external Sigma Lenses Now Experiencing Issues with the Nikon DF as Well —Sigma

Df_BK_50_1.8_SE_frt34l.highOnly a couple of weeks after fixing compatibility problems with the Nikon D5300, Sigma has issued another Nikon compatibility notice, this time for the Nikon DF.

The problem is similar to the Nikon D5300 issues, only this “includes those lenses that do not have an internal AF motor.” It looks like this issue will be fixed by a free firmware update that is actually going to go live sometime today, so Sigma/Nikon users keep an eye out.

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  • Cinekpol

    Seems like Nikon changed protocols in all of it’s new bodies. Expect every next Nikon to have exact same issue.

  • wylun

    now if sigma can go alittle further and fix the back focusing issues