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Dear Fellow Creative Professionals,

At this point, most of you have probably read designer and photographer Juan Luis Garcia‘s open letter to Spike Lee, in which he pleads with the film director to help resolve a financial and crediting dispute arising from on-spec (essentially) work he did “Oldboy.” You’ve also likely heard about Lee’s responses, on Twitter and Instagram, that amounted basically to, “Plausible deniability for me, s.o.l. for you. YO.”

You too were probably flooded with, first, incredulity, then indignation, upon reading of it. One artist taking advantage of another? It’s unbelievable, outrageous, unjust! Then though, sadly, like so many of us, the incredulity turned to recognition, because we’ve been there too.

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  • Sterling

    I recently saw Oldboy. I’m sure Spike Lee wishes he had plausible deniability for the entire film.