Giveaway: Win a Fuji X-T1 Kit AND Battery Grip!

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner has been announced at the end of this post.


It’s time for another giveaway, and this one is a doozy! We promised you a big giveaway at the end of February and you’re getting one. Just follow the instructions below and you can enter to win the new Fujifilm X-T1 with the 18-55mm lens and the battery grip to boot! That’s a $1,950 value!

If you’re not familiar with the Fuji X-T1 (official announcement post here) then you live under a very special kind of rock. Sporting the newest generation 16-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor, a super-high res EVF, weather sealing and a very quick AF system, the X-T1 has received nothing but rave reviews from everybody who has tried it.

Plus, it is by far the leader in our “What’s your favorite camera announced in 2014 so far” poll, so we thought one of you would probably appreciate one of these for free.


Entering is Easy

We’ve heard your feedback, and you no longer need to have a Facebook account to enter. Just drop us a line in the comments on this post (NOT FACEBOOK) letting us know how you intend to put the X-T1 to good use. If you DO like our Facebook page, you’ll get a bonus entry! Just include ANOTHER comment with your personalized Facebook ID only (e.g. for the ID is petapixel, DO NOT POST THE FULL URL or your comment might get sent to moderation).

And that’s it! We’ll take entries all the way from the moment this post goes live until Friday March 7th at midnight Easter Standard Time. (Note: Please don’t comment more than once — or twice if you get a bonus entry for liking our Facebook page — or we’ll have to disqualify you from the drawing).

Remember, the contest ends on Friday March 7th at midnight Eastern Standard Time, so get your entries in before that and we’ll update this post with the randomly selected winner’s name once the contest is over!

Also, this giveaway is open to everyone — the camera can be shipped abroad if you’re an international reader outside the United States.

Good luck and thank you so much for reading PetaPixel!

Update: This giveaway is now over. We received over 9,000 entries! The randomly selected winner is:

Connor Smith

Congratulations! Please contact us at [email protected] to claim your prize. We’ll attempt to contact you as well.

And if you didn’t win this latest giveaway, don’t worry — we’ll be back with another one before you know it!

  • Dian Tsankov

    I’m going to make my art

  • Lucas Leonardo Ibanez-Fæhn

    Yo, i can dig. Hit me up if i win.

  • Tom Innes

    I’m in!

  • Charlie

    The X-T1 would replace my good old S5 and come with great DX lenses (prime wide angle) for everything from reportage to landscape.

  • Tom Innes

    I’m in for the bonus entry too! FB ID = tominnes

  • Torben Sinn

    Through this kit, I would finally be able to take all the pictures I have always wanted to take, but couldn’t because my gear wasn’t sufficient. Especially the weather sealing would make some of my planned “rainy” shots much easier to accomplish. I wouldn’t have to run around with a whole bunch of plastic bags over the camera while shooting.

  • Babalot Govoseye

    I’ll use it to take photos of demons

  • Ann Cameron

    I used to be a lover of all crafts, but photography has overtaken them all – it is now an obsession. We are travelling to Kruger in August and I would love to test this camera under all conditions.

  • photo808

    It would be my first mirrorless camera

  • Daniel Legovich

    Travel, travel, travel awesome

  • Sebastian Willius

    I would love to shoot more portraits & travelling with this baby.

  • Tiago Soares da Costa

    The Fuji X-T1 is what i need to turn a good scene into a memorable photograph!

  • Babalot Govoseye


  • Edmond Chung

    This is a beautiful street photography camera. It’ll draw in subjects just because of its retro looks. I’ll be using it for street fashion.

  • vinayaravind

    I’d use it to take pictures of trains.

  • Guest

    ID: tiagosoarescosta

    With a great kit such as the Fuji X-T1, no weather condition will make me stay at home…

  • Daniel Jiménez Martínez

    I’ll portrait the sad of the artist, the putrefaction of our society and the unstoppable desire to achieve the infinite knowledge.

    Well, maybe I’ll go and take photos to my Axolotl.

  • Yan Yoke Loon

    Would love to have this for my dad as his retirement gift. He drop photography hobby to fully concentrate in working to raise the family. He is now getting older and wanted to retire, and he told me that he wish to take up photography once again to spent his retirement time. I started photography thanks to my dad giving his one and only camera to me. Love you dad, and I hope I can get you the right camera for you.

    facebook ID: yanyokeloon

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Edmond Chung

    Facebook ID: chungedmond

  • Theisdk

    Starting up a new projekt with focus on young talent. I have the D800e and some Nikon lenses but I want to do this the minimalist way, with a street photographers perspective.

    The X-T1 is the camera I have been wanting for this project all along. Just need the camera to get going :)

  • Chris Quisote


  • Henry Frost

    Need this to keep the wife happy…she loves this piece of kit.

  • Nathan Rupert

    I would use this camera as my first digital camera. Still using film and a rangefinder camera, this looks like a nice camera to help with the transition.

  • Torben Sinn

    FacebookID: torben.sinn.7

  • Johan

    My first digital camera was a finepix S602Zoom from Fuji. Still own this camera and sometimes I use it nowadays. So I like to compare the outputs between the X-T1 and the old S602Zoom.

  • Kwan Hui

    I don’t know what’s DSLR anymore after looking at this beauty. I am very impressed with X100s I own and would love to try the interchangeable version!

  • Sergio Barbosa

    I’d probably use it to trick people into thinking I had a digital film camera. And also to take great pictures.

  • Chris Crowe

    A chance to go mirrorless.

  • Sergio Barbosa


  • Neil Carey

    This would take pride of place in my kit bag, beautiful camera!

  • Hannes

    I would take this camera on my upcoming travels. Perfect because i just got my holidays all lined up!

  • Juan Salamandra Monreal

    I’d forget the weather forecast every time I go to shoot. If I am not made of sugar my camera should not be made of sugar too :)

  • Juan Salamandra Monreal


  • Joel Poh


  • Ka-chun Lo

    I solemnly swear that I am up to photogood.

  • Andrej Šetina

    It will travel with me on my next journey to South America

  • CleoPZ


  • Cesar

    I’d put the camera to good use, finally taking street shots with a rig that is compact and inconspicuous!

  • rsq1

    Would be nice for my trip to Europe this year!

  • Stavros N

    It will be a perfect backup for my D700

  • ISO640

    I’d end climate change, poverty, discrimination and hunger with this camera if I won it. Or, you know, shoot more abandonment photos with it.

    Facebook ID for the extra entry: jen.huls

  • Christian Müller

    Oh my :O
    I just cant imagine what photos i would take with it ^^

  • Cüneyt

    This Will be my travel cam

  • Leszek Domżał

    Ow, I forgot that I like PP on fb, so, please, include me twice :-)

    fb ID leszek.domzal

  • Winston Foxglove

    I’ll use it to take my photography back to the feel of when I used film, when I first picked up a camera and thought it was the single most amazing tool I had ever held.

  • cmnap11

    To take gorgeous photos…and inoculate myself against Gear Aquisition Syndrome.

  • Stavros N


  • doul39

    It’s all I need to become a millionaire. Thanks!