Creepy Photo Stealer Cropped Nude Shots, Passed Them Off as Senior Portraits


In what has to be the creepiest, most sickening copyright theft story we’ve had the displeasure of running across, a recent photo thief exposed yesterday by the well-known website Photo Stealers was actually cropping nude shots of young women and passing them off as Senior Portraits in his ‘portfolio.’

The person in question is William Rogers of William Rogers Photography and Challenging Photography, and truth be told, this is only a small slice of the theft cake, but it’s an appalling slice that sticks with you.


Photo Stealers put it better than we ever could, so here’s a short excerpt from the blog that explains the situation and why they (and also we) decided to go ahead and share this:

This guy has a portrait gallery that has a few images that appear to be his own works under “Morrow Studios” intermixed with some beautiful girls in what appears to be a senior photography type session. The original images from these sessions are actually nude images of models. Some of these images he cropped out the racier bits so they appeared to be wholesome portraits of your average beautiful girl.

I’ll let that sink in and creep you out like it did me.

I thought about not even going on with this one because I am horrified, sick and kind of creeped out. I don’t want to send people to the original sessions because they are marketed as the “teen” genre. But then I thought about someone hiring this guy to take pictures of their teenaged daughter and I decided to go ahead with it.


As we said at the top, the full portfolio contains a lot more photo theft than this. Stolen wedding photos, landscapes and portraits all make an appearance on the site. But the worst of it is summed up by the description under one photo (above) — a photo from a very racy image gallery — which is offering advice for the best places to take family photos… we’re at a loss for words.

To see the extend of the copyright theft along with links to original sources (WARNING: Many are NSFW), head over to Photo Stealers by clicking here. Fortunately, it seems both the website and Facebook page have been taken down since the story went live.

(via Reddit)

  • Bill Binns

    Ok so another fake photographer has stolen some images for his porfolio. Guy is a douchebag like all the others but why the moral outrage? The people getting their copyright violated are pornographers and are likely even sleazier than the photographer himself. He stole nude photos and then removed the nudy parts. Nobody is being shown nude against their will. “a photo from a very racy image gallery — which is offering advice for the best places to take family photos” So? I doubt there was a link there to the porn gallery right? This is a bunch of pearl clutching and “Won’t somebody think of the children??!!”

    Not sure who we are supposed to feel bad for here other than this “photographers” clients.

  • Dan Clarke

    This. I am fine with photography, but actually talking to people and organising I fall down on. I can do normal single portraits, but ask me to do a family group and I start shivering..