Comedian’s One Second Per Day Video of the Year He Became an SNL Cast Member

We’ve shared some pretty good one second of video per day for a year videos in the past — there was even an app developed for this purpose at some point — but comedian Brooks Wheelan‘s video is unique… simply because he had one HECK of a year.

Wheelan began the year as a stand up comedian with an engineering job, and ended it as a cast member for Saturday Night Live.

He calls it “a very fortunate year,” but the most important thing he learned by documenting his life in one second of video per day was that: “if you only film one second out of your day and put it to music, it looks like your day was much cooler than it actually was.” Noted.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • dickface

    All cool… but these new kids on SNL are not that funny.. and whats up with all these SNL cast all over t.v!!?? yup.. tv sucks bad

  • SeoulFood

    Saying kids aren’t funny just means that you’re getting old.

  • Geniusunleashed

    Oh snap! Yeah, I’m almost 40 and just said “oh snap”.

  • Jake Brown

    I think the most surprising thing here is that an Engineer became a successful comedian.

  • E

    Rowan Atkinson has a masters degree in electrical engineering just so you know.