external Testing the Pentax K-3′s Weather Sealing by Running it Under a Faucet —The Phoblographer

So what exactly does “weather sealed” really entail? Well, Chris Gampat over at The Phoblographer put the term to the test during his recent Pentax K-3 review by running the weather proofed body/lens combo under a faucet for several painful seconds while taking pictures and switching between AF and MF.

Check out the video above to see how it performed or click here for The Phoblographer‘s full review.

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  • Chive Awesomeness

    Only the faucet? That’s cute ;)
    Sorry for the sarcasm, but Pentax WR laughs at such a tiny test.

    I’ve taken Pentax WR almost to the limit.
    Been hiking through waterfalls
    Going out in winter and shooting in the snow/sleet/freezing rain and blizzards
    Sat in the splash zone at Sea World and getting drenched
    Walking with the exposed cam in the warm summer rains of Italy for hours.

    No leaks, no issues, no problems!

  • Caca Milis

    Ye, I’ve left the camera out all night in the cold while snowing and it was fine, covered in snow and wet but still working

  • Cinekpol

    You can do that with pretty much any modern DSLR out there but a few cheapest bodies.
    I washed my old Sony A200 under a shower quite regularly (at some point did quite a bit of buggy and mud racing shots, so came back home with gear covered in mud) – no problem at all. And that’s an entry-level camera with no weather sealing at all.

  • faloc

    works with my 1D Mark IV as well (well duh!)