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Several months ago, the photo organization service Everpix, lauded by many as one of the best photo-related startups in the world, went out of business. The story of their shut down somehow passed us by when it happen, and so we though we’d share this excellent article in which The Verge‘s Casey Newton tells Everpix’s heartbreaking story.

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  • Bambi

    From here on in online photo or social network sites need to be 100% free or they will die, all subscription or partial subscription sites should be working toward being 100% free in the future. This maximises user numbers and potential for ad revenue or sales of other products. If you give a half baked free version of your service away in hope of turning them into paying customers you are living in the past. Seems like a great product Everpix had, but when you read lines like ‘they began marketing too late’ It is hard to feel too sorry for them.

  • kb

    These guys are highly educated, brilliant, but morons.
    He goes on vacation, takes thousands of photos, and can’t stand to look at them?
    That means the photos are worthless, not that they need to be organized better.
    Another cure for a non-existant disease.

  • zero-0

    I know everything that needs to be known and I’ve never heard of them. so they must be trash.
    Good job they are gone it saved planet earth.

  • Matt

    I do not see where it says they have a half baked version. The issue was that they were delivering a product that solved a probelm that most people do not really think is a problem. Us dedicated photoraphers, and maybe the family historian, definately like this kind of service. But, that is a small percentage of people who take photos. It did not live becuse the ad revenue was too small, directly related to the small potential user base. At least for their costs.

  • Matt

    I do not see where it said that he could not stand to look at them. Only that it was hard to find images given the great number. It was totally a organization problem for him. But, at the end of the day, yes, a cure for a non-existant problem for most people.