New York Photographer Steals Photos to Earn Business, Says That’s ‘Called Biz’

The new Jwarstyle wedding portfolio.

Purloining somebody else’s photos to promote your photography business has become depressingly common lately, but occasionally a new cretin comes forward to push the practice to a new level of sadness.

So witness Jwarstyle, a New York-based photographer recently outed on Photo Stealers for filling his online portfolio with wedding shots somebody else took. Not a particularly novel offense, but what makes Jay (last name as yet unknown) a groundbreaker is the way he responded.

Instead of the usual denial/shame/blame/apology routine, the photographer promptly started a tweet war in which he essentially did the “I know you are but what am I?” routine with anyone who called him out. Except with a lot more bragging and name-calling.

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The marquee comment is the above justification innovation: “stealing is whn it hurts your biz douchebag. Using ur pics to get more biz isn’t using your pics. It’s called “biz.”

But there’s much more tragicomic gold if you keep scrolling:

  • That’s right and then he gets s**t loads of traffic!!! Woot woot! Why deny it if you can brag about it? Lol keep it up ha
  • I rather be a thief w a talent than a none talented photographer like yourself ;)
  • Making it happen at all costs. Love it or hate it, jwarstyle lives outside your http little worlds
  • Actually let me get some of your pictures. Oh wait. No… Can’t use em. Too crappy.
  • Good news — life isn’t a guillotine. You can always rebrand. Stay positive, Dont be a troll
  • I rather look at your wife and feel sad for her. Cause she has a looser husband. Don’t reproduce!
  • The world we live in, big nosy pathetic empty excuses for human beings, clown? Want to laugh? Look at ur work
  • That sounded deep. You should write a book. Behind closed doors where no one can see or find you.
  • Another great douchebag with no life. With horrible camera skills busted!
  • 1. I removed the photos. 2. And apologize? You’re askin for little too much this isn’t a lunchroom dummy
  • Hey if someone used 1 of my pics I wouldn’t be crying like a little girl & posting on twitter
  • It’s more plagiarizing than stealing dumb ****. Get it straight!
  • Why do I need to grow up? So I can be sad and old and use twitter for useless fights with strangers

Jay did eventually come around to remove the purloined images (he essentially nuked the weddings portfolio page) and post a more-or-less apology on his blog, but anyone worried about his self-esteem taking a hit can rest easy.

(via Photo Stealers via Imaging Resource)

  • Randy Wentzel

    He should consider a new profession and consider running for public office. Where does someone learn to behave so selfishly?

  • Follow gram

    NOT FOUD… That’s so sad :(

  • Dave

    Actually the background to the page in which he apologies is a stock photo from Shutterstock. It came with the WordPress theme that he used (called
    Artemis which is available from Themeforest).

  • OtterMatt

    While I do enjoy it, reading through the PhotoStealers blog is an exercise in restraint. Every post makes me want to gargle a shotgun, thus I become stronger the more I read and resist the urge.

  • Andrew Kandel

    I don’t think Derek Montgomery is completely up on the meaning of a Darwin Award.

  • harumph

    “This isn’t a lunchroom, dummy,” has just become one of my favorite all-purpose phrases.

  • David Liang


  • bob cooley

    Yeah, his twitter feed is simultaneously hilarious (laughing at him) and infuriating. He’s like a live troll.

  • Chris Malmberg

    I could not agree more. I’m going to use this as often as possible.

  • Renato Murakami

    He’s a photographer. Eventually, someone else will steal his work too, and since he’s feeding the culture, he won’t be able to complain about it.

  • Edward Éamonn Knuff

    It should be legal to assault creton’s like him.

  • bob cooley

    If you’ve seen his actual work, its not worth stealing…

  • ramanauskas

    There’s a reason he has to use other people’s work to promote his business. Guess what the reason is.

  • ashorton21

    Oh God, no….. The last thing we need is any more of those anuses making decisions for us on our behalf.

  • Renato Murakami

    That’s even more pitiable… xD

  • Lap Tiger

    whoa…. clearly someone was unafraid of a poop storm that would follow those comments.

  • Andy

    This guy is a clown who got a camera and is so clueless that he thinks automatic will be good enough for everyone and everything. That plus non-functioning ethics results in idiocy like this.

