The Most Powerful Photographs of 2013, According to The Atlantic

About a week ago, Reuters put together a powerful video featuring what it considered to be the “Photos of the Year” as taken by Reuters photographers.

But Reuters, as we’re sure you well know, isn’t the only major news agency out there. And so Alan Taylor over at the The Atlantic has put together his own roundup of the “Most Powerful Images of 2013,” pulling from all of the major news agencies, including Reuters.

As you could probably guess, there’s some overlap, but any momentous photographs you felt were conspicuously absent from Reuters’ Photos of the Year will probably be represented here. Taylor, who puts together the In Focus galleries that have more than once served as our source for some spectacular photography, didn’t miss a thing.

If you want more info on any of the photos you see here, you can check out high res versions alongside detailed descriptions over on the In Focus blog. Click here for January – April, here for May – August and here for September – December.

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  • Ezmo

    That really didn’t need to be a video. The music, pacing and sequencing detracted from being able to take the time to go over every individual photo. I guess as a readers’ digest it works but there’s no reason to have not just made it a slide show.

  • Rascree

    Agreed! Also the sponsor message is completely annoying in videos.

  • Maxxx

    Oh really… they obviously have not seen a lot of photos then have they..

  • Benicio Murray

    60% or so are the same as the Reuters POY13 selection

  • araczynski

    ditto on the video, pretty stupid format to present ‘powerful’ images if you ask me, especially if you have to rely on music to make them ‘better’. the quickness of the video doesn’t help, and i’ve got better things to do than pause a video every 2 seconds.