Eric Kim Hits the Pavement with SF Street Photographer Jack Simon

There’s something inspirational about watching a seasoned photographer work at his craft — whether it’s a studio photog who molds light to his will or a street photographer whose demeanor and results both scream professionalism.

Jack Simon falls under the latter of those categories, and in the video above, fellow street photographer Eric Kim takes us behind the scenes with Simon as he walks the streets of San Francisco.

Gear wise, Simon is using a Fujifilm X100S and an X-E1 (although the E1 never makes it out), but it’s not the gear or knowledge about a particular technique that you’ll get from watching this video. The real education comes from Simon’s answers to Kim’s many questions about street photography and, perhaps most of all, from those moments when we just get to watch Simon work uninterrupted.


In the end, the video is simply 24 fascinating minutes during which two street photographers talk about what it is they do, how it is they do it, and then (most importantly) put words in to action. The lessons you glean from what they say depend on where you are personally as a photographer.

Nervous street photogs might find inspiration in how easily Simon walks up to and photographs people, beginners in particular will benefit from some of the basic wisdom Simon shares on why he prefers this or that lens and what settings he uses, and everybody will benefit from his words on perseverance and staying motivated.

Be sure to check out the entire video and, when you’re done, you can see more from both Simon and Kim over on their websites by clicking here and here, respectively.

(via Reddit)

  • Fernando Callo

    Prepare for the avalanche of negative comments…

    BTW, I really love this kind of videos and also the work of Eric.

  • foggodyssey

    Eric Kim gets bashed in article last week for his street photography interview on PP .com. This week PP .com posts video of Kim interviewing another street photographer as proof of either:

    (A) coincidence

    (B) validation for Eric Kim

    (C) Kim is paying PP .com

    (D) Kim is working for PP .com

    (E) Proof Kim owns the internet and everyone drinks the Kool-Aid

  • ThiFlyingTomato

    Agreed Fernando,

    He may not be the best photographer in the world, and I mean we probably aren’t as there is only 1 position for that. But he is a very good one, and he is a very successful businessman, whether you like it or not.


  • Stevie Aoki

    depends on what you consider “successful”. considering his mommy buys him m-mount glass doesnt make him a business man. he is surviving at best, given his workshops are very low end cheap.

  • ThiFlyingTomato

    Yeah, success is defined differently for each person, but I believe successful for Eric is traveling the world taking photos, and sharing his craft!


  • Jake

    (F) Eric Kim brings in tons of web traffic.

    People LOVE to hate! Petapixel should do a dual interview with Eric Kim and Ken Rockwell and see if all the comments crash their servers.

  • Stevie Aoki

    nice backtrack. i doubt most define “successful businessman” as you do. he’d be traveling the world either way, his parents are rich. think boy.

  • Zos Xavius

    LOL! (<—-one of those commenters! LOL)

  • Fernando Callo

    If you’ve been following Eric’s carrier you’ll see that all the things he got are because he worked a lot and well, selling some things that were unnecessary for him. Right now he only has a 5D, 2 Leicas and 1 lens, that’s all.

  • Syuaip

    i’ve stopped following PP on FB because of these kind of unworthy posts

  • Pooria Koleyni

    He is boring and slow and i dont see anything interesting in this video

  • nottrolling

    “Yeah, uh huh” – Eric Kim

  • jkantor267

    He’ll get shot.

  • Stan B.

    Jack Simon is a capable photographer, and I suppose there is enough stuff here for the novice, but it’s also the same stuff that is around in a myriad of other places, voices and formats. So one has to wonder- why? I mean, when the level of narration hits… “Hey, wow! You like coffee too,” seems the law of diminishing returns settled in a while ago. A good long while ago.

    When the obvious keeps getting rehashed and sold so often, and by one particular person… Not hatin’ here folks- just asking.

    Don’t mind me, I’m just old and bitter- need me one of them Inspirational/Creativity apps to tell me to splash water on someone.

  • carrolvuy205

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  • nick

    To begin with, Eric Kim and his photography is a copy/paste style and basically has no personal take on taking pics. One of his past videos showing him at work on the street testifies the copy/past approach. Considering the current state of photography this is not a surprise. I rather youtube Garry that watch this PR stuff. Eric Kim makes SP like a hipster affair. Enough with this crap. Bringing traffic means nothing. NO MORE!!!!

  • Zuhair A. Al-Traifi

    Don’t know either photographer, but got wondered on eric what kind of photographer and hows his street photo? after one video from his youtube channel he sucks ! badly too. I don’t whats the big deal, I mean he uses the camera flash straight to the person with a wall behind ? come on this is way wrong and not the way to do it.

    As for the this post itself I didn’t like very much, didn’t see why it’s a ” 24 fascinating minutes ” for me it was boring, bester luck with another post.

  • Omar Salgado

    Hating takes people to the level of not knowing why they are against something. It implies it is emotional. And I’ve seen comments from other users that build up their arguments with bases when discussing about this “photographer”. But, perhaps, the best proof of all this “hate” against E.K. is his own work. If we stack up his work against other works, which are not only well composed, but thoughtful in their construction (beginning from their authors and ending in its social, cultural, political, philosophical, etc. implications), it cannot stand the comparison.

  • Jake

    Hatred is a twisted form of love in its backwards obsessiveness, and I just think it’s sad how much joy people get from not only hating, but banding together to announce their hatred of Kim and others to the world. I imagine it’s a cathartic release for them to find a group of people who they can relate to in their mutual dislike and then try to 1-up each other in their extreme opinions, but the stuff people write about other artists and trendsetters who they don’t like is often just vulgar, narrow-minded, and evil. I personally can’t imagine feeling any of the things people have said on previous E.K. or K.R.-related posts towards ANYONE who has done nothing to harm me personally.

  • Don Tusk

    Next : Eric Kim with Bruce Gilden….

  • lukealcindor

    you are just befuddled because your work is worse than Kim’s. trust me if you were a self-promoting tool like him we’d hate you too.

  • syedmoindoja

    …um..i would hardly call having a 5d and 2 leicas as “only”

  • warrick moore

    Eric needs to put a wind sock on his mic.

  • Fernando Callo

    Considering he had Canon 5D with more than 5 L lenses, 4 Leicas (including M9) and again, more than 3 lenses.

  • Omar Salgado

    I don’t compare my work with Kim’s. Really. I know where I stand and do not promote myself as a “photographer”, ’cause I am not. Can I still see the merits or criticise a work? Absolutely yes, because I myself have struggled to understand not only morphology and composition, but other aspects that photography involves, such as meaning, culture, politics, society, history, iconography, iconology, epistemology, ontology, technology, and the list goes on.

    There is people whose work is a lot much better than this proclaimed “photog”, people who even consider themselves “amateurs”, but people who understand photography in a very different and radical way.

    Besides, there are other artists who promote (or even don’t need promotion) themselves and we do not hate them? Why? Because through their work we can see sincerity, thoughtfulness, meaning, quality, effort, compromise, etc. I would not like to give a comparison, but recently there was a post about a shy lady who e-mailed a photographer and this photographer turned her request into a wonderful experience (and beautiful photos).

    Now you get it?

  • John

    Dull video, more a tech gag feast than a photography video.

  • Tyler Magee

    forgot the “cool” haha

  • Praverb

    I agree with Fernando. Eric takes the time to spotlight others. I love it.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Eric who? Boring!!

  • syedmoindoja

    ah! i got what you meant now dear sir….like Kim went from being a multimillionaire to just being ‘only’ a millionaire .i jest ofcourse lol :P

  • Fernando Callo

    And what’s wrong with that? Are you jealous? What’s wrong with having money? He’s working hard and even if he’s not, well…he did it. I don’t get why all of you are like “Oh no! He has money, he doesn’t deserve it, he’s bad, he crearly has no talent at all” and all that bullsh*t. Just stop it, if you don’t like, GREAT!, go another place and look for people who you really like.

  • syedmoindoja

    why the haterate? i specifically said that i was joking and yet you are ready to spill my gut…i never gave any inclination of jealousy..i merely said that NOW i understood why you used the word “only” in your original post when you explained yourself in your second post.

    you said that guy “only” has a 5d and 2 leicas – which is like saying that someone “only” has a rolls royce car (leicas and 5d can surely be called the rolls of cameras). when did i give say that i am pissed at his money? i was just surprised at YOU – that you consider having 2 leicas and 5d as “only”
    but like i said -i later understood what you actually meant when you explained yourself in your second post….i never said that he does not deserve it , and i never claimed that hes bad, AND i never said that he has no talent..clearly English is not your first language or perhaps you need spects to read properly what others have actually written before replying.

  • nicolas

    Time of street photography is just over. Henri Cartier Bresson would be doing something else if he would alive, than disturbing people in the Streets. Nowadays this kind of snapshots are so superficial, it’s like bouncing on the surface of the water. Make some ressearch, try to document a conflict, a familly, someone, tell a story. Spend time with people, hang out whit them, until you are able to see beyond the surface, beyond the “cliché”. Because there is no more stuff to say about people in the street. There are so many stories yet to tell, too bad to see that fellow photographers waste their time in the Streets and make “déjà vu” stuff.

  • GokhanCukurova

    I can’t deny how much attention Eric brought to street photography, big, forgotten names, masters, great books and so on.. I think, looking at Jack Simon’s website, he is not the greatest but he is a good photographer. Never head of him until today, seems like a very decent guy as well. What I’d like to see more is Eric’s photography. He seems to get lost in being busy selling workshops. I know it may be challenging to wear two hats at the same time but I’d like to see him producing/sharing more work than more interviews.
    as for trolls,
    you can’t stop trolling, this is who you are. If you don’t like something, just move on to the next thing instead of wasting your time spreading negative energy.

  • Ryan Villanueva

    The guy is traveling around the world doing what he loves. Sounds like success to me.