external “Intel’s Ban on Conflict Minerals Wows National Geographic Photographer” —NatGeo

Intel’s announcement that every microprocessor that it ships will be made without conflict minerals from Africa hit both a personal and professional nerve for photographer Marcus Bleasdale…

Bleasdale has spent a decade documenting brutal conditions in eastern Congo’s mines. He calls the Intel announcement “huge.”

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  • Stan B.

    Well done, Intel! Hope other corporations from clothing to food distributors, processors and manufacturers also get the message- the sooner, the better for all concerned…

  • Dingo

    If companies really cared about human rights in other countries they would research where every part of their product comes from BEFORE they order them, not once there is a potential for bad publicity by being linked to violent atrocities.

    Pulling out of the congo will do little to stem the violence. Armed militant groups will exploit their population one way or another. A better option would be for companies like Intel and other huge corporations to band together and agree to form a buying group that purchases ALL the Congolese minerals they need on the proviso that certain measurable standards are met and monitored. Pulling out is the easy way for quick feel good publicity for your brand. Helping fix the situation your company helped create is never even considered by most corporations.