GoPro Teams Up with Zoologist to Show You What It’s Like to Cuddle with Lions

This’ll video will wake you up… or at least make you feel like your Friday isn’t NEARLY as exciting as it could be. As part of their Hero3+ Adventure Series, GoPro teamed up with zoologist Kevin Richardson (better known as the Lion Whisperer) to show the special bond he shares with the big cats and shed light on the dilemma of habitat loss.

Richardson’s relationship with the big cats is nothing short of incredible. There are few people in this world that see a lion running towards them and know without a doubt that it sees them as a friend and not a meal.

GoPro is giving us a chance to experience this incredible relationship from the first person point of view, all the while spreading an important conservation message and bringing attention to Richardson’s work.

So check out the video to get some personal cuddle time with lions or play around with hyenas, and then, if you’re interested in learning more, head over to Richardson’s website by clicking here.

(via DIYPhotography)

  • Joel Penner

    Next story: Zoologist whose video went viral is attacked. See the GoPro video here. :-P

  • Andy

    It’s all fun and games until you’re lion poop.

  • Maay

    I know it will never happen to me, but how I would love to be able to hug a lion like he does, dig my face in that soft warm fur and play with the cats, love them like he does. Lucky him to be able to experience that. I truly hope his passion will help him save those magnificent animals.

  • Lleuad Ci

    Cats know cat people, but don’t fear the lion, the hyena could just as easily kill him.

  • Stan B.

    It’s all fun and games until the lions are lion poop…

  • Lalzo

    What reason do those lions have to attack that guy, any more than they have a reason to attack each other?

    I mean, yeah, sure, it could happen. But you could get attacked by one of your friends, too. Happens every day among humans.

    I’ve heard that guy say that he knows they could maim or kill him if they wanted to, and that it’s a possibility, but he’s willing to take the risk. And I have to admire that.

    The problem with the “Danger, Will Robinson!” attitude toward large predators is that we can’t go around depopulating those animals without screwing up the entire ecosystem, which comes back to hurt us in the end.

    The problem isn’t the animals. The problem is human overpopulation, plain and simple.

    We need to stop thinking in terms of roping off small areas for wildlife, and somehow come to be content with roping off small areas for ourselves, much smaller than the spaces we now occupy. If we were serious about saving our own bacon, we’d be planning ways to reduce our own population by about 90%.

    I mean, Pope Francis is a nice guy, but if he wants my support, he’ll start championing birth control.

  • Joel Penner

    It was a comment, not a “Danger, Will Robinson!” attitude. Get a life.

  • Lalzo

    Oh, I’m sorry. I mistook it for an actual thought. Carry on, then.