Adobe Further Beats Dead Horse, Extends Photography Program for Everyone Again


Don’t lie, you saw this one coming. Adobe has already beaten the proverbial horse bloody when it comes to their Photoshop Photography Program being extended again and again and again… and again.

And yet, here they are doing it again, this time once more allowing anybody in the US (regardless of whether or not you own a previous license or not) to get the special bundle for only $10/month on an annual basis.

The deadline this time is March 31st, and if you sign up for the photography bundle before that you’ll get Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, a Behance ProSite, 20GB of online storage, access to Creative Cloud Learn’s training resources and all future upgrades and updates — all for $10 per month as long as you sign up for a year in advance.

And, fortunately for those of you who don’t own a previous Photoshop CS3 or newer license, the bundle is yet again being extended to everyone in the US. To learn more or subscribe for yourself, head over to the Program webpage here.

  • Peter Neill

    “Beats dead horse”. Sorry I fail to see how getting something like this at good value is a dead horse. I’m no Adobe lover, they have had crazy high prices for years and are only now becoming more affordable. Petapixel, you confuse me sometimes..,

  • John S.

    Everyone? Not even close. This is for U.S. residents only.

  • Lee K

    Yeah, I don’t “Beats dead horse” is the best metaphor in this situation.

  • Mike

    And Germany. I guess other countries will follow as it was in the past.

  • Mike

    This is a special, limited time only offer. If this would be the regular Photography program deal (and Adobe would guarantee price stability for more than one year), I would take it.

  • Bernard

    Why the hell only US? So bloody bummed!

  • SiriusPhotog

    They use the metaphor “beats a dead horse” because Adobe has made this special “for a limited time only” offer about three or four times now. I think they are feeling the pain of switching to this rental model and hurting for subscribers. If they were flush they wouldn’t keep making this “limited time only” offer.

  • rm

    Absolutely, and they never did answer the question “what do you do with all those psd files if you stop your subscription?”.

  • BDWT

    I hate seeing that written in fine print almost as much as I hate seeing “Shipping in USA only”.

  • m.h.

    and 12,30€ in europe. fcuk yeah

  • battlepriest

    It’s NOT “$10/month”. It’s $120/year. You can’t get the $10 price on a month-to-month basis, so saying it’s $10/month is simply playing along with their marketing.

  • Liniers

    Unbelievable!! In Spain, the exactly same offer costs 12,29 €. That means US $16,61 at today’s exchange… Well done adobe…

  • Sam_Mallery

    I get the feeling that the promotion is going well, which is why Adobe keeps extending it.

  • battlepriest

    I get the opposite feeling. Why would they extend a loss leader if their business was going well?

  • Michael Kokott

    Thats because – well – 9,99 USD roughly converts to 12,29 EUR as we all know!

  • Alex

    I only want the deal if they promise to compromise the security of my data and then send me an arrogant letter without the slightest hint of an apology.

  • battlepriest


  • Michael Kokott

    Well – that is business as always for adobe – when it came to upgrades on the boxed version i very often saw 499 USD vs 749 EUR. I tried to simply buy the download in the us but failed due to missing US Creditcard AND local adress. This always bugged me like hell – i would understand that you need to pay more if you opt to buy a non english version (translation cost etc) – but i even tried to buy the english over german version to no better result. And than there is no way how 499 would go into 750 even considering VAT…

  • Banan Tarr

    Despite the new model and the shoddy tactics they are still the best game in town. When is someone else going to step up with a better product? Because I don’t see it out there… yet. Here’s to hoping it happens soon.

  • thomas

    just got the answer to that question, you will be able to view them but cannot make any changes to them

  • thomas

    the chat log

  • Ron Phillips

    You are 100% correct! I had previous versions of Photoshop and hesitated to join in on the $10/month until they included Lightroom. I think $10 is a deal, really. I’m only an amateur photographer; hobby only….at least for now. I’ve seen this “offer” extended month after month and highly suspect that Adobe’s “switch” has not been as successful as they may have expected it to be. Stay tuned…..who knows what else Adobe may wind up doing….or not doing.

  • Vladimir Ladev

    I greet their new politics so far (we shall see when a year passes and prices change) but this is awesome, rather than Pirate all the soft, have problems, wait for it and fear legal issues, you can actually start a business more easely. Besides that I was going to use a smugmug platform site for portfolio display that is 60$ +/- a year, and I get that with Bechance and some backup space for free :) That did it for me.

  • rm

    You don’t like that adjustment layer, you want to change it, and your subscription ran out? I’m sorry to hear that but rules is rules and that edit will cost you 120.00 dollars sir. But hey you get another year of Photoshop. Woo Hoo.

  • Rob Elliott

    If you cancel your sub… chances are you did it because you stopped using photoshop so that shouldn’t be an issue.

    You also have the option of paying $30 for a single month no contract (which expensive obviously but the option is there)

    You can also convert the files to TIFF files to be used in other places.

  • Rob Elliott

    This is a little bit of out of box thinking.

    Could the extending the program be more about convincing people that the price is actually going to stay put for a little while?

    They won’t change the price (I’m assuming) for at least 12 months after they stop offering this…

    they may also be trying to see if they can get enough sub to make it permanent.

    This is a significant savings over the old model and the price is fairly reasonable.

    Yes you don’t get to keep using it if you cancel and you have to commit to a full year… … ok and? so what… if I’m going to upgrade regularly it’s cheaper long run if you don’t already have Photoshop.

