‘True Detective’ Opening Titles: Even More Double Exposure-Inspired Awesome

After sharing Paul Trillo’s double exposure-inspired music video for “Be Around” by the folk duo The Peach Kings, several commenters here and on Facebook pointed out that the opening titles for the HBO show True Detective make use of the same technique.

And so we checked them out, and were blown away by the execution on this awesome video. We can see why one reader said that it’s the only show she doesn’t skip over the titles on.

The video was put together by production studio Antibody, and for those of you who are interested in some behind the scenes details on how it all came together, there’s a great interview with creative director Patrick Clair over on the website Art of the Title that is WELL worth reading in full.


The TL;DR (although, seriously, do go R this one) is that they needed to come up with a video that matched director Cary Fukunaga’s vision of the show. And so they read the first three scripts and began working on a concept that would match the story.

Fukunaga had said that “the landscape and setting of the show revealed the characters and reflected their internal struggles,” and so Clair and his team ultimately hit on double exposure photography as the perfect way to capture this.

“Using human figures as windows into partial landscapes,” explains Clair, “served as a great way to show characters that are marginalized or internally divided.”

To find out more about the project, head over to Art of the Title and read the whole explanation. Or, if you just want to watch something cool, check out the video at the top and be sure to visit Trillo’s similar creation as well.

Thank you to all the readers who tipped us off to this great video!

  • Rūdolfs Rancāns

    It’s one of those rare TV shows which intro I don’t skip but even enjoy it.

  • Rūdolfs Rancāns

    Ha, that’s what happens when you comment before reading the actual article. :)

  • fast eddie

    Wow, that’s enough for me to start watching the show. Well, coupled with the 6+ minute intro I saw online yesterday, this show seems like it will fill the void, for me at least, of Breaking Bad.

  • Zos Xavius

    its better than breaking bad. its probably the best HBO show in some time.

  • Nikki Comma

    It’s a good show. Haven’t seen anything like it. Concludes in one more episode. Apparently it won’t be the same characters in every season though, which is disappointing for me.

  • David Liang

    I love this show. Slow build up until episode 4 kind of like season 1 of Boardwalk Empire, but once you get into it, the show is so gripping.

  • Chester A. Arthur

    Probably the only title sequence that I watch all the way through just as often as I fast-forward through it, even 7 episodes in.

  • losojosdemuerte

    Good to see your read your the comments and trust your audience to drive content. Cheers PetaPixel.

  • headshots Los Angeles

    If you aren’t watching True Detective, you are failing at life… Best show on TV

  • viki reed

    been drooling over those titles for weeks. Very sad that the story ends next week, it truly was best on tv. Since the wire, more than breaking bad. what a great return for woody harrelson too.

  • viki reed

    best episode of boardwalk empire was last season finale. Beyond epic and so good i can’t taint it by watching an episode that can’t be that good