Creepy Photo Stealer Cropped Nude Shots, Passed Them Off as Senior Portraits


In what has to be the creepiest, most sickening copyright theft story we’ve had the displeasure of running across, a recent photo thief exposed yesterday by the well-known website Photo Stealers was actually cropping nude shots of young women and passing them off as Senior Portraits in his ‘portfolio.’

The person in question is William Rogers of William Rogers Photography and Challenging Photography, and truth be told, this is only a small slice of the theft cake, but it’s an appalling slice that sticks with you.


Photo Stealers put it better than we ever could, so here’s a short excerpt from the blog that explains the situation and why they (and also we) decided to go ahead and share this:

This guy has a portrait gallery that has a few images that appear to be his own works under “Morrow Studios” intermixed with some beautiful girls in what appears to be a senior photography type session. The original images from these sessions are actually nude images of models. Some of these images he cropped out the racier bits so they appeared to be wholesome portraits of your average beautiful girl.

I’ll let that sink in and creep you out like it did me.

I thought about not even going on with this one because I am horrified, sick and kind of creeped out. I don’t want to send people to the original sessions because they are marketed as the “teen” genre. But then I thought about someone hiring this guy to take pictures of their teenaged daughter and I decided to go ahead with it.


As we said at the top, the full portfolio contains a lot more photo theft than this. Stolen wedding photos, landscapes and portraits all make an appearance on the site. But the worst of it is summed up by the description under one photo (above) — a photo from a very racy image gallery — which is offering advice for the best places to take family photos… we’re at a loss for words.

To see the extend of the copyright theft along with links to original sources (WARNING: Many are NSFW), head over to Photo Stealers by clicking here. Fortunately, it seems both the website and Facebook page have been taken down since the story went live.

(via Reddit)

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  • Andy

    What kills me is that it’s always the same thing that undoes the fantasists who think that buying a contemporary DSLR is all they need to be a photographer.

    Basically any lenses you buy in 2014 will be good enough. Sixteen or 24 MP are good enough. What trips people is lighting. Lighting takes years to master and you can’t buy that in a box.

    So, they take short cuts and end up doing dumbass things like this.

  • James

    He stole photos. Okay. That they were nudes is irrevelevant. I don’t get the shock and horror about the fact that they were cropped from nudes..big deal!

  • Chris Malmberg

    The “Facebook page has been taken down,” only to reappear under a new, equally generic and cheesy name 2 weeks from now.

  • OtterMatt

    The point is that he’s trying to gain business taking pictures of teens by using pornography and passing it off as graduation shots. That’s pretty damn despicable, no matter how you look at it.

  • Carl Meyer

    Look! No supermodels and no Photoshop.

  • Sid Ceaser

    Whole new level of weird, bizarre and creepy all rolled into one.

    He’s gonna get extra points when people find out he’s stealing from “adult” images.

  • Michael


  • superchou

    I have to agree with you on this one. I read the article and just cannot figure out why the nudity piece is the part that overshadows the stolen image issue. Stealing images is the issue here – not the nudity. maybe I am not so hung up on nudity – but I just don’t see why the majority of the outrage is pointed at that.

  • superchou

    so if they were bathing suit ads then it would be bad but not as bad? who cares where he stole the images from – he stole the images. period.that is the issue.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    I agree. And perhaps, he stole nude pictures for the simple reason that he thought those were the last pictures anyone would look for and claim copyright infringement.

  • Burnin Biomass

    ” I don’t want to send people to the original sessions because they are marketed as the “teen” genre.”

    For me, this is the creepy part. That the photographer would be looking thru those images to begin with.

  • Brian Todd

    I am so glad you guys exist and do what you do. I hope more people find you and help catch people

  • Brian Todd

    I don’t think it takes away from the underlying fact of photo stealing, but for the author and many others, merging the thought of nude photos, and often underage senior high school girls is bothersome…perhaps they are parents of girls.

  • superchou

    If the guy was looking to take photos of school girls nude then I would understand the outrage.

    Btw, I am the parent of a girl.

  • Brian Todd

    To each their own. I am not a parent, but can understand not wanting to merge conflicting images in your head. Either way, stealing is stealing, and I am glad they posted this guy.

