Guy Drops a $2,300 Lens Or: How NOT to Screw a Lens On & Off ‘Just Like the Pros’

Usually we try to stay away from traumatizing you at the very beginning of the week, but this week, we’ll make an exception. The video above started out as a tutorial on how to quickly attach and detach a lens “just like a pro”; it turned into a cringeworthy photographer fail.

There’s not much to describe here, you have all of the ingredients for a terrible mishap: $2,300 Canon 24-70 f/2.8L lens? Check! Overconfident photographer? Check! Attempting this demonstration over concrete? You betcha! You can probably fill in the rest from here yourself. Mix those three together and you get the stomach-churning sound of a $2.3K piece of equipment bouncing on the ground.

Fair warning: he does drop a well-placed (and much-needed) curse word in addition to the lens. Also, we apologize in advance it this video makes you cry a little…

(via Reddit)

P.S. A few YouTube commenters are calling B.S. and saying the video is faked — just an attempt to get hits. What do you think?

  • David Campbell

    If it’s real, you gotta give the guy credit for having a tremendous sense of humor about himself. Most people would never post that video if it was real…

  • Guest


  • Colin Peddle

    I’m calling this fake.

    1a) He makes way too much effort in the beginning to set up the gag, “like a pro” “you wanna be a pro” blah blah, pro pro. So that in the end you say “hahah a pro did this! What a tool!”

    1b) He points out the red ring, classic magicians misdirection. Point out the red ring so that when you see a red ring when they go outside, your brain will say “hey, theres that red ring he mentioned, same lens, must be legit.”.

    1c) You can feel something coming when he’s back and forth, on/off, on/off with no real means to an end as to his point.

    1d) Why go outside for “better light” and in reality, the light is just as bad outside as it is in? To drive home the notion he drops it on concrete.

    1e) The drop sound is pretty off. I’ve dropped lenses, from that distance on concrete and that isn’t what it sounds like. What this does sound like is a VHS or some other slightly hallow object made mostly of plastic hitting the ground.

    1f) This is his only upload.

    2) Why wouldn’t you show the lens after the fact? Every single time someone drops a lens and it sustains damage they show it and put it online for the sweet, sweet karma.

    3) ???

    4) Profit.

  • Friday Wedding Photography

    Totally nailed it Collin! Especially the fact he never shows the lens or has any other video uploads.

  • Armando

    Of course it is real, did you see the guy’s face at the end of the video ?

  • EV

    Real pros use newbie wannabe assistants to perform that trick. ;-)

  • Kam Chana

    Hang on, $2k lens, what looks like a 1d yet his video looks like it’s shot on a mobile phone and he put’s the len’s cap on after, if that was me i would be cursing so much my grandad would be turning in his grave, it does look staged to me but if it is real i hope he has insurance.

  • James

    My bet? It’s one of those Lens cups fitted with a screw mount. Just guessing from the amount of time he spends pointing at the red band.

  • Eiti

    In Argentina, we said: “pelotudo de mierda”.

  • Jeff Camp

    I don’t know about any of you. But it would have to get A LOT of hits to be worth possibly breaking a $2300 investment…

  • Angelgreg

    Don’t try this at home!

  • slvrscoobie

    He does have ‘that face’ when you just realized you’ve in the hole thanks to gravity.
    I dropped a real 24-70 while out in Glacier, except I mounted it, but it didnt lock, so when i zoomed out, it fell off the camera and out of my hands – onto dirt :P Scratched the Rear element, and f’ed up the focus, $300 and a trip to Jamesburg and it was good as new. But I am sure I had that same face of ‘awwww man…’

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • EPOC

    best equipment in those focal lengths is not a Canon L. Leica is far superior.

  • Jerome van Passel

    Yep,.thats what it is,..almost like a pro,..

  • Will Mederski

    Pro Photog? Nope.
    Pro YouTube marketer? Yup.

  • Jamie Moncrief

    It’s one of those coffee mug lenses – you can tell by the front “cap” …. busted!

  • Branko Collin

    It’s his only upload. I doubt he’s trying to be the next YouTube camera reviewer.

  • Mike Tzo

    Just like a pro

  • Charles Soko

    Anyone know who this guy is? Is he even a photographer?

  • mistercrisp

    Sickening to watch. I would bet that it is real. I have the coffee mug version, and it is based on the 24mm to 105mm lens, not the 24mm-70mm. And of course, my coffee mug does not have the silver bayonet mount on the bottom! The dopey part of this demo is that when I am in the field and changing lenses, I am REMOVING another lens, and installing a different one. So his demo is meaningless, unless he had another lens in one of his hands.

  • asdasdasdas

    lol.. what a moron…. now on youtube

  • silvertank

    Fake. Why would he need to go outside to demonstrate this?

  • silvertank

    Additionally, I don’t see a RED RING around the lens once he is outside. Do you?

  • Zos Xavius

    I can’t even watch this. I know that feeling all too well.

  • Will Mederski

    well, he’s famous now!

  • Danny

    Those coffee mugs don’t have a removable mounting cap or lens glass. I have one of the mugs.

  • SaveTheWorldGetTheGirl

    Ah yeah, because the coffee mug lenses can actually attach to a camera >.>

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  • TWVS

    He should probably leave video to the pros, too.

  • MikeD

    No it isn’t.

  • rd55

    Hi Dennis: You know one thing pros don’t do is make fake videos about dropping lenses and then upload it to YouTube.

  • Dario Toledo

    I feel bad just by hearing the sound of the lens hitting the ground.

  • nerdbomber

    Poor guy. I feel for him.

  • dvidsilva

    simpsons did it

  • John

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just like a PRO!

  • Chris_Araiza

    your best friends wife is a whore . . . you know that right? She meets guys online and shows them her butthole for money.

  • bartolo

    for starters that is not even a 2k lens – that version 1 of the 24-70 lens. what a clown.

  • JR

    I’m a pro and I’ve never changed lenses like that,(why would you?). I’ve dropped a few in my time-never changing them though. Camera strap attachment breaking on a Nikon with 80-200 was what happened last time!

  • Fullstop

    This is so fake come on guys, but hey it worked, he got his “viral video” featured on petapixel.

  • Fullstop


  • Fullstop

    How do you know that’s a $2300 lens he’s holding? What if it’s a broken version 1 24-70 2.8L? Or a coffee mug?

  • Bewar3them00n

    I dropped my brand new Canon 600d with Tamron 17-50/ 2.8 lens on right on to a tiled floor, when my Black Rapid strap, somehow, managed to slip off, luckily the lens hood took the worst of the hit and both survived, although the lens had a chip, it still worked fine…. Never made the same mistake since, but I was well f***’d off!!

  • robot

    it was a cheap lens anyway ! buy leica R dude !

  • Cherie Robinson

    I’ve dropped a brand new lens on the sidewalk before and still I think this is about as fake as it gets. That was honestly my thought from listening to him talk way before he actually dropped it. My guess is that he had already broken it somehow so it didn’t matter if it dropped again.

  • Bruno Piatti

    o ” ‘tamadre, que boludo”


    He is holding a box for a 24-70 f2.8L II but the lens he is holding is the first generation of it not the II… Not sure about the lens outside or how real or fake this is, but the box he’s holding is for a newer generation of the lens.

  • Jay Walsh

    “Remember, kids… I is a perfeshunal!

  • Darth Gaddy

    Yeah, I have one of those coffee mugs. :-) Very believable when you aren’t holding it.

  • wilmark johnatty

    Fake – the light was ok inside. And that on off crap dont come off like a tutorial. Hes probably using the cup or something.