Couple Sues Videographer for $50,000 Over ‘Ridiculous’ Sitcom-like Wedding Video

The video above was created for Brooklyn couple Monica Nikchemny and Felix Komrash when they got married back in September of 2012. It’s only a short preview video (a longer version is included bellow) but you can tell that wedding videography company Visualaz did a great job putting together a memorable wedding video.

So why, then, is the couple suing Visualaz for a whopping $50K?

Apparently, even the video below is only a “trailer.” The final video, which Nikchemny and Komrash only received recently, is so ‘ridiculous’ — the couple claims it is full of sitcom-like sound effects — that it supposedly sent the bride into hysterics.

“[The wedding video] sounded like I was watching an episode of ‘Seinfeld’ with the sound effects in the background,” said Nickchemny. “I was hysterical. I almost had a nervous breakdown.”

And that’s not all Nikchemny is accusing the production company of falling short on.

In court documents filed with the Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday Feburary 5th, Nickchemny accuses Visualaz — a company whose founder, Igor Boshoer, is credited with visual effects work done for the Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street” — of showing up to the wedding with only a fraction of the gear agreed upon, missing key moments in the ceremony such as the signing of the Jewish marriage contract and various toasts, and creating a video that upset the now-pregnant Nikchemny so badly it caused ‘medical complications.’

The suit also claims that Boshoer tried to have Komrash dress as a woman for a special ‘love story’ video the couple wanted, going so far as to threaten not to do it at all when the couple refused and suggested a “Coming to America” themed video instead.

And so, for all of these transgressions and more, the couple are suing Visualaz for $50K, which includes the contract fee plus tens of thousands in damages (the official number keeps changing, but a quote from the couple’s lawyer indicates that $50K is the correct number).


For his part Boshoer is refusing to comment on the matter. “We would love to tell our story, but not allowed to make any comments at this time,” he says. “The cinematography in their video should speak for itself. As soon as this is over I will update everyone.”

Several readers actually sent us this tip yesterday suggesting that we cover the story as a case of “unrealistic expectations,” given the quality of the other videos produced by Boshoer and his team. What do you think?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the full wedding video to show you, but given the accusations being leveled at Boshoer and his company, do you believe the couple is entitled to the tens of thousands they’re asking for? Or is this whole thing being blown out of proportion?

(via SLR Lounge)

  • Cameron

    Wedding videos are only fodder for blooper shows

  • Jetsetter23

    Anyone else notice she had two different dresses? How very MTV my super sweet sixteen party.
    I think its a case of warped expectations. This is easily a six figure wedding… there is nothing wrong with the production value of the video… its only sin is that it is cheesy like every other wedding video ever. But isnt that the point of a wedding video?

    Its is a great reminder to all wedding photographers to have your insurance and contracts in order, especially when dealing with high end big budget weddings.

  • Aisha Holley

    I thought this video was beautiful! I wish he took the video for my wedding.

  • Jennifer Sherrill

    That’s the point.. The bride must have expected more than any of the other videos present.. therefore she has unrealistic expectations.

  • Anne-Marie Larson Earl

    What a nightmare of a bride. That video was fantastic. How many toasts were given, anyway? You can tell how much of a pill she was based on her bridesmaids’ faces in a couple shots. Pure misery.

  • Anne-Marie Larson Earl

    This wedding looks to be well over $50k…

  • Ian Evans

    Read the article. The posted video is not the final one with the sound effects.

  • TammiMoore99999

    I was a wedding photographer for 26 years. I worked with many videographers. Many of them were fantastic and did a great job. But this is the BEST video I have ever seen. The couples I worked with would have KILLED for this. The only good news? With a Bride like this, they will need the $50,000 for the divorce attorney. Her poor henpecked hubby will get away from this shrew as soon as he can, I promise, I have seen it 100 times -the Groom/Husband already has cash on the side, a girlfriend and is planning is escape from Hell. He could give a CRAP about the video. He wants OUT. PS I sometimes had videographers that I did weddings with miss something and we took my still images and loaned them for them to put in the video to “save” the flow. Almost anything can be done to “fix” this. I think SHE smells CASH. LOL

  • Ian Evans

    Nice work on the comments, everyone! Great job. Stereotypes are so helpful!

    Also, this:
    “Apparently, even the video below is only a “trailer.” The final video,
    which Nikchemny and Komrash only received recently, is so ‘ridiculous’ —
    the couple claims it is full of sitcom-like sound effects — that it
    supposedly sent the bride into hysterics.”

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    “Who in their right mind would want to watch a wedding video longer than that”

    Maybe some one who couldn’t be there?


    This wedding VIDEOGRAPHER did an AMAZING job!!! I had smiles,chills, tears, and felt that I knew this couple. Why are they suing?

  • Morgan Glassco

    She is high maintenance and it’s all laid out at the opening by here friend/bridesmaid joking about her wardrobe, assuming 5 star restaurant etc. Good god, can’t imagine what the poor groom is thinking about all this.

  • Hubay József

    They will loose. I watched only the trailer, but there is nothing wrong with it, it’s nice, happy, and definietly trendy.

  • Nuno Ferreira

    If this is true, this couple just wants to earn easy money… I don’t see nothing wrong in the short version.