  • Renato Murakami

    Whelp, it’s fine that the guy is eager to reveal his preferences for pornography and websites, but you shouldn’t steal photos, be it from porn websites or not. I’m shure this will attract more attention to the fine job Photo Stealers is doing, but hopefully more focus on the STEALING PHOTOS side than the teen porn thing.

  • AlvaroBenavides

    sauce of the nude

  • Ray Liu

    I don’t get this. Why can’t they make the effort to become pro and come up with their own portfolio? Sure it’s not easy but it isn’t impossible. It’s just a matter of devoting your time and passion into the practice!

  • Lando

    Exactly. No one was going to see his portfolio, and think, ‘I feel like I saw this on someone’s blog…I should look into this, maybe do a reverse google image search.’
    Not a lot of people are going to both be thinking about planning a senior picture session for their daughter and also be trolling ‘barely legal’ pictures…one would hope
    As unethical as this guy is, he was pretty careful to limit the probability of getting caught.

  • Damond

    Did you read the article or do you have a taste for young teenage girls?

  • Carl Meyer

    The irony is big on this one since probably the stealer was caught by someone that recognized those faces from free porn sites that survive stealing content from other sites.

  • Kynikos

    More good work from Photo Stealers– please keep it up.

  • Woogy Lewis

    Thank you Superchou – apparently the irrelevant source of the pictures is what makes his actions sensational, per people who don’t have a life. If the assertion is that people who pose for senior portraits don’t take nude pictures, then the assertion is dead wrong.

  • Woogy Lewis

    Apparently the irrelevant source of the pictures is what makes his actions sensational, per people who don’t have a life. If the assertion is that people who pose for senior portraits don’t take nude pictures, then the assertion is dead wrong.

  • rexel99

    The link is working again.
    Seems like he started using stock photography purchases perhaps even, lots of commonly repeated images used and then started to look for others for his senior portraits. So he has good cropping skills but nothing about his web site or portfolio gives him any credit for being able to take good shots or do a good job.

  • Photo Stealers

    Google images does the leg work when I’m sourcing images.

  • Photo Stealers

    Then why steal wedding images for locations in his own backyard if that’s his method of thinking? If it wasn’t for that, the theory would make sense.

  • Lando

    Yeah, I commented before I read the whole original article; not sure why he’d think no one would recognize those.

  • Kiltedbear

    I’m confused. So this is the “sickest” because he used nudes?! Aren’t we supposed to approach nude photography as art? What is sick here? Do you think you can use any more hyperbole in that statement at all, Petapixel?

  • peoplesbedumb

    Maybe because there are not any porn wedding sites…? I think he used those “teen” images cause this is what he looks at and what he thinks is good and also possibly because they might be harder to track…
    What ever his motivate he takes scumbag to a new level imo.

  • George Koroneos

    Looks like I found a new favorite nubile porn site.

  • OUpory1960

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  • OtterMatt

    As long as we’re throwing around sensationalist claims, foundless “truths”, and ad hominem attacks, should I assert that your indifference of the photos’ actual content makes you a closet pedophile? How about we not argue like children instead, yeah?

    Yes, the fact that he stole photos is the primary concern, especially from a professional standpoint. But I can tell you point blank that I’d be beyond disgusted of the thought of taking one of my kids to a photographer who advertised with pornographic materials. ESPECIALLY if he’s marketing specifically to get the business OF teenage clients specifically WITH the pornographic materials, WHICH HE IS/WAS/

    It’s utterly indefensible, and your insistence on diminishing the depravity of the issue gives you no points. You absolutely can not argue your point from a moralistic platform, so please don’t try.

  • FFPUrbex

    The whole purpose of snapchat.

  • FFPUrbex

    This is the internet there is everything.

  • FFPUrbex

    so? that matters how or why?

  • Andres Trujillo

    I don’t think the problem is with the nudes, but with the use of (“racy”? “porn-ish”? IDK) cropped nudes to advertise and hunt for “biz” (to quote Jay Warshavsky) relating to senior portraiture. I don’t know if the guy is a creep, but I do know that, if I had a daughter, I would like to know that little detail before booking a photographer for her.

