “cheap fixes” and ways to “not buy pro photography equipment”, etc.

    I’m pretty sure software developers don’t post tutorials on explaining the intricacies of their jobs so everybody can do it… if they did, they wouldn’t have jobs.

  • Ken Elliott

    Software developers have a long history of sharing. If you’re interested, read up on “Free Open Source Software”. We do post tutorials. Yes, customers do their own code – horrible code – then they appreciate the skills of a good coder.

  • Ken Elliott

    Are you saying those “photographers” would be better if online tutorial didn’t exist? That’s how it used to be pre-internet.

    Look, those people are looking for tutorials because they went out and purchased a camera. They didn’t see the tutorials, then decide to buy a camera. So the tutorials don’t have a huge effect on camera sales, but do have an impact on the quality of photographs taken.