ShotKit Gives You a Peek at the Pros’ Gear AND the Photos They Shoot with It


If the idea hadn’t been around for so long, we’d call ‘In My Bag’ type websites the flavor of the month. First there was InMyBag, which we shared with you at the beginning of last week, and now we have ShotKit, the latest ‘in my bag’ site turning heads online.

Admittedly, ShotKit has some great features and a very clean layout to recommend it over its competition (otherwise we would have passed over it). InMyBag is more of the everyman’s gear website, while ShotKit’s purpose is to link phenomenal professional work with the gear that captured it.

Started by Sydney-based photographer Mark Condon, the site always pairs work with gear, so that you can see what those drool-worthy lenses and camera bodies can actually do when placed in the right hands. Already, photographers like Jeff Cable, Sam Hurd and Richard Koci Hernandez have shared amazing photography alongside pictures of the gear they use.


And that, ultimately, is the point of ShotKit. Instead of visiting awesome, amazing, always worth visiting websites like PetaPixel (is my bias showing?) where you’ll have to parse through a good bit of other content to find an interview with your favorite photographer where they might talk about their gear… you can just do a quick search on ShotKit.

Hopefully, the site’s archives will eventually include a peek inside the gear bags of every pro you’ve ever wanted to talk gear with. Check out the site for yourself by clicking here.

(via SLR Lounge via Imaging Resource)

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    Ok, I really like this type of websites but we only need ONE.

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    Just more equipment worship/fetishism for the deeply disturbed.

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    Japan camera hunter , forever

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    Seriously. Bellamy at JCH has been on this thing for ages.

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    Pff, old! Japan Camera Hunter has been doing this for years and have more than 790 bags…

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    No one can top Japan Camera Hunter.

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    japan camera hunter is still my go to site. Why isnt he recognized?

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    JAPAN CAMERA HUNTER’s Bellamy has been archiving such bags for many many years. This is nothing new

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    Im gonna now have to look at JAPAN CAMERA HUNTERS website.

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    Nice of you to join us, Bellamy.

  • Japan Camera Banter

    “What’s your favourite f-stop?” is just as relevant to photography as the contents of someone’s bag… unless you like cameras instead of photographs.

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    Only since 2011 and it was his attempt to copy the king of them all, Tokyo Camera Style