    And if you use Elements and Lightroom already upgrading every year you are spending more.. and you get less.

    I know anyone that hates this won’t change their mind under any condition, but for me this has been great.

  • JoAn Matoast

    I hate it and friends who have it do too. I loved my PS2 , but they won’t let me put it onto this computer as it is “no longer available”. I paid over $900 for it when I bought it. Why can I no longer use it??

  • tttulio

    C’mon, Bite the bait. So that we can hike the prices later.

  • 7LeagueBoots

    Most folks who use Photoshop do so for years. Yes, the one-time costs were enormously high, but by going to a rental model for use they raise the cost for long-term use enormously while limiting the use of the product by the consumer.

    This the apparent low cost is simply simply a money-making scheme by Adobe to lure more users in and garner higher profits. This is in no way “more affordable” for serious users.

    I’d assume that the “dead horse” aspect is them desperately trying to bait more people into their little scheme.

  • mahmood

    well, if enough people adopt the product at that price level in a way that the customer base increases significantly, i am sure adobe is smart enough to figure out that is the way to go…

  • mahmood

    What do you mean? I am in Canada and I have signed up for it, and I am already in the second month. I signed up when I was in Italy!

  • mahmood

    Well, that’s called software as a service (SAS), my friend (if you haven’t heard about it yet)!

  • Pyroja

    I got on this deal back in December and I pay monthly o.o

  • mahmood

    If they could make some promise on the pricing for those who opt in these promotional offers, they wouldn’t have to beat the dead horse. I have got this subscription and I find it of excellent value. But if they don’t make me the same or a similar offer at the end of my subscription, I will opt out with no regret.

    Btw, I think they should combine it with Revel and offer it at 15 bucks forever. That price point will make Adobe tools a must for all photographer, but also accessible for everyone. Nobody will even think of buying the software anymore… But Adobe is just too attached to this pre-app-store culture of “customer doesn’t have a choice, will end up coming to us”, and seems complacent to change it.

  • thotful

    A joke, right Michael – 10US is 7,29 Eu ???

  • haha

    Are you sure it’s a loss leader? I don’t think that happens too much with software like this. They need volume to make money. Having 10k subscribers barely costs them more than having 1k subscribers, but it makes them a lot more money. They are not losing money each time they sell a subscription.

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    Congrats on being a passive-aggressive knob that couldn’t even be bothered reading the very short webpage which answers all your questions (which I suspect you knew the answers to anyway, you just wanted to score +internets by hassling some tech support kid).

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    How is it a loss leader if their variable costs are a tiny proportion of their expenses?

  • YS

    They already have, more than once. They said that this is not a introductory price offer, and that this is the standard price for the photography program. What they did not guarantee is that the price will remain the same FOREVER. So, price increase in 2 years? :P

  • YS

    At US$10 a month, this is cheaper than the previous strategy of upgrading every other version. The only worry is how long Adobe will maintain this price.

  • LeShann

    Personally they just need to guarantee that the price will hold (or reduce if further reductions come along) as long as I renew my contract, and I’m in for the next 10 years.

  • Mark Dub

    ^^ This is exactly why I haven’t signed up.

  • Rob S

    Google kept GMail in “beta” for 4 years. When Adobe goes into year two of its “limited” offer then the horse is dead.

  • Rob S

    Photoshop used to get upgraded every two years and for the most part people could skip a generation without issue. Starting in 2010 updates became yearly and added some pretty significant features. The pure power available to the developers these days is amazing. Moores law is holding true but when you combine the CPU and GPU increases and you are doubling the doubling.

    So now you pay $120 a year for both PS and LR – thats $60 a product. Light room was averaging me $120 every two years so that is a push. PS used to cost about $600. So for the price of ONE copy of PS I stay current for 10 years. That is a HUGE difference. Plus I now have a very set, very predictable expense – $10 a month – instead of needing to budget a major purchase around an unpredictable schedule.

  • Rob S

    Because businesses like steady, predictable revenue streams. It lets them make long term decisions instead of next quarter decisions. Adobe has been living the boom to bust cycle for decades. Each new release results in a surge of revenue and then there is the enviable taper over the next 12-24 months. As a new release date nears sales dry up to next to nothing until the day Adobe announces the cut off for a free upgrade for purchasing the last version. Another surge. The problem is programers need to be paid every month. Taxes are due every month. Rent is due every month. Utilities are due every month. You can’t tell your staff “hey we will pay you as soon as the pre release sales come in.” Now Adobe has an opportunity to even out the boom bust into a steady X dollars a month. Even if their margins drop it will be easier to run their business.

  • Captain

    Gentlmen, I have one word for this:


  • Captain

    (Sorry, *Ladies and Gentlemen)

  • Graf Almassy

    You can edit your files with CS6 (or older), excluding the features that doesn’t have the older software (such as Perspective Warp). I tried it and works well.

  • Rob S

    Right because you price things according to the exchange rate at that exact moment and not based not he fact that you will have to take that euro transaction, pay EU taxes, convert it to dollars (at a fee) pay US foreign income taxes and then move the money to the US (at a fee).

    Any US company doing business in the EU incurs significant expense to meet EU regulations, pay EU taxes and convert Euro income into US dollars. That is reflected in the price.

  • stefan

    Im in the UK and signed up as well