Survey Reveals that Adobe’s Photography Program is Bringing in Tons of Users

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If you’ve followed PetaPixel even just the last month, you might have noticed that Adobe extended its Photoshop Photography Program (also referred to as the Photography Bundle) to people regardless of whether or not they own a previous version of Photoshop not once, not twice, but three times.

That is: this special promotion that allowed everyone to sign up was supposed to end on the 2nd… then on the 8th… and now is extended all the way to the end of the year. And while our you guys have come up with all manner of reasons in the comments as to why Adobe might be doing this, a new survey reveals the real reason: it’s working really well.

The survey was put on by CNET and Jeffries, and asked a simple question: “Did cheaper Photoshop subscriptions win you over?” The answer, it seems, was a big fat yes.


Only 26.7% of responders said they hadn’t adopted the CC model yet. Of the rest, a full 47.5% of people that signed up for the Photography Program were not CC subscribers beforehand, 16.8% upgraded from a Photoshop-only subscription and 8.9% downgraded from a full CC subscription.

We’re not exactly experts in the field, but by our reckoning, a 47.5% conversion rate is insane. And even though Adobe is losing some money when people downgrade from the $50/month full subscription to the $10/month Photography program, we doubt they mind — after all, the company’s stock soared when it announced that CC had passed the 1 million subscribers mark, regardless of what specific subscription those users had.

To find our more about the survey, head over to CNET. And, if you haven’t already, check out the Photography Program promotion for yourself by clicking here.

Adobe photography promotion lures new subscribers, says survey [CNET]

  • KLC

    Wouldn’t it work even better if they got rid of the high pressure used car salesman tactics? Why is it a limited offer, only available for a short time, hurry, act now or lose out program? Why not just make the photographer’s bundle a standard option for CC?

  • DLCade

    Given how many times they’ve extended the program, the move wouldn’t surprise me. That said, obviously the used car thing (lame though it is) is working… as the saying goes: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

  • Rob Elliott

    the reason that it is limited time and I think it will stay that way, is if you want just Adobe Premier or just Indesign you are still subject to the $19.99 but for Photoshop it is two programs and $9.99

    So they will eventually revert back to standard prices, but as so many photographers have whined and complained (and in a lot of ways rightly) about the pricing being so expensive, they lowered for a limited time to bring them in.

    I signed up for CC at $19.99 before Photoshop CC was released when it was CS6. So for me it’s been a great deal I didn’t have Photoshop before, so instead of paying $699 for CS6 I got it for $20 a month. 6 months later I got the upgrade to CC without paying extra (I have both on my computer now). And because I converted the price dropped to $9.99 and I got my Lr5 upgrade for free…

    Had this been all software on the old model I would have spent $977 in the last year to get the same things (based on the old pricing model). Instead I’ve paid $230 dollars. (I signed up in December 2012, and converted in November) Next year will make it $350 and even if they move the price back to $19.99 and keep lightroom bundled after the year it is still hovering around $600 after 3 years.

    I think though they will leave it at $9.99 through 2015 and then bump it to $14.99 which is about the cost of a bi-yearly upgrade to PS and a yearly upgrade to Lightroom.

  • Nick P

    Grrrr 47.5% is not the conversion rate. Its just the percentage of people who answered this survey that signed up after not using it before. Without knowing how many people were targeted by Adobe or visited the sign up page you can’t quote a conversion rate. (bad stats annoy me – lol)

  • Clayton Finley

    yeah, if it was standard $10 a month, I would go for it, but only to be sucked in now at $10, then have it bump up later once you’ve got acustomed to it is a no go for me.

  • ISO640

    I’d be more interested in the drop rate once the prices go back up.

  • Mike Keller

    That won’t be for a year. The prices are locked in for a year at least.

  • Mike Keller

    Photographers complained because we only need Photoshop and Lightroom, possibly Lightroom (which is still a standalone product) more than PS. (I use LR about 90% of all my work) But video people, graphic designers, web designers all use Photoshop along with Premier, Indesign, Dreamweaver, etc. So getting all that for the regular CC subscription price is great for them, but photographers mostly don’t use any of that stuff. So a pricing structure for “photo only” apps makes a lot of sense. That, plus the Behance and the storage, made it into a good deal. But I’ve hedged my bet: I also bought a Lightroom 5 upgrade, and I still have my standalone Photoshop if they jack up the price next December.

  • Disqus is an NSA shill

    I really like the CC/subscription idea – it is perfect for my needs, having a startup business and being really tight for money. Not having to cash out $2000+ just for basic initial software investment is a real relief. However, Adobe really should have introduced this only as an option in addition to existing buy-in-perpetuity models. They really didn’t play this right with their existing user base, as well as customers who prefer not to be bothered with recurring monthly costs or a threat of loosing their software due to some glitch.

  • Me

    Thanks but I’ll stick with CS 6.

  • Rob S

    I signed up. I was still using Lightroom 3 because I kept procrastinating on LR4 until LR5 went into beta and then…..well you get it. I also stepped up from Photoshop Elements that I have been using since Elements 2. I figure between the two I am spending $60-100 a year when I skip an upgrade. For $120 I get both programs at the current version 100% of the time.

  • BuckCash

    Someday in the future, when Adobe has captured basically all of the subscribers it possibly can, and the new ones simply replace those who drop out for whatever reason, it’s investors, like ALL investors of the ravenous Wall Streeters whose constant cry is for a bigger quarter than the last, will insist that Adobe find a way to generate yet more revenue to return a bigger profit margin.

    When that happens, Adobe will have but one course of action: Raise subscription prices.

    I’m REALLY not looking forward to that day.

  • David

    Adobe representatives have been quoted all over the place as saying that $10/month IS the price. It’s a standard disclaimer and the price will only change in response to changes in exchange rate or inflation, etc.

  • Mark Dub

    It’s like reading piracy “profit loss’ stats all over again.

  • Mark Dub

    Whats really funny about the “survey” is that most all of the comments on CNET’s on page are about 90% negative (that’s a guess. not a real statistic) and people who refuse to sign up.

    So either the 27% who have not adopted it are extremely vocal and those who did purchase it are keeping quiet… Or the survey is flawed and/or faked in order to sell more subscriptions. “Everyone’s buying it!! you should too!!”

  • oojay

    Adobe reps have been quoted both that the price is introductory and that it is not – in the end there is no way of stopping them form changing it so lets assume they will.

  • monty

    Not only that, there will be less development of new features as they no longer have to give people a reason to upgrade.

  • Scott M

    I wonder how many people who complain about the CC subscription set up just don’t have a credit card? Many younger people don’t. Is there another way to pay?

  • agour

    Even though everyone knows it’s a marketing ploy – it works.
    If people are borderline buying it, getting it for 50% off is a sure fire way to seal the day.
    If they knew they could purchase it in 3 months at the same price, they would just hold out on buying it.

  • DafOwen

    Yeah – noticed that too.

    And in fact Peta Pixels heading is the major issue here. The graphic isn’t all that bad.

  • Leif Sikorski

    I think they could get even more if it wouldn’t be an annual plan. Such plans are a bad habit from carriers, we don’t really need them for software as well.