Bonus Leak: Several Real Life X-T1 Images and More Specs Find Their Way Online


We don’t like sharing two stories about the same camera in one day, but the Fuji teaser we told you about this morning was followed in short order by a massive photo leak and more spec information that we figured you would appreciate seeing/hearing about.

This info once again comes to us courtesy of the good people at Fuji Rumors, only this time it’s not an official teaser but an honest to goodness leak courtesy of one of the site’s sources.

Here are the photos, showing what appears to be the rumored X-T1 IRL:





As far as fresh spec information, the source told FR that the camera will have a tilting screen, max ISO of 51,200, magnesium body, a 2.36M-dot OLED EVF with 0.77x magnification and 0.005s lag (world’s best according to Fuji Rumors), 0.08s AF speed (also world’s fastest according to FR) and built-in WiFi.

(via Fuji Rumors)

  • gochugogi

    And they wear that FujiFilm badge with pride! It looks a lot like my old Fujica 801. Fujica might be a better name for a digital camera than FujiFilm.

  • Richard

    Looks a bit Sony A7ish but hey, it’s great. I can’t wait to see what it actually is but it looks like a winner to me.

  • John

    That exposure compensation dial looks a bit too big for my liking. Especially since the shutter button isn’t threaded for accessories like a soft release.

  • Carl Meyer

    Cost savings and aesthetics, three dials of the same size gives consistency to the design.

  • Azety

    OMG the 24 1.4 ! a real 35 1.4 ( to 24×36 ). i already have 35 1.4 Sigma on my D700 but this combo make me hesitate. Fuji is doing a great job

  • superduckz

    I guess once the DF started the ball rolling dials will be everywhere now… These seem better mapped out. :/

  • John

    Hierarchy of use is as important as consistency of design.

    On every previous model with 2 dials, the exposure compensation dial was quite a bit smaller, as it’s used far less than the shutter speed dial.
    Now with 3 all the same size it’s starting to look cluttered.

  • Kory Westerhold

    Get in mah belly.

  • fsjal

    I’m super excited! Last months were awesome in terms of new cameras! Pentax K-3, Sony A7/R, now this… Yay! And, oh, how could I forget: Nikon Df and white Rabal!

  • junyo

    You mean the physical controls that Fuji’s been using on all the cameras in the X series? That replicate the basic control layout of film cameras? That ball?

  • MJ Coffey

    Wow! This is probably the most complete looking Fuji so far. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Beaugrand_RTMC

    I may need to get one. On the other hand, in a heartbeat I would buy a dSLR styled like my beloved Canon A1, assuming it would have similar specs to this or the Df.

  • kassim

    The reborn of the compact DSLRs. Ironically, with no mirror.

  • Guest

    Shut up and take my money.

  • Joel Brand

    I wish Canon would come out with retro controls DSLR like this

  • ramanauskas

    Oh, my. AF-L _and_ AE-L buttons along with all those dials. Now, will Olympus or Panasonic kindly copy this layout?

    I’d totally buy the Fuji if it they made a long telephoto. Maybe they could license the old Minolta auto-focus mirror lens design.

  • Woody ONeal

    Hear that sound?

    It’s Canon and Nikon getting lapped.


  • DaBrain

    The DF fumbled the ball they stole from Fuji who promptly picked it back up and ran it in for a touchdown with the XT1.

  • highfructosecorn

    how long do you need? they have a few on their roadmap for 2014 (all zooms though), and they’ve been reasonable about being on schedule with releases.

  • Rowe Lee

    And it’s gonna cost a fortune…

  • Joven

    Which looks like the O-MD. Camera companies can only do so much much while trying to look retro.

  • Olivio28

    theres a dedicated video recording button on top and a focus assist button!!! You know what that means!!?? Probably a much better video recording system with manual exposure of video etc. I have been waiting for this for ages

  • Olivio28

    no actually it will be priced between fuji xpro 1 and Xe-2, l think already $1,000usd!!

  • Rob

    How did Nikon steal dials from Fuji? Nikon used physical dials like that on film cameras long before Fuji was even a camera company.

  • Rob

    You mean the same dials Nikon used on film cameras before Fuji even existed as a company?

  • Nathan Blaney

    Seems like a great camera, but I really wish they’d kept the more rangefinder-like design. Less bumps and bulk is half the point for me. But who knows what’ll come out next?! I’m happy with my X-Pro and X-E1 so its all about the new lenses right now, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Opie

    Nikon ditched all those physical dials years ago in favor of the “modern, button-based” interface layout, and their brand-apologists have been congratulating them for it ever since.

    Now they pull an about face as soon as Fuji resurrects the concept, and you’re just as happy to give them credit for that, too?

    Inventing something and being responsible for its popularity are two entirely different things. Fuji did the latter, not the former. Nikon did neither.

  • darylcheshire

    A DSLR based on the F1?

  • ramanauskas

    Minimum of 400mm on an APS-C system like Fuji. Maybe the “super telephoto zoom” on the roadmap for 2015 will do.

    I think Fuji’s camera designs are brilliant, and I hope they’re a big success. Thing is, I can’t buy into a new system if I still have to keep another system just for birding. Oh, well, first-world problem.

  • Dover

    This must sound dumb, but I thought Fuji had a Nikon mount? If that is true, are you saying Nikon doesn’t have a telephoto that would suit your needs?

  • Dover

    How original.

