external Yahoo! Absorbs Yet Another Startup to Help Improve Flickr —Ptch Blog

yahoologoYahoo is on a roll. First it was IQ Engines, then LookFlow, and now movie-making app Ptch has been picked up by the Marisa Mayer run company.

This acquisition is a bit different, however. Whereas both IQ Engines and LookFlow are apps specializing in image recognition and will, presumably, be used to improve Flickr search and organization, Ptch is a movie-making app. Ptch users have until January 2nd to pull their Ptches off the server before the app goes down.

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  • Uncle Wig

    I’m sure Marisa and Ptch (who thinks of those retarded names?) will find many new and creative ways to ruin Flickr some more.

  • terry

    agree stop changing Flickr, your avid users hate the changes