external Op-Ed: Everything You’ve Read About Problems for Photographers at Sochi is True —Jeff Cable

You know all those articles that talk about the problems in Sochi? Well, guess what, they are all true…

Remember, these are brand new buildings! The floors are so filthy that I don’t think they were ever vacuumed after the construction was done. There is almost no furniture in the room, and what is there is almost unusable. There are small TVs in the rooms, but they do not work. There are no phones in the rooms and worse yet, there is NO Internet at all. No hard wired and no wireless. I am writing this blog from a downstairs common room in a different building (with 15 other pissed off media), and I swear the Internet is running at dial-up speeds.

How is it that a country that spends almost $50 billion on the Olympics can end up with accommodations like this? Seriously, it is embarrassing. And if I told you how much I paid for this “hotel room” you would choke.

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    A photo [or two] is worth a thousand words?