  • Jon Peckham

    Why didn’t he just learn the art of portraiture and do his photos? How lazy and irresponsible can you get?

  • Skye

    Imposter = BadStealing = Bad
    Paedophilia (or Porn addiction) = Worst

    When you mix all 3; you get a Paedophile stealing other people’s photo to pretend to be a professional photographer, gaining your confidence, trust to take photos of yourself, your children or any member of your family.

    The act of stealing is bad enough, but the revelation of this person of potentially being a paedophile is what really creeped people out. It’s like finding out your local priest being a child molester.

  • superchou

    Are you really serious? I cannot imagine anyone would draw a paedo conclusion like that. Do you understand that paedos are not about the sex but about control? This is about some guy who made a bad decision and pulled some photos and said they were his portfolio to try to build a business. Dishonest? Yes. Unethical? Absolutely. Evidence that he is a kid toucher… Um no.

    If you don’t think guys check out porn then you are naive at best.

  • Woogy Lewis

    Well Otter, if being honest about the participation of 18 and 19 year olds in nude photography makes me a pedophile, then I suppose the entire world of people who aren’t in denial are pedophiles too. Based on that insanity, let’s lock up everyone who has participated in a nude shoot involving anyone 18 or 19, whether it be art or porn, because according to you, that makes them pedophiles, along with anyone who has viewed that work. Maybe we should have all photographers who do both child photography and nude photography registered as sex offenders, since anyone who does both must be a depraved sicko, right? You are a sterling example of why it should NOT matter that the original photos were nudes, which was Superchou ‘s point, who, by the way, has a daughter.

  • Woogy Lewis

    Good point Superchou – all of these outraged people act as if they never viewed porn, or if they did, knew that none of the models were 18 or 19. How stealing head shots labels someone as a sex offender escapes me, and is more than quite a stretch.

  • Tim Vechik

    Actually, my lighting usually comes in boxes. Sorry, I’m in one of those moods, but I would have to completely agree. I would also add the ability to interact with your subject well to put them at ease and pull out of them what is necessary to create a great image, knowledge of angles, and skills in choosing the right settings for the right times.


    is her a nudist, she looks so young

  • Chris Pickrell

    I don’t know about years. I think some people just don’t bother learning what creativity and artistry is, and just take crap because time is more important than quality.

  • Chris Pickrell

    The guy used 18-19 (allegedly, Traci Lords is a great example) photos, yes. But most seniors are 17-18. And some states actually have laws that if you’re 18 but still in high school, you’re still considered a minor.

    The theft is the biggest deal. But the fact that he cropped nude shots is pretty out there. Like, really kind of out there. Why did he have so many? Why were they his first thought?

    Why did he think head shots that looked like they were just wearing tube tops, in most of them, seem ok?

    No one is ignoring the theft. It’s just where he stole them from is a WTF moment.

  • Woogy Lewis

    Chris, 18 is 18, and some states might have laws saying that isn’t legal, and those same states will be embarassed in court by the ACLU, meaning that enforcing those laws (like Otter’s background check of photographers who do child photos AND nude photos) is impossible. While we are still fascinated and overwhelmed by the fact that the stolen pictures were porn stock, we should put on our thinking caps and consider that his use of porn stock was less likely to be caught and prosecuted as plagarism (again, no prosecution for anyone taking nude images of 18 year olds, ever), making those pictures an ideal candidate for theft. That’s why he had “so many”, and that’s why they were his first thought. Why was your first thought that they were wearing tube tops? Couldn’t they have been wearing evening gowns, or lingerie or bikinis, like a JC Penny ad? See, an individual’s perception is not representative of everyone’s perception.

  • Beaugrand_RTMC

    I’m going out on a limb here and assuming he used cropped porn images thinking that his wholesome clients would never see the originals. Or would never admit if they did.

  • Mack Manhole

    Is there a way to search out people when you find a picture that you know has been poorly cropped? I found a website with a bunch of these.

  • Timothy Joseph Michael

    I totally just used TinEye to find the original nude and then dragged it to Google images. I now have 1 more high res nudie of a random 18-twentysomething hottie. THANK YOU TIN EYE AND GOOGLE IMAGES!