  • herzco

    This might be one of the few cases where I would like to see this guy’s email hacked, and have ALL potential clients who email him contacted and shown his twitter posts where he boasts about stealing the work of others.

  • Tyler Magee

    Im looking at it and its sad people like this populate the planet.

  • DJJonosound

    I think it would be great if everyone whom he plagiarized from sent DMCA takedown requests and filed for damages.

  • Michael Palmer

    What a cock!

  • bh

    I would strongly suggest commenting on his blog where he has “apologized” – not. This guy is unhinged.

  • Ted Nghiem

    Does he even have his original work on his site?

  • Uncle Pete

    Un-fucking-believable. Someone needs to lay a beating on this asshole.

  • Mike

    Sue his pants off.
    What a waste of human flesh.

  • GoDaddy Who Is Look Up

    Last Name Unknown??? Who Is Look up on GoDaddy shows the owner as:

    Registrant Name: Jay Warshavsky
    Registrant Organization: JW design
    Registrant Street: 1714 west 5th st #6
    Registrant City: brooklyn
    Registrant State/Province: New York
    Registrant Postal Code: 11223
    Registrant Country: United States
    Registrant Phone: 415-347-1984

  • Steven Mackie

    Somebody needs to create a “Tweet-a-day” calendar with these must-have business nuggets.

  • Derek Montgomery

    I realize the err in that tweet as Darwin awards usually pertain to death, but I dunno, it seems like with every additional comment, he is killing his career more and more.

  • Warshavsky

    Warshavsky is the last name.

  • Greg Harding

    I can’t believe the audacity of the guy. I wonder what would have happened if he’d had his images stolen by someone else?

    All’s fair in love and photography right?

  • Derek Montgomery

    Yes I realize Darwin awards pertain to stupid acts that get you killed. He’s just killing his career over and over with each additional clueless tweet.

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    After going to his website and reading his somewhat sincere apology and looking over his actual photos, he’s not terrible. Needs help with lighting and such. If he’d have just given credit instead of acting like a douche bag over Twitter, he’d be just fine, for the most part.

  • Kaouthia

    Last name unknown? You not considered trying to look at the whois record of his domain name? It clearly says “Jay Warshavsky”. :)

  • Focalocity

    So, after you hire this guy, do you get pix of your own gig or does he just steal random photos of some other wedding and he tells you not to whine about it? Jeez. Maybe he can rebrand as Troll Live.

  • Virginia Smith

    It seems like he never really learned to behave. Sometimes children get angry when they get in in trouble because they haven’t yet learned how to deal with their emotions or understand them. He is responding like a child and it just seems so pathetically sad.

  • Burnin Biomass

    I think the guy is a jerk, but posting his address and phone number (no matter how easy it is to find) isn’t cool.

  • Eboo

    what a dick.

  • Jenteal

    I don’t think publishing articles like this really helps the problem. You are glorifying a despicable action that the assailant will profit from with hits for his blog, followers for his pathetic twitter feed not to mention the attention he so desperately wants.

  • Display_Name

    The more people write about it the better. So when people google his name this comes up.

  • Black Light Shoots

    Uhm… oh no.

  • Black Light Shoots

    LOLZ! “Jay these are not us in the pictures @_@”

  • HuitZiloP

    His full name is Jay Warshavsky.

  • Ange

    That info is VERY public actually. Whois lookup takes about 30 seconds to retrieve that info.

  • peaceetc

    Comments are moderated, so it doesn’t do any good. I tried commented the other day on there, and he never approved it.

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    “You reap what you sow.” He says it in the blog post referring to all the other people that have called him out on the theft, clearly not aware that it applies to his situation too.

  • Joseph Philbert

    The problem here is he thinks just because he took it down he cannot be sued … I hope someone will go ahead and just sue him for all his douchebag comments

  • bob cooley

    The ‘fashion’ pix he has are the same ones posted to his modelmayhem account – they look like a first year shooter’s work.

  • Joseph Philbert

    Ok then what would/should you DO?
    Without photostealers and other sites like they would just continue on the same path.
    Quite simply this is the last resort because 99% of the time when you message them they ignore it.

  • bob cooley

    Let me keep running his mouth – the even in NYC the industry is a pretty small place – especially since he likes to think himself a fashion shooter. Your rep travels with you…

  • Joseph Philbert

    Too bad he does not get that… Oh well