  • Rebecca

    You’re right, brides can be psycho, and who should know that better than anyone?? Just about anyone in the bridal business! I have a friend who is a bridal photographer, and his policy – Give the bride EXACTLY what she wants. If you don’t, you will surely pay for it later as this photographer is learning.

  • Daz

    so why post this and no the one they have problems with? or is this just BS story?

  • Ian Evans

    Probably because they don’t have access to the probably multi-hour version at the heart of the lawsuit?

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    They are suing because they want this beautiful work for free…welcome to New York and the Jewish world there.

  • Aloisi

    Wedding too expensive, must sue someone

    Only in America .. ?

  • Matt Wheeler

    I feel like there’s a recurring theme: let’s make a deposit, get the work, then lie and sue the crap out of our victim so we get our overpriced work for free (which isn’t actually overpriced at all).

  • Eden Wong

    Stereotypical psycho bridezilla. End of story. Yawn.

    Feel really sorry for the production company though. I hope the
    bride/groom get laughed out of court and have to eat the huge legal
    expenses from both sides.

  • Ian Evans

    Unless you’re a patent troll, lawsuits are not easy money.

  • Merm

    Whats not to like?? I love it!

  • Chrisf24

    The second I read Jewish… I just stopped… No offense

  • Matthew “fotomatt” Lit


  • Matthew “fotomatt” Lit

    Poor f@cker is married to her. :~/ Just think of it.

  • Dr. Jones

    When you’re that wound up about the wedding, you’re probably not too focused on the marriage. Just saying.

  • battlepriest


  • battlepriest

    This is stunningly good production, given the subject matter, and makes everyone look as good as it is possible to do. The people suing are nuts.

  • battlepriest

    When people behave in a stereotypical fashion, they are fair targets.

  • battlepriest

    I would cross the street to avoid this terrifying bride-thing. Yikes.

  • kersmackflat

    As a wedding vendor myself, I could identify the bride as crazy just by seeing that dress. There are only certain types of brides that choose dresses like that and “On-Edge Bride” is one of them.

  • I am Jewish

    Applying such a horridly gross stereotype to a group of people followed by “no offense” in terrible. Please keep that to yourself.

  • Meh

    I really don’t understand what is wrong with this video.
    oh!!! the couple’s attitude.

  • Marco Rabadan

    she probably planned this. thought she was going to get a decent video and that her claim might work. ended up getting a masterpiece and now she sounds ridiculous…..on another note…that is the best damn looking Seinfeld episode I’ve seen.

  • Anonymous

    muh shekels

  • pete n pete

    Ducking is everyone’s friend.

  • SeoulFood

    And the winner of the internet today goes to…(drum roll)…Sweatin’ Billy Bellamy!

  • Travis Bickle

    These people just don’t want to pay for anything…. this is an excellently shot video with stunning visuals and sound quality.. personally I would have kept the music to an optional audio track on the DVD to avoid such problems as this and leave it up to the viewer to decide whether or not to watch the film with or without music… That’s what I did when I filmed my friend’s wedding… other than that I get the feeling these people would never have been happy with any version of the video and not only do they want their money back but they’re being unreasonably opportunistic in filing a law suit . . . such as shame . . . but hey, they will make tons of money from all the publicity they’ll recieve from their friends who run the media and television networks and magazines and basically every form of media related communication that exists… including this website probably.. sigh for humanity

  • Rob Elliott

    … you don’t see nothing wrong… or you don’t see anything wrong… ?

    I’m not totally sure if the double negative is intentional or just bad grammar.

  • Wilfredo Garrido

    Looks good enough for me, even spectacular, but then again, I’m not the bride.

  • Nuno Ferreira

    I apologize for the mistake. But I must say that probably I know more English (which is not my native language) than what you know about Portuguese. ;)

  • Rebecca Henasey

    He’s an artist, it’s his interpretation of the day. His work is great. ridiculous! i think video is tough and will never compare the the memories of the day. But this is pretty darn good if you ask me. (agree with sound, but that can be fixed, right?)

  • Alessandro Aimonetto

    Yes, I was thinking the same…really

  • Ilkka

    With a dress and party like that she is obviously high (very high) maintenance. Very hard or impossible to please. Probably overspent on the wedding and now tries to pay off the remaining debt by suing the video company. If she and the families were as rich as they show-off to be, they would not bother to sue for a paltry 50k.
    I don’t see anything wrong in the short video, technically speaking. Looks like a well made, high class production.

  • uaio

    Sick, sick, sick! b….

  • Kevin Vallieres

    wow.. what a spoiled brat! the video is great!

  • BlackTout

    there are so many jewish stereotypes in this scenario that i don’t know what witty one-liner to post. nice video production, though.

  • Karen Coussons

    The fact this girl has not one but 2 wedding dresses which probably cost a fortune tells me she is a spoiled brat and would wine t anything that wasn’t 100% perfect in her eyes ….+

  • Mauricio

    Both videos are amazing. Very well shot and edited.
    The couple suing is crazy. Who knows what they were expecting or how much they paid for the videos but I can tell you this wasn’t edited in a couple of days.
    The choice of equipment for the shoot was obviously good to capture such good video in the environment it was shot. The camera work was good too. Its not the amount of equipment or how expensive it is, it is ultimately how well its used.
    And if there are funny moments in they video, it just shows the friends and family had a great time in their wedding.
    I feel sorry for the husband who has to live with such a sad wife.