external “An Open Letter to Canon from a (Soon-to-be Former) Customer” —SLR Lounge

Dear Canon,

You have been a market leader for decades and the choice for many professionals and amateurs alike. Over the years you were at the forefront of innovation in the photographic industry: The AE-1 was the first camera featuring a micro computer, the EOS RT was the first with a fixed semi transparent mirror and the EOS 5, the first SLR with eye controlled AF…

Let’s talk about your cameras a bit more. Although you offer new bodies on a regular basis, the changes and upgrades are minor while the increase in price is often significant. To me, it seems you are just doing enough to keep the cash coming in, but don’t really care about the wishes and needs of us, your customers.

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  • t-dawg

    There’s a simple solution to this so called ‘issue’ or concern, stop upgrading your hardware so much and you’ll not be obsessed with the latest and greatest.

  • 3ric15

    Still shooting with an XS, could care less about the recent bodies. IMO, it’s more about the glass than the body, unless you really need the >8 FPS.

  • OSAM

    Agreed: I have a D300s and the only reason I’ve considered buying new was to swap my entire system for a Fuji XPro setup, and only because of the size. I would be giving up a lot with it, and can’t justify it financially, so im happy to stay with it. I dont understand people who think they need to continuously update.

  • Dan Tauro

    Could not agree more. 10D (used) to 40D (also used). 40D is still going strong. 70D looks nice but as you say too expensive. maybe when the 80D comes out?

  • CanonFan(Not)

    Dynamic range and resolution are two valid complaints. Plus the solution is already there – outsource sensor production to Sony. There’s nothing superior in their own sensors, except maybe for the colour, but that resulted from the algorithm of their jpeg engine.

    For those who think innovation = new buy, you are wrong. Innovation means choice, you can choose to have the newest tech if you want to. Upgrade is not compulsory, but it’s good to have one.

  • Gary

    I am at a loss as to why PetaPixel would even re-publish this drivel. The guy’s a whiner, complaining about non-existent problems. It’s the shooter, not the gear…..grow up.