  • Dover

    WHO REALLY CARES? Dials or buttons, both work equally efficiently. If you want a retro look just for style, you are in photography for the wrong reasons.

  • cunguez

    Fuji has a proprietary mount (X mount). So he’d need an adapter, and he would lose AF. Cheers

  • Cinekpol

    It looks more like a cameras from ’80s. I can hardly see any resemblance to the OM-D – it got completly different evf-hausing shape, different setup of dials, different grip shape.

    Unless you come up with a principle that every mirrorless that’s shaped like a DSLR automatically looks like OM-D? But that’s not truth, we all know that.

  • Cinekpol

    Canon officially stated that they won’t develop retro-styled camera. But yes – I also wish they would have.

  • cunguez

    It will almost certainly cost more than $1k US, as this is still the price point for the X-E2 (a camera which, by all accounts to this point, is out-spec’d by the X-T1. $1800 US is what it would come to based on the rumored yen price + conversion, but as it goes with almost all cameras, it will certainly come in at less than that. What that number is going to be exactly is anyone’s guess until the 28th (or until there’s another solid leak).

  • cunguez

    At this point, I’d be thrilled if Canon were to release any mirrorless offering that was actually competitive within the small ILC / mirrorless market space. For most people, a tiny rebel just isn’t going to cut it as a second camera to a Mark III or 6D. I love my Canon gear, but it’s innovate or die / lose your customer base. It seems as if every other month, Fuji releases something new that tempts many people like myself into considering the idea of switching systems.

  • Cinekpol

    I don’t see how a system with next to no lenses or accessories can be tempting to switch.
    Yea – buying it as a secondary system might make some sense, but switch? Seriously? It’s wayyyyyyyy too limited. Even next 5-10 years of development won’t let it catch up with any major DSLR system (that is: unless Pentax collapses).

  • cunguez

    For me, the longer I shoot, the fewer tools I need to get the results I want, not more. True, there are gaps that I would need filled before switching completely. But at the rate Fuji is releasing products their customers are asking for, it won’t take long until they have a lineup I could more than make my living with. If David Hobby and Co. have already made the switch (I know a good number of pros just shooting with an X-Pro1 and X100s or X-E1/2) I don’t see why others couldn’t or shouldn’t.

  • cunguez

    Give me a solid set of portrait primes, a decently fast ultra wide zoom, and a couple of macros and I’m good to go. Sure, I’d miss my tilt shifts from time to time, but I use those so infrequently when it comes down to it. Point being, I love my Canon kit. But it’s also heavy, it doesn’t inspire me to bring it with me everywhere I go, and Canon are releasing truly new and exciting products (as opposed to iterative designs) at a glacial pace these days

  • Cinekpol

    Fair enough. It all depends on a needs. Right now Fuji doesn’t have anything that would make me consider a switch. No proper portrait lenses, no proper UWA primes, no proper bright tele zoom, no proper studio lighting setup, no proper flashes, no proper video accessories for occasional recording, etc. etc. etc. I know some people can make a living from shooting with one body and one lens, but I do way too diverse stuff to limit myself with Fuji.

  • cunguez

    I hear you completely, and you’re undoubtedly amongst the greater number of shooters in that sense. And even if I were to switch to Fuji as my main kit, I would almost certainly hold on to my Mark III. But like you said, people have different needs, and I know a lot of photographers who would swap out their 60lb Think Tank roller bag FF kit in lieu of something more agile, more nimble. As far as lighting, you can check out guys like The Strobist et al for examples of how to come up with a very complete lighting kit for a Fuji system.

    Canon and Nikon will obviously continue to retain a certain degree of safety amongst landscape, architectural, wildlife etc, photogs. But settling for a ‘known’ quantity is a risky business model in this period of rapid change within the tech space. Just one man’s opinion ;)

  • cunguez

    The new XF 56mm 1.2 sure seems like a proper portrait lens to me, btw…

  • Cinekpol

    Well, considering that mirrorless sales drop rapidly (-40% year-to-year holiday season in Europe) in did: risk is something one must factor in investment.
    Luckily for Fujifilm their X-mount is a side-project that they do for passion, not for income – so even if they’d keep on loosing money on that indefinitely – they’d still keep it going. Which IMHO is a great thing in Fuji guys.

  • Cinekpol

    Not a 135mm equivalent – I’m not interested. I need at least 3 lenses for portraits: 135 (the most important one for me), 80 (which kinda is your 56mm) and 35mm equivalents (I’d be cool with f/1.4 (or f/2 for 135) on APS-C). Fuji doesn’t deliver.

  • cunguez

    Well they’ve got two of those focal lengths covered now ;) Give them a little time (and I’m guessing ‘a little’ will be accurate) and i’m pretty sure we’ll see a 135 equiv.

  • cunguez

    I agree with your point, but X-Mount sales don’t count among those contributing to declining mirrorless figures, do they?

  • cunguez

    I wouldn’t assume that it’s going to be any bulkier than an X-Pro just yet; Fujirumors has posted info claiming that it is actually smaller / less bulky than the X-E2. If that’s true, it seems as though they re-proportioned the body such that it might be taller but also not as wide. Seems plausible from the initial pics.

  • Cinekpol

    Noone really knows – Fuji doesn’t release their individual annual sales numbers of X-mount cameras. But most likely: yes, they do. Even Sony which constantly growths it’s market share in mirrorless also noted significant decline in units sold.

  • Guest

    Can I do selfies with it?