Nikon Officially Confirms that the D4S is On the Way, Will Show it Off at CES


After many a rumor indicating that this very thing would happen, Nikon has officially announced that the followup to the flagship D4, the D4S, is in development and will be on display at the company’s booth at CES in Vegas over the next few days.

To be clear, this doesn’t constitute an official release. The company is simply confirming that the D4S is on the way — something rumor sites have been reporting for several weeks — and sharing enough vague details to get the saliva glands working.


Once you parse through all of the press release speak, this paragraph pretty much contains all the relevant information:

As Nikon’s new flagship model, the D4S will offer advances over the Nikon D4 HD-SLR camera, including enhanced image quality enabled with adoption of a new image-processing engine. The new HD-SLR will also feature more advanced autofocusing performance, further solidifying it as the choice for professional sports, nature and event photographers as well as photojournalists.

You can read the full release by clicking here. No official word on the announcement date, availability or price, but Nikon Rumors expects the camera to receive an official unveiling in February, with shipments going out in March.

  • MS

    I just hope there is more buttons and toggles on the back!

  • pokeken

    so it will have specs to compete with the Canon 1dx then? :p

  • Snarkasaurus

    Whoops, watch your step everyone! Looks like someone dropped some flame-bait here…

  • Oj0

    That was about as uninformative as a press release could be. Give me the specs!

  • Gav

    Wow an announcement to tell us they are working on a camera….How underwhelming……

  • Oj0

    It may be flame bait, but it is true. Nikon doesn’t have anything that can compete with the 1D X on both the speed AND performance sides. To keep my comment balanced, Canon really needs to introduce something to rival the D7100. It would be nice to see very similar models across the range from both camps.

  • Pedro

    Something to rival the D7100? Ever heard of the 70D?

  • Juan

    The 70D is a toy camera.

  • mds

    They had to make some kind of announcement now. They will have them in the hands of credentialed photographers next month in Sochi. This way they can get a final testbed.

    The word was that Sendai was running wide open for the last two months on something new. They were making these to loan out through NPS.

    This way they get the photographers hooked on the D4s and they get the agencies (hopefully) to purchase them for them.

    I expect we will hear something from Canon any day now as well about a 1DX successor. I am not starting anything here, the 1DX is great, it is just the direct competitor to the D4s. Nikon updates for the Olympics and Canon will probably do the same thing. Remember how they did that with the 200-400 with built in 1.4x tele-converter? Canon also could not get enough 1DX bodies in general production for the 2012 games so they loaned them out via CPS at the games. I would be surprised if they don’t.

    I guess this pushes out the D4X to around Photokina. This way they go to Cologne with a cool new flagship To speak to something someone said above about a D4x with 36 megapixels would be fine. That is accurate, I don’t dispute that. My thoughts are the D4x will be somewhere North of that with the Megapixels. This way there will be more than just the pro body to make folks want to purchase it Over the D800/E. Again, not wanting to start any rants, 36 megapixels IS enough, for most folks. Some agencies want more and that will need to be provided. I do believe the D4x will have a higher megapixel sensor than the D800/E.

    These are just my opinions.

    Rumors online predict that Canon is saving their high

  • MC Squared Tony Curtis

    Hopefully they will leave out the XQD Card and give back a 2nd CF Card slot

  • Oj0

    Sure I have. The 70D has a significantly lower dynamic range (more than 2 stops), lower image quality, lower high ISO performance, only one memory card slot, lower colour depth… They’re not in the same league.

  • Michal

    Someone should really tell to Nikon that software upgrades can be done without introducing the “S” models… Sorry but this is just stupid, paying $6K for a software update. Get your sht together, Nikon!

  • Zak Holman

    This is a funny game … whole herd of photographers is getting exited and the real shooters are doing films making BIG $$$ in world galleries not even knowing, that there is some new cam coming from NIKON / CANON …

  • will

    Yeah great heaps more buttons please

  • mmdccbslm

    it oughtta be better in low light than the Df, no?

  • hamtons

    as a D4 owner I concede that the 1Dx is faster. but D4 is still low light king in high ISO, DR